Systema Video Program (SVP)

Who Can Participate

  • This feedback is open to anyone interested in receiving personal advice from Vladimir.


  • To receive training guidance when direct interaction with a head instructor is currently not possible.
  • To enhance the Systema level of skill and quality of training and teaching.
  • To provide the opportunity for Systema Instructorship (evaluation, upgrade and renewal)


The best way to enhance Systema skill level is to receive direct training from the Head Instructors, Mikhail Ryabko and/or Vladimir Vasiliev. Where that is not possible, SVP is an alternative partial option. For SVP, the applicant provides a video clip of themselves. Vladimir Vasiliev will review the footage and provide personal feedback within 1 to 4 weeks (provided that all the requirements listed below are met).

NOTE: this program does not guarantee that Systema instructorship will be granted, upgraded or renewed, but only provides a way to get evaluation, feedback and direction.


film Record yourself on video demonstrating Systema with one or more of your partners.
The clip should be no longer than 3 minutes. Make sure that there is no background music added, keep the original sounds. You do not need to add any artistic details or headings.

Begin the recording with a close up shot of yourself where you clearly say your name, the name and location of your training group if applicable.
Your work should include:

  • Anything you would like to receive feedback on
  • Your demonstrations of some fundamental Systema movements
  • Working on the move
  • Your skill of receiving and delivering pushes and strikes
  • Working on different levels (ground and stand up)
  • Escapes from holds
  • Knife disarming
  • Instructor-in-training applicants, please demonstrate work against one opponent only
  • Full instructor applications, please demonstrate work against multiple opponents
Try not to show stationary techniques but have both your partner and yourself moving.
Once your clip is done, post it on YouTube as non-listed and send Vladimir a link.



  • Please include a headshot picture of yourself; the picture size should be approximatly 100x125 pixels. (FOR NEW INSTRUCTORS ONLY)
  • Submit the completed application form along with the payment.
  • Note that if you are already a certified Systema school listed on website, the picture and application are not required in your case.


watch Vladimir will evaluate your Systema skill level and will give you his comments, feedback and direction. The comments may point out your areas of strength, areas that need improvement and specific suggestions on ways to enhance your level of skill. Once you receive the feedback from Vladimir, please remove the clip from YouTube.

Program details are subject to change.

For more information
call: +1 905 881 4711