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Systema Twins - The Path to Healing

Faith. Power. Perseverance. Join the Zettler Twins, as Adam and Brendon reveal the journey they have been taking together to overcome the hardships of Brendon's brain aneurism and paralysis that occurred in late March of 2021. Take an intimate look into how they strived to help each other, and themselves, using core Systema principles, which were critical in this process.

Bootcamp Argentina, Punta Indio 2021. Instructor Daniel Bonavena.

Bootcamp, all-inclusive with hosting and dinner. Training with instructors Daniel Bonavena and Diego Ledesma. Practice in the Rio de la Plata river and beach. Excellent experience with students from several locations.

Kwan Lee: The Four Pillars, A Systema Survival System

While Kwan is known for his expertise in movement, he is much more than that. From basics to advanced, few possess Kwan’s combination of skills. Through his mastery of the Four Pillars, Kwan will share with seminar participants A Systema Survival System that works. This seminar is designed for any skill level. Register now to learn from one of Systema’s best!

Edgars Cakuls - Working from the Spine

Join us for this unique 2-day seminar with veteran Systema Instructor and founder of Systema NYC, Edgars Cakuls. Topics include: Principles of internal work, Building and maintaining spinal health, Developing a relaxed and stable structure, Power, balance, and movement from the spine, Application to open hand training and martial context.

“Mr. Ryo Onishi is currently one of the most skilled Systema instructors in the world. His movements are smooth and powerful and his understanding of Systema is profound. A truly humble warrior, Ryo does not try to show off his skills, but rather acts with integrity and always seeks further knowledge. Ryo is a talented instructor with a sincere care for his numerous students. I highly recommend for people with any previous experience to train with him.” - Vladimir Vasiliev

2022 Adam Zettler - Systema Personalized, Movement and Power

This Systema seminar will be tailored to meet the needs of those in attendance. Just like his Systema skills, Adam has a fantastic ability to adapt course content on the fly in order to make sure that what is presented has greatest impact. That’s what Adam does; He adapts until he finds his power and then makes sure you know it once he makes contact. Learn how he does it and grow your Systema skills!