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The articles presented here are for the education and enjoyment of the Systema community. The writers are solely responsible for the content and such content may not completely reflect the views of Russian Martial Art Systema by Vladimir Vasiliev. Any training conducted by you is at your sole risk.

Vali Majd is a certified Systema instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev.
He has been training and teaching Systema since 1996 at his school Roots Dojo, in Denman Island, BC, Canada.
Vali is also working towards completing his Firefighter Certification and holds Responder award of the year 2010.

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Towards Natural Movement

by Vali Majd Published: February 01, 2011

When I first started my Systema journey, I remember coming across ideas and concepts such as "natural movement", "freedom of movement" or "developing instinctual movement". At the time I treated these concepts predominantly as buzz words, interesting buzzwords. It has taken a great deal of time and effort to better understand the depth of these concepts and how paramount they are to our work. Achieving free, natural movement is one of the main tenets of our methodology, as such closer examination is warranted. […]

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