Seminars by Vladimir Vasiliev

Vladimir Vasiliev in Nantes, France

Confrontation Control
Systema as the key to understanding yourself, your opponent and confrontations
Hosted by Systema Atlantique

Vladimir Vasiliev in Seattle

3 action-packed days of breathwork, awareness, and next-level combatives training in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!
Hosted by Russian Martial Art Washington

Vladimir Vasiliev in Sicily, Italy

Defend, Disarm and Control
Hosted by Systema Sicilia

Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Tokyo, Japan

Path to Mastery 3: Holds, Strikes, Weapons
Hosted by Systema Japan

Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Osaka, Japan

Path to Mastery 3: Defense, Control, Attack
Hosted by Systema Osaka

Vladimir Vasiliev in Tampa, Florida

The Power of Systema
Hosted by Riverview Systema