Host a Seminar

With around 250 certified Systema Schools worldwide and over 600 certified Systema instructors and instructors-in-training, it is easy to organize a highly successful seminar. If you wish to invite a qualified guest instructor to your facility and host a Systema event at your location, here are simple and effective steps to follow.

Before you proceed with seminar arrangements, consider two factors:

  • Coordinate with other Systema events in your area.

    Other Systema seminars might be taking place on the dates and locations close to yours. If this happens, the events become less productive for everyone including seminar hosts, teaching instructors and participants. Systema head office can coordinate the dates and locations to ensure that there are no overlaps with other seminars.

  • Receive high quality of Systema presentation.

    The amount of experience and skill varies greatly among Systema instructors. The level of skill for each individual instructor also changes over time. Thus, before you get in touch with a potential seminar instructor, it is important to contact Vladimir Vasiliev if the instructor is outside of Russia (or Mikhail Ryabko if the prospective instructor is in Russia) and verify which instructors are most qualified to conduct a seminar at this point in time.

  • Determine some convenient date options for yourself, your students and your facility
  • Contact Systema HQ office in Toronto with information on your event location, date choices, and approximate number of participants expected.
  • If you already have guest Systema instructors in mind, please provide your current preferences. Options will be recommended by Vladimir based on your request and on his current evaluation of each instructor. Be sure to receive Vladimir's recommendation BEFORE you begin communication with the potential seminar instructors.
  • You will receive a detailed reply from Systema HQ office with confirmation of dates, guest instructors, their fees and other helpful information.
  • Once the event has been confirmed, please post the details on the Affiliate Events Board

To request a seminar at your facility, please click here.

A note for certified Systema instructors and instructors-in-training: if you are teaching a seminar yourself at your school, informing Systema HQ about this is completely optional.

Event Preparation

If needed, Vladimir and Systema HQ will be glad to assist you with the following:

  • developing the seminar program
  • providing you with artwork, logos, pictures and text for your promotional materials
  • advertising your event among all Systema practitioners, especially in your area
  • supplying materials for you to sell and/or to give away at the seminar

This effective procedure of hosting a seminar with a guest instructor is beneficial for the entire Systema community and for you as a host. It allows your group to learn Systema properly, the way it is presented by Systema founders Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev.

Note that if you have not consulted with Systema HQ office regarding inviting a guest Systema instructor, we are not able to support or recommend your event.