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Personal Protection (DVD) Reviews
Personal Protection (DVD)
Personal Protection (DVD)

by Jeanmarie Pick, August 18, 2003
My name is Jeanie and I am very new to SYSTEMA. After first watching a couple of DVDs, including 'Personal Protection', I attended classes. I found that the DVDs were a great introduction to a highly effective and practical system of combat fighting. In 'Personal Protection', both Konstantin Komarov and Vladimir Vasiliev cover practical psychological principles that are a natural part of SYSTEMA. They are easy to understand because they are so natural. The presentations in these DVDs/videos allow you to practice while watching. Only practice will develop this knowledge into a useable skill. Even with law enforcement Defense & Arrest Tactics training, I found that having an instructor for practicing SYSTEMA is very, very helpful. I think this DVD/video would be great for any man or woman. Especially as a female, I can tell you that I already feel even more comfortable walking alone in the city of Chicago with my beginning understanding of SYSTEMA. I found that the material contained in this DVD/video is very practical in offering ideas of what could actually be done for yourself, a friend, or a family member, if any emergency were to happen.

  Hi, all.
by Chi Y., January 24, 2004
I had the privilege of witnessing the demonstration/filming of Konstantin work in the Russia trip (and certainly Vlad’s is ever aspiring and constant challenging what I do and don’t know), and I was so trilled to see it all over again on DVD. I still recall how fast the coin dropped from Konstantin hand when he held it at shoulder level, and in a split second, everything seems to go into slow motion—how he dropped and slided across the ground; while pulling his gun out and shot it twice. (My jaw probably dropped just as quickly as that coin…) In the second part, Vlad had shown us many various valuable and relevant exercises of bodyguard work. While many of the takedowns and movements are built on the foundations of RMA, some of the body suggestion work could be learnt and applied quickly. I still recalled the ‘military punch’ (see ‘hand to hand combat’ tape 1) variation done on Jim for one instance in the DVD, how original, simple, and efficient! Beautiful work that is, and one could simply feel it from the smiles of assistants. If RMA is one of the best tools I did pick up in my life, then I must say thank you to Vlad and Konstantin, for you have enriched me with a glimpse of what I can do with that tool (and constantly dropping my jaw). Great work!

  Excellent DVD!
by Vadim Dobrin, February 18, 2004
Must for all professionals out there... Basic and very helpful to all who are in the VIP protection field and those who want to learn to defend people around them

  I would have to say this probably the best example of bodyguard exercises I have ever seen on film.
by John Tunney, April 01, 2004
The information is presented in an organized and professional manner. This dvd is a very effective learning tool with practical exercises you can use immediately to aide in training yourself as well as your employees if you are a professional in the personal protection business. I was very pleased with my purchase.

  This is an excellent resource for bodyguards.
by Stephen Maiken, September 23, 2004
It shows tricks of the trade as well as some excellent training exercises for reflexes and quick thinking, things that are needed in that line of work. The second part of the DVD shows some amazing Systema approaches to conflicts in this line of work, i.e.; how to diffuse a situation with or without violence as well as some excellent take-downs. It demonstrates the versatility of Systema and the un-structured approach to combat.

  I just received your DVD on personal protection and I must say it was fantastic!
by Ron, February 21, 2006
I was totally amazed on how the Bodyguards of Russia operate. I loved watching every minute of it. Especially now since I am planning to get into Executive Protection. I live here in the Los Angeles area and there is a lot of work for bodyguards here, since this is the entertainment capital of the world. Thanks very much for doing this tape, it opened my eyes on how the bodyguards in Russia operate. I will start to incorporate these techniques into my training.

  Ever wondered about the difficult task of protecting someone else with martial arts skill as well as about a worthy goal for all this training (if you're not a pro)?
by Matt Cn, November 25, 2006
This tape has the answers. It details the full force spectrum from blocking and distraction to the use of lethal force Outstanding and eye-opening.

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