The best introduction to Systema would be to get the Foundation Package consisting of two films, Systema Hand to Hand and Fundamentals of Knife Disarming, along with the book Let Every Breath.

As a special offer from Systema Headquarters, enjoy our Combo Packages: 3 DVD - Combo Package, 5 DVD - Combo Package, and 7 DVD - Combo Package as well as many others.

If you are starting to study Systema the following 7 titles would be most recommended:
STRIKES: Soul Meets Body book or e-book
Let Every Breath book or e-book
Systema Hand to Hand DVD or Downloadable
Systema Breathing DVD or Downloadable
Fundamental of Knife Disarming DVD or Downloadable
Lessons from Camp DVD or Downloadable
The Combative Body DVD or Downloadable

Our Complete Film Package consists of 46 DVDs and 5 books. The regular price is $629 now on sale for $498.

It is impossible to say how long it would take you to become skilled enough to teach Systema, but people who wish to become an instructor of the Russian Martial Art Systema usually start with the following steps:

• Study from at least some of the instructional films and read STRIKES: Soul Meets Body and Let Every Breath in order to have the general understanding of this martial art.
• Train with an affiliate instructor in your area, if there is one. You may find our list of affiliate instructors at Systema Schools page.
• Attend a seminar conducted by Vladimir Vasiliev. Vladimir travels regularly to teach Russian Martial Art seminars in various parts of the world.
• Once you have studied from the instructional DVDs and/or with a Systema instructor near you, you may also proceed with the Systema Video-Correspondence Program which enables you to get feedback and guidance from Vladimir through video recordings, as listed on the SVP page.

To become a Certified Instructor, it is best to come up for training at Vladimir's school in Toronto and join the regular scheduled group classes. For detailed information, please view the Visit Toronto page.

You may also apply for instructor evaluation at a seminar by Vladimir Vasiliev

Active Certified Systema Instructors receive most instructional DVDs at over 60% off the retail price and are welcome to act as Distributors of Systema products. At Systema Headquarters, we also provide our Instructors with on-going help through promotions, referrals and assistance with enhancing the business and teaching skills.

For any further information please do not hesitate to call our school at (905) 881-4711.

The Russian Martial Art instructors and schools are listed in the Systema Schools page. Vladimir Vasiliev and his Affiliate instructors travel regularly to teach seminars in many parts of the world. The seminars are very thorough and informative, no previous background is required to attend these. You may also wish to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get updates on future seminars and new schools. You may subscribe to the newsletter through our web store or homepage. In addition to these two options, you can search the Training Partners page.

You are most welcome to come up for training at our school any time. For detailed information, please view the Visit Toronto page.

We do offer significant discounts for all large purchases. Distributors inquiries are welcome, please contact us at: training@russianmartialart.com

Vladimir Vasiliev or one of his senior instructors are available for seminars. For details, please visit Host a Seminar Page.