Instructional Films

Vladimir Vasiliev's instructional collection includes over 100 film titles, with new ones being added all the time.

The films are designed for fast and effective learning independently and/or in addition to the training taken at a Systema school.

Each film contains a vast amount of material, which is presented in clear and dynamic way, with step-by-step explanations and ample demonstrations.

The subjects covered on these films consist of all aspects of preparation for prevailing in a conflict, self defense, combat, survival, professional high risk work, personal protection, health and rejuvenation.

The videos include some unique topics rarely (if ever) covered on tape, such as Car Fight, Fighting in the Water, Defense in Confined Space, Clothing as a Weapon, Healing, Pain & Stress Management and much more.
Each film is distinct from all others, and there is no overlap in the material covered on any of the videos.

You can view a Free video clip for each film at the online store and read many product reviews.
You can access these films in DVD or Downloadable formats, and find Package Deals