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Gunpoint Supremacy (DVD) Reviews
Gunpoint Supremacy (DVD)
Gunpoint Supremacy (DVD)

  Gunpoint Supremacy is the most professional DVD on the market today.
by Yuri Halev, November 03, 2006
This DVD is of tremendous value for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. I would like to thank Konstantin for sharing this incredible skill with the world. Spasibo (Thank You)!

  A brilliant DVD.
by Martin Wheeler, November 09, 2006
The most natural and efficient way to work with a pistol I have seen. The training methods and psychological approach are top notch and come from years of real-world experience and experimentation, it is some times hard to believe this information is available on DVD.

  Gunpoint Supremacy is a professional production that holds many insights into the world of professional work and also contains many ideas and principles, that people not on the wall can use to better their everyday lives and survival if need be.
by Sharon Friedman, November 23, 2006
As a soldier in the IDF for 12 years now I have learned many lessons from good teachers and from experience. It is easy to spot what will work and what is a show and this product will work for you. The beginning is an explanation of the beneficial states of mind which produce results and keep you alive. All parts of the person have to be aligned as Mikhails states and Konstantin takes care of this aspect of the work with clear and precise drills and explanations which are easy to understand and implement. This goes far beyond doing the drills as performed on the DVD. The right state of mind combined with learning by doing what works and having feedback on what you do as Konstantin displays in solo and partner drills is the way to freedom and survival in the battle fields of Asia, Europe and most importantly it keeps you free from delusions and humble of your abilities. The principles of work allow you to construct training suitable for your line of work or special needs. As before the principle of movement and stability found within movement is superbly displayed and just as we fire between breaths, we fire between steps while on the move. This of course is just one of many insights that can do a world of good for you in grasping and implementing systema into your life. Another principle which is emphasized here is to always keep looking for the next target which keeps you free in your mind and movement alike. My review comes from my experience in the IDF working mainly with a the M-16 family and sniper systems as the M-40. Even though the work in this DVD is with a pistol the principles stay the same and I can state that from my experience they work in real life. It will be very helpful and beneficial for whoever gets this DVD to get Personal Protection by Konstantin and Vladimir as well.

  Gunpoint Supremacy is great.
by alan walker, November 26, 2006
as a Police Officer and Swat operator, I found his instruction very helpful. I've even incorperated some of the principles in my range practice( although some of it is best done with a inert weapon) great addition to my collection, and I will watch them again and again

  The DVD is brilliant in its simplicity and fundamental educational value.
by Demetry Furman, December 06, 2006
If you never had any training with firearms, and specifically hand guns, this DVD will teach you how to shoot effectively in dynamic/combat situations. As well if you know how to handle a gun this DVD has material that will refine your skill and take it to the next level. As all Systema is not a sport, neither is the Systema approach to shooting. This DVD will not teach you how to properly align your sites and how to squeeze the trigger to hit a ‘bull’s eye’. This DVD will teach you how to maximize the effectiveness of your weapon in any situation. Combine this DVD with Constantine’s Personal Protection DVD and you have all that is necessary to learn how to use your weapon for self-defence.

  I would like to thank you very much for this DVD.
by Ernest R. Emerson, December 08, 2006
I am very intrigued by the gun fighting skills of Mr. Komarov (Gunpoint Supremacy) and I am integrating a lot of his principles into my personal training and teaching methodology.

  You need to be open minded to appreciate what is contained in this dvd.
by Steven Julius, December 11, 2006
So much of what we in the west are taught about how to use a pistol is based on Gunsite/IPSC/IDPA doctrine with no critical self-evaluation of the shortcomings of such styles. Movement is only done to get from one "hose down an array of targets" position to another, if at all. Major Komarov shows us some skills that truly are meant to save your butt in an extreme situation, and some subtle skills that are more effective than first meets the eye.

  I was totally pleased with Gunpoint Supremacy.
by Gregg Styles, February 12, 2007
After watching the DVD a number of times and practicing the simple techniques, I was amazed at how easy it is to shoot on the move. I was a stationary two handed pistol shooter. This presentation really opened my eyes to what can be done with a handgun. I now feel much more confident with my abilities and feel this information provides an advantage in any armed confrontation.

  Its been nearly three years since I first wrote a review of Major Komarovs instruction, having seen him both in person and on DVD.
by Steven Julius, October 07, 2009
I expected for it to take the American shooting community by storm with its insights, but I was wrong. People would rather be making a nice little grouping on a paper target than deal with the fact that someone who is shooting at you is dynamic, dangerous, and watching your moves and demeanor BEFORE and during the fight. Put aside some of your range habits and buy this DVD and learn something new!

  "Just watched the Gun Supremacy video.
by Paul Martin, March 04, 2015
Absolutely amazing change in my thinking in one video!!! It could save my life someday."

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