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Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev in Tuscany, Italy ( by Massimo Di Giovanni, 45 words )

Excellent seminar, I am still very impressed such this two greats masters Vladimir and Mikhail teach us the basics of their martial art in way simple e clear. And i think this it's the best result that each teacher should aspire. Thank so much for all.

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Date Added: 2012-11-18 14:55:13
UK Seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev ( by Alexei, 175 words )

This was my first big seminar with one of the founders of Systema and it was a great time. We have been exposed to 2 full days of specialised Systema exercises aimed at breathing, relaxing, short work and knife-work. Nearly every exercise was done with a different partner, so I gained experience of working with different weight, height, mastery level and different style of work. Again, nearly every exercise you could see Vladimir Vasiliev observing, correcting and advising the participants. The seminar was organised really well, it felt pleasant and flawless. The location of Eton College in Windsor is spectacular and prestigious. The Windsor Castle, current residence of the Queen is only a couple of minutes’ walk from the venue and my wife enjoyed a tour of it. In the end of the seminar I was approved by Vladimir Vasiliev as an Instructor-in-training, a confirmation of skill and a challenge to become an Instructor. Overall it was great time, good learning and will certainly do it again. Big Thanks to the organisers and to Vladimir Vasiliev!

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Date Added: 2012-10-26 06:29:32
Systema at Full Range Camp 2012 ( by Stephen Crews, 146 words )

After attending the Full Range Camp this year, I came back changed. I have been working in Systema for about 3 years now. What I saw there completely revolutionized my work and my life. I tell people that what I saw was "freedom". Freedom to move, yes, but way more than that. I saw a life of freedom; one without distraction or hesitation. I saw what it means to live with a strong psyche and how to strengthen it when we see our weakness. I saw what it means to "love your enemies" and to work in a way that is separate of negative emotions. What I believe I saw at the camp is that which makes a warrior. Thank you to the masters that displayed these traits so humbly. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

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Date Added: 2012-08-29 14:04:47
Systema at Full Range Camp 2012 ( by Jose Chanfrau, IV, 39 words )

My goals were very simple-to try to be less tense and be able to move more. Objectively I managed to achieve both of these goals and met some fine people in the bargain. Thank you for an excellent seminar.

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Date Added: 2012-09-04 14:42:42
Systema at Full Range Camp 2012 ( by Sergey Makarenko, 364 words )

Systema at Full Range Camp 2012 I was fortunate to enjoy all Summer Camps hosted by Systema HQ (yeah, I know… - ‘lucky bastard’). Every one of them was absolutely unique & precious milestone experience for which I am infinitely grateful. Enormous volume, extend & quality of generous splendor of attentive lessons, insightful instructions & brilliant demonstration was multiplied by a week-long 24x7 emersions into the Systema grandness. So far I did not experience better route to more exhaustive understanding & heavier kick into expeditious progress. There’re always ~120 participants from around the world, always great crowd, always attentive logistics & always intuitively precise training/learning load ratio. With no better word MAGNIFICENT teaching of Vladimir & Konstantin was twice ‘supplemented’ by ‘assistance’ of Mikhail Ryabko. Fortunately some great footage of the Masters trio work made to circulation (‘Summit of Masters’, ‘Systema EXCELLENCE’). This year third lead instructor - Valentin Talanov (Tver, Russia) had delivered highest quality instructions in several key segments of Systema filling number of gaps in my Systema puzzle. Meticulously & precisely targeted tension clean up Valentin offered every morning was done from different angle each time. Usually ill attended last day warm up this year had highest turn out – missed only by couple last dinner casualties. Instructor’s ‘dance floor’ was a lot of sheer fun & refined exchange of intellectual brutality – so far my most prominent instructors interaction experience. ‘Usual’ features of the camp – absolutely brilliant Vladimir’s instructions & demos & remarkably insightful Konstantin’s coaching are the backbone & treasure of the HQ hosted Summer Camps. Mere exposure to the schooling of such quality is a fortune; complimented by committed, intuitive & skilled attention to needs of each camp participant results in personal experience to be sorted out for months to come. There’s tremendous amount of devoted work & dedicated determination are behind training events prep. All Systema HQ hosted Summers Camps were of exceptional quality & value. Learning opportunities of such magnitude are rare privilege – my deepest gratitude & admiration to Vladimir, Valerie, Melissa, Konstantin, Robert & their assisting crew. I really hope 2012 was my previous camp - not the last one… Best wishes, Sergey Makarenko

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Date Added: 2012-11-19 16:19:55
Vladimir Vasiliev in Hamburg, Germany ( by Jan Bloem, 69 words )

In the training I really liked the depth of the message that we can use learning how to punch in a good way to teach ourselves how to function better on a physical, emotional and eventually also spiritual level. I think that this is what systema is all about: the physical training is 'just' a means to enable ourselves to reach for higher goals as health and spiritual development.

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Date Added: 2012-05-27 21:22:16
Vladimir Vasiliev in Hamburg, Germany ( by Tobias, 106 words )

Last weekend I visited the Systema Summit in Hamburg (Germany) including Vladimir Vasiliev. I just want to give a short feedback about this fantastic event. As I just said, it was even more then I'd expected before - especially for me, because it was my first time really practicing Systema. The teachings of Vladimir helped me to understand what Systema is about and all the friendly people around helped me to practice the exercises shown before. At least I really wish it were more than just two days. In fact this event confirmed my resolution to carry on with Systema training at my new place of domicile

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Date Added: 2012-06-02 14:32:33
Vladimir Vasiliev in Hamburg, Germany ( by Harald Nygaard, 212 words )

We were 3 ppl driving from Norway.I was eager to train with a man that has influenced me more and more the last years.It was just a first step in a longer journey as i see it.The seminar itself was so full of ppl that the personal contact we were hoping for became minor, because alll the ppl in the seminar. But, as they say,get things in small doses doesnt need to be anything but good.I felt that even if i was not communicating much verbaly,it was not a suprise that Vladimir fitted the level on the training just for me.I guess others may also have felt like this.I think that was the most remembering thing for me personally.I just felt that my thoughts was read several times in the seminar.So even if the personal contact was not much in fysical,it was more to it.The training was relaxed and after some time i understand a bit more about that this was realy not about some show of from an instructor.Im not the most patient guy and want to learn more and have more personal instruction ,in that case i was not eating my stomach full,but i trust it was given in a correct dose. To everyone,see You again some day.With best wishes! Harald Nygaard Norway

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2012-10-02 20:16:27
Vladimir Vasiliev in Paris, France ( by FABRE, 32 words )

It was a very nice seminar. Exercises were mainly about strikes (strikes on move the second day). A very good training with very nice people from all over the world. Thanks to Vladimir & Jérôme. Frédéric

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2012-05-17 13:19:56
Vladimir Vasiliev in Paris, France ( by Martin Mouchard, 47 words )

This seminar has been very interesting for me, as Vladimir helped us to feel and taste a deeper understanding of simple exercises. I really love Systema and the way it is taught, it makes me happy, more alive and more present… A kind of dream becoming true.

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Date Added: 2012-05-22 18:55:03
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