Directions to Toronto School

Systema Headquarters is located at
39 Glen Cameron Road, Unit #2
Thornhill, Ontario
Canada - L3T 1P1
Tel: (905) 881-4711

Thornhill is a northern suburb of Toronto.

To get there by public transit: Take the Yonge Street line north to Finch. You can take any (non-express) Steeles West, Steeles East, or Yonge Northbound bus to Yonge & Steeles. From there, walk north 2 lights to Glen Cameron Rd. (5 - 7 min. walk). You may also take any Yonge Northbound VIVA Bus right to the corner of Yonge and Glen Cameron (an extra charge of around $4.00). Follow the signs from the subway platform to the VIVA Bus terminal. The bus will take you to the corner of Yonge and Glen Cameron Rd. Some of the buses will skip Glen Cameron Rd, but stop at Clark Avenue, which is just north of Glen Cameron. Go EAST on Glen Cameron Road. The 5th driveway on your right is our building.

*You may take a cab from Finch subway (the fare is approximately $15.00) to 39 Glen Cameron Road.

*As an option, carpooling back to the subway can be arranged with other students.

To get there from the Toronto International Airport: *You may take a cab from the airport (the fare is approximately $65.00), the ride is approximately 30 to 40 minutes to 39 Glen Cameron Road or use the Toronto public transit (called TTC).

Below is information regarding the bus/subway transportation from the airport:
1. Take bus 58A or 58D from the airport to Lawrence West station
2. Take bus 52 going East to the Yonge and Lawrence subway station
3. Take the subway North to Finch station
4. Take bus 53B or 53 to Steeles Avenue East
5. This will bring you to the corner of Yonge and Steeles
6. Your options are to either walk to the school (approx. 10 min) North along Yonge street or take VIVA bus (a blue regional bus) that runs along Yonge street. Whether you walk or take the VIVA bus you will need to get to the corner of Yonge and Glen Cameron Rd.

There is also bus 192 that runs express from the airport to the Bloor Danforth subway - it's a slightly shorter trip to the school than the 58-52 etc route.

To get there by car: *North on Yonge Street, 2 lights past Steeles Ave. That 2nd light is Glen Cameron Rd. Turn right - our school is 5 driveways east of Yonge Street just past Red Lobster Restaurant.

*We are in a one-story commercial building with parking around it.