Seminars by Vladimir Vasiliev

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Vladimir Vasiliev in Milan, Italy - Fight Supremacy

Physical and Psychological Preparation

  • Escapes from holds and ground work
  • Advanced fist work: powerful and precise punches
  • Short work and stealth striking
  • Eliminating fear of the blade
  • Weapon control
  • Multiple opponents and crowd work
  • Ways to remove opponent's aggression and overcome tension
Hosted by Giuseppe Iannone of Systema Milano

Arm and Leg Work - Master Class

with Vladimir Vasiliev
Learn the principles of unarmed use of arms and legs for defense and offense.
Use of legs to defend from all types of kicks, strikes, holds, trips and more.
Application of legs for attacks with a variety of kicks and take-downs in place and on the move.
Exercises to develop relaxation, stability and freedom of movement.
Use of arms and hands to defend from any form of empty-hand attack.
Application of arms and fists for effective strikes, take-downs, breaking structure and total control of single and multiple opponents.
Exercises for tension-free and powerful work.


This summer, Systema uncovers the core.
Non-stop training in the field, forest, slopes, and water, day and night time.

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Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in England - STRIKES: Soul Meets Body

STRIKES: Soul Meets Body
Over the two day seminar, Vladimir Vasiliev will provide hands-on training for the concepts outlined in his newest book.
Hosted by Matt Hill of Wiltshire Systema.

Vladimir Vasiliev in South of France

Hosted by Cercle de Systema
Program details to follow.

Vladimir Vasiliev in Tokyo