Seminars by Vladimir Vasiliev

Breathing Master Class by Vladimir Vasiliev at Systema HQ Toronto

Breathing to maximize health, performance and combative skill.
Will include the newest topics of LIGHT BREATHING and GRADIENT BREATHING.
No previous experience necessary.
1:30 pm to 4:30 or 5:00 pm

Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Tokyo, Japan

Path to Mastery 3: Holds, Strikes, Weapons
Hosted by Systema Japan

Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Osaka, Japan

Path to Mastery 3: Defense, Control, Attack
Hosted by Systema Osaka

Vladimir Vasiliev in Milan, Italy - Fight Supremacy

Physical and Psychological Preparation

  • Escapes from holds and ground work
  • Advanced fist work: powerful and precise punches
  • Short work and stealth striking
  • Eliminating fear of the blade
  • Weapon control
  • Multiple opponents and crowd work
  • Ways to remove opponent's aggression and overcome tension