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Systema Personal Protection with Andrey Patenko in Colorado Springs

Be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones.
Experience a full spectrum of reality based defensive tactics and techniques that you will give you an edge over your opposition. Maximize your readiness to protect yourself and your family
To reserve your spot.
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Personal Protection Seminar - $ 80
At the door registration fee - $100

Seminario Systema

WhatsApp: 994963307

Dictado por Diego Betous, instructor oficial Systema Headquarters Argentina.
Organizado por la escuela oficial de Systema Headquarters Peru.

Striking and Grappling

Day 1 – The Essence of Action, Reaction, Movement
Day 2 – Striking – free, invisible, timing, speed
Day 3 (March 21st) – Grappling – Body, joint, spine control

Dynamics of Ground Work

Developing Freedom of Movement
• Pain Tolerance in Body Locks<
• Overcoming Psychological Thresholds
• Creative Tactical Locks and Control
• Understanding Deep Internal Movement
• Invisible Short Work for Breaks
• Injury Prevention and Healing - “Wrestling Massage”
• Psychological Mirroring and De-Escalation through Breath Work

Adam & Brendon Zettler - Dynamic Power Seminar Amsterdam


Dynamic power - groundwork, strikes, kicks, knife , stick, multiple attackers and more. This will be a great boost for your martial art training!

Please check our website for more information

Systema Full Immersion - Pushing the Limits II

18 hours of Systema Intensive Training - in day and night training.
The goal: to bring the mind and body to exhaustion and from this point, develop the psychological and body skills to continue working in that state. Join us at this event where you will train until dawn in a program with one European certified instructor who applies Systema in his work as a security agent and bouncer, as well as two of the most experienced instructors in Latin America certified by Systema HQ Toronto Vladimir Vasiliev.

Fighting/Non fighting Principles in Osaka

Day 1 - Footwork, hand and foot coordination in knife defense
Day 2 – Structure and alignment, against multiple attackers
Day 3 – ground knife work and transition work to standup

Systema Beach Brawl

¨ Focus: Foundation drills that focus on specific body skills, concepts, connectivity and awareness

¨ Training Format: will be to focus on a specific skill/concept slowly at first, increase the intensity with the next drill or two then fight/spar focusing on that skill

¨ Repeating the process with each new skill/concept introduced

¨ This will be a fight intensive event….hence the brawl in the title

¨ By the end of the seminar you will have a box full of skills/concepts.

Instructor Training

We all know how to learn from a teacher…
But how do you learn to teach?

Instructor Robert Poyton will be sharing the benefits of his 30+ years experience in teaching martial arts.He will show you the dynamic Systema method of principle-based teaching, and how it can be applied to whatever style you teach. You will learn about lesson plans, how to invent drills, the key types of learning, presentation skills, advice on promotion and more.

Open to all styles and levels.

Master Class Week

San Antonio Systema is proud to announce it's first Master Class Week this March. The week's classes will be lead by special guest instructor Nelson Wagner, Systema Instructor from Systema Brazil. Nelson will cover a variety of in-depth topics including:

Hand-to-Hand Combat
Effective Movement
Floor Work
Weapon Training
Free Sparing

Nelson brings with him a wealth of Systema and other martial arts expertise and has years of experience training both martial artists, military personnel, and beginners.

Escape from Holds - Youth Seminar

- Evading and predetermining attacks
- Strengthening the body for defense
- Work against larger opponents
- Athletic massage practices
- Developing tactical escape

Seminar in Victoria with Yuri Minski

Systema seminar with Yuri Minski, an experienced instructor from Systema HQ Toronto.

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Street Tough with Kwan Lee in Singapore

With the full support and guidance of Systema Headquarters, Toronto, we are excited to host Senior Systema Instructor Kwan Lee in Singapore.

It will be be Kwan's 1st time in South East Asia and he will teach a 2-day intensive seminar which will equip you with the tools to overcome your fears and achieve freedom of movement under extreme conditions and stress.

Day 1 – Get Off the “X”
Saturday, 7th Apr : 10.00am - 5.00pm

-  Fundamentals of Hand-to-Hand
-  Mechanics of Strikes: 
- Awareness and Density
-  Combative Bodywork


Day 2 – Weapons and Tactics
Sunday, 8th Apr : 10.00am - 5.00pm

-  The Knife 
-  Prevailing Against Multiples
-  Fear Mitigation Methods
-  Combative Bodywork

South American Boot Camp

Four days in the wild outskirts of Cali training all aspects of Systema. The camp will be given by some of the most important instructors in South America from 5 different countries: Nelson Wagner (Brazil), Sandro Reghellin (Perú), Diego Betous (Argentina), Carlos López Alban (Colombia), Angel Roque Calderón (Ecuador).

Food, accommodations and transport from Cali to the camp are included in the fee.

Power at close range

In this unique 2 day workshop Martin will show us how to produce power in close range.
Street Boxing and Systema.
Striking in different ranges and how to receive hits to the body.
The Seminar is open for everyone, beginners and pros.
No matter what martial arts style you practice, don't miss this event.

The Power of Movement

We all know how to move but are we getting the best from our movement?

This workshop will show you not only how refine your movement but also how to add substance and meaning to it. Progressing from static stances, through to geometric shapes, wave movement and spiral power, we will explore different facets of human movement, both physical and psychological.

The workshop will also cover breathing, self awareness and health exercises

Street Fight

Over two days join us as we explore the use of Systema in the realm of ‘street’ confrontations.
The first day will be devoted to the basic principles of Systema movement, breath work and emotional control.

Day two we will put together skills explored on day one whilst adding more challenging levels to the training.
We will also conduct day two in street clothing to explore the advantages and limitations this can bring.
This seminar is suited to all levels of experience

Seminar Sergey Ozereliev in Nantes

Main Topics: Knife and stick work

Sergey will be in Nantes for the 2nd time! This Systema world-class instructor, formerly of the anti-terrorist units of the military world, teaches in Moscow with the founder of Systema, Mikhail Ryabko. Systema Atlantique will be very honored to host him in Nantes (western France) for an exceptional two-day seminar.

Asymmetric Response by Ryo Onishi

Main Topics:


- Independent Body
"Developing free will & movement intelligence in various body parts."

- Holistic Movement
"Creating combinations of evasive, defensive & offensive quality on your movements."


- Intuitive Movement
"Moving one step ahead & turn the situation to your advantage."

- Time Relativity
"Being faster without wasting your time to desperately improve speed."

Additional classes available.

Power and Freedom with Kwan Lee in Sicily

Power and Freedom:

You will learn how to:

- generate power on the move
- hide movements within other movements
- see, understand, and utliize density
- develop precision of movement
- cultivate a survival mindset
- dynamically control impact of strikes and pain
- apply slow-work principles at higher speeds
- develop effortless but deep strikes
- prevail against knife attacks and multiple opponents

Sergey Makarenko - The Mountain Comes South

Anyone who is serious about Systema knows Sergey Makarenko. Everyone admires him but most don’t get the chance to train with him. Hit Heavy. Move Soft. Finish Your Job… and have fun while doing it. That’s Sergey. Get to know him and learn even more. Join Systema Greenville for another Systema seminar. This is the one you won’t want to miss. Register early for early bird pricing.

Striking Distance with Kwan Lee in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Systema is excited to welcome back Systema Instructor Kwan Lee from Systema Seattle for an exciting 2-day seminar. Kwan is a highly sought-after instructor with a deep and rich background in Systema and other martial arts making this seminar a ‘must attend’ event for both Systema practitioners and practitioners of other Martial Arts.
This seminar is geared to teach improved movement, striking and an overall better grasp of Systema concepts for self-defense.

Immersion 2018 - The Slavic Tradition for the 21st century

Due to last year's success we will repeat the immersion this year! It will be an incredible opportunity to train Systema during a weekend in rural and bucolic environment.

It will be a unique opportunity to deepen your training.

The program includes techniques of breathing, self-confidence, development of perception for self-defense, phobology (study of fear), combat in rural environment, night combat, combat and defense.