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The articles presented here are for the education and enjoyment of the Systema community. The writers are solely responsible for the content and such content may not completely reflect the views of Russian Martial Art Systema by Vladimir Vasiliev. Any training conducted by you is at your sole risk.

Steven Cash Nickerson is lawyer and businessman.
He is a Systema Instructor certified by Vladimir Vasiliev, training and teaching Systema since 2007, at his school The Academy, in Dallas.
He also has over 15 years of various martial arts experience.

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Memories of Systema Camp

by Steven Cash Nickerson Published: March 06, 2012

As I awoke I was first aware of two things.  First, it was chilly.  My nostrils burned slightly as I took in air, and not just any air, this air was not full of city smell: smog, rubber, petrol and fumes.  And second, I noticed I was still fully dressed from the day before from head to toe-except for my boots.  I lay there for a few moments to get my bearings.  Where was I? You may find this question odd.  For me it is not. […]