Seminars by Vladimir Vasiliev

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Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in England - STRIKES: Soul Meets Body

STRIKES: Soul Meets Body
Over the two day seminar, Vladimir Vasiliev will provide hands-on training for the concepts outlined in his newest book.

Vladimir Vasiliev in South of France - Systema. Power on the Move

Day 1 could include all hand-to-hand, holds, fighting from the ground, strikes.
Day 2 could be knife and other weapons
Both days will include defence and offence, single and multiple opponents, physical and psychological work.

Jour 1 Main nue, saisies, combat depuis le sol, frappes.
Jour 2 Couteau et autres armes.
Les deux jours comprendront la défense et l'attaque, les adversaires uniques et multiples, travail physique et psychologique.

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Vladimir Vasiliev in Tokyo

STRIKES: Systema Mastery
Vladimir Vasiliev, Founder and Chief Instructor of Systema Headquarters in Toronto, will be returning to Japan this year for a two-day seminar in Tokyo!
A large venue of 1,410 sqm will allow Vladimir to show dynamic work in large spaces and give participants more freedom than ever before to move and explore.
This will be a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge of Systema!
Instructor evaluations and renewals available at the seminar.

Caribbean Master Class

Vladimir Vasiliev and Sergey Ozereliev in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Summit of Masters in Rome

THREAT CONTROL presented by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev.
Control any threat to yourself or to those you are protecting

Vladimir Vasiliev in Kortjik, Belgium