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Strikes (DVD) Reviews
Strikes (DVD)
Strikes (DVD)

  Just viewed "Strikes" for the first of many times.
by Demetry Furman, September 04, 2003
It is as entertaining as it is informative. (I give it two thumbs up) Where to start? It is not orthodox in any sense what so ever. Leave all your preconceived notions at the door. So if you think you know how to hit, you will think again. If you think you don't know how to hit; it's easier than you thought. This tape will answer many questions and will bring up a few also... like: How did Rob G ever survive his first meeting with Mikhail? Or his second? Vladimir demonstrates that no flash is needed for maximum affect or effect. Frank demonstrates that it is easy to make a living as a human bunching bag. Mikhail Ryabko explains the fundamentals and then drops a couple of bulls in the process. This tape is a must for your collection! Strikes compliments the H2H four tape set perfectly. Demetry Furman

  For those who are are not as lucky as us, torontonians.
by Dmitry Li, September 08, 2003
... I thought I would give my review of the SUPER Video I've just watched..... Once again VV's video has exceeded all my expectations! What a blast! Having two great masters showing and explaining the WAYS, TYPES and NATURE of strikes in the same video, is like getting two for the price of one. If you think you know how to strike, think again. This video is unbelievable! I (as well as many others) have been on the receiving end of both V.V.'s and M.R's strikes, have seen others getting hit by them, but never quite got as much information out of it as from watching the "Strikes" DVD. The information is not limited on only how to strike, but also how to receive hits (breathing, redirecting the energy of the strike), to deal with the pain and to heal the opponent with the strike. From placing your hand on one's body to generating power for the strike- it is all there... and more. There is a wave work described and demonstrated by V.V in such a simple and powerful way I have never seen anywhere else before! M.R. delivers different types of strikes: the ones that relax you, make you think, give you energy, etc. I remember when I started to practice Systema; sometimes, Vladimir would treat me with a punch that would cheer me up, make me smile and want to shake his hand. Well, I thought it was only me; then someone else mentioned it, then someone else... Then there were the other types... Could it be that over the years I have become too cheerful, and that I am now in need of the other kind of strikes to cool me down? This video is a MUST. I would highly recommend this video to anyone who strikes for training or for living.

  I highly recommend DVD if you can get it, the slo-mo capability is worth it.
by John Elliott, September 11, 2003
This release has a lot of very useful information, especially in a bare-knuckle context. Vladimir shows some of the tactics he uses for handstrikes, and how to turn your body into a conduit for kinetic energy. The work is especially relevant to true no-rules bareknuckle fighting, as it incorporates tactics that, while certainly skillful, would get you kicked out of most rings were you to deploy them there (assuming the referee could recognize what you were doing - some of the work might not be recignized as an attack to an observer not on the receiving end). Mikhail astounds with seemingly insignificant punches having devastating effect (which, as many can attest to, they do). The most efficient delivery of power I've ever seen, short of a pistol. Body hitting seems to be a dying art these days, maybe it's the use of gloves, or the fact that the head is a bigger target than the liver, for example, but this video shows that it should by no means be overlooked. One good shot there can finish it very easily.

  Everytime I see Systema demonstrated I become more fascinated with the system and its methodology.
by Joe Neal, October 01, 2003
"Strikes" is the best instructional video I have seen on this topic. It provides an excellent foundation in the basics of striking.

  Awesome just barely begins to describe this DVD.
by Scott McQueen, November 04, 2003
For someone without access to a certified teacher of systema like myself, this kind of study material is invaluable. There is enough information in the STRIKES DVD to keep me practicing and re-watching for years to come. Although the strikes may not seem conventional to asian martial arts player, they are natural, logical and downright effective!!! Especially of interest is the idea of stiking someone give them energy, indeed to help them. If you are interested in any kind of martial art then you must have "STRIKES"

  An amazing DVD.
by Steve Montgomery, November 20, 2003
If you haven't bought a copy, go and do so. The information is priceless. Everyone that I have shown the video to are awe struck, including myself. The video is well worth the price. The techniques are powerful yet subtle. I can't say enough good things about the Strikes video. You have to get to really appreciate it.

  There are no other words to describe, this DVD is an excellent training material, not only for all Russian Martial Art practicioners, but for anyone who is serious about his combat training.
by Vadim Dobrin, November 25, 2003
Awesome!!! Bolshoe spasibo!

  The only thing not included is a free strike!
by Clive Jefferies, December 16, 2003
Informative and inspiring.

  This is a great DVD.
by Thomas H., January 14, 2004
Its both entertaining and educational. Strikes consists of actual live demonstations that have been filmed. The Camera work is very basic, but you can see everything you need to see. Basically, the instructors demonstrate striking techniques using full contact hits to their students. In the first half of the DVD, Vladimir Vasiliev goes through the basic strike concepts. Though there is nothing mindblowing, it was good stuff. Because it was full contact, you could see how the body reacts. In several situations, VV gave the following type of advice "you could do this, but its better to do it this way. Only do this if you have no choice." What impressed me, and my friend who watched it with me, is the multi-hit wave concept, where one focuses on letting one strike lead to another. In the second half of the tape, Mikhail Ryabko takes over. He shows the impact of hits. Besides, seeing that, he gives some very good training tips on 1) taking a punch to the chest & stomach, & 2) developing effective punching technique & form. From a training perspective, I disliked the fact that Ryabko basically gave very limited commentary on his strikes, you had to absorb it all visually. However, by stopping it and watching it in slow motion, you can learn alot about how certain strikes affects a persons body. What impressed me with both instructors was their ability to generate alot of power in a very small space. There were no huge windups. What they do show you is that a punch can come out of no-where fast. In several demonstrations, Ryabko put big guys on the ground with punches that started 5-6 inches out, from the side, with no chambering. I think that the information would be useful to anyone studying any art. I found it particularily useful as a student of Aikido, especially after watching Vasiliev's moves. And for that matter, Ryabko's instruction as well. Watching Mr. Vasiliev, I saw how easy it was to integrate strikes into basic Aikido technique, and Mr. Ryabko's "pushing" training, was almost custom made for learning a proper strike to put someone off balance. When I saw it, I knew I had spent my money well. Ok, I said it was educational, and it was, and its worth it just for that. However, its also entertaining. Its entertaining because, it uses full contact strikes, and the look on the students' faces when they get hit is priceless. It appeals to my mildly sadistic side. Lets just say, my roommate and I are planning a Strikes party, where we invite our friends, grab a few beers, and watch it. SUMMARY: There is a huge amount of useful information and training ideas, but you have to be proactive in your analysis to get the most out of it. Its good, get it.

  I thought I recognized William James in the personal protection DVD and John Saylor in the strikes DVD both of whom are great martial artist in my opinion.
by R.D. Lawrence, January 24, 2004
It's great to see martial artists such as yourself and Mikhail teach, as your technique shows the competence of real life experience. God bless, R. D. Lawrence

  this video is astonishing!
by harmen asado, March 21, 2004
I love to see the full contact demonstrations and the material is top notch. I recommend this video to anyone interested in furthering their self defense skills thruogh real life know how. thank you, sincerley harmen asado

  As a relatively new student to Systema, I purchased “Strikes” with the hope of getting some more insights into the striking methodology of this art.
by Brian Freisinger, April 08, 2004
I was not disappointed. What I found very important as a beginner, was watching Mr. Vasiliev’s movements, posture and blending when both delivering and taking strikes. I find these to be invaluable to my growing understanding of this training. I’m constantly reviewing this DVD before and after class in the attempt to glean further insights into my own body positioning and motion. I can’t recommend this DVD enough.

  I've watched this DVD 3 times in a couple of days and it is outstanding!
by Russell Empey, October 04, 2004
Not only does Vladimir and Mikhail's incredible skills and technique get displayed in this DVD but also the passion and caring for both the "Art" and the students.

  I have thoroughly enjoyed the demonstrations and techniques shown, and have no doubt that the material is of the highest quality, however my concern is how it is conveyed.
by Ilya Kleyman, January 18, 2005
While I learned a lot from this video, I learned most of it by slowing it down to 1/10th normal speed. Highly reccomended, but to get the maximum out of it you'll have to slow it down so you can catch up. -Ilya

  The human organism's ability to manipulate all the necessary variables (balance, positioning, posture, relaxed musculature, sensory in-put and psychomotor out, to name a few) in order to generate a powerful, explosive and accurate strike into an adversary under the duress of a violent encounter or in the context of a combative situation is extremely difficult, making most strikes weak and ineffective.
by Arthur Andersen, October 24, 2005
The uniqueness of the Systema's approach and principles for learning how to strike under duress effectively assist in diminishing this innate human difficulty. The details about how and why to teach and condition the individual body and mind to coordinate powerful strikes and counter movements are numerous and easily understood in this video selection. The instructions demonstrate how activate the essential mental components physical attributes needed to complete successful offensive stiking actions along with helpful methodologies for absorbing, deflecting and arresting strikes in a tactically defensive situation. It is not enough to know how to effectively execute strikes. One needs to understand the intricate psychological and physiological nuances for allowing one the best opportunity for surviving powerful and unpredictable completed striking actions. Over all, the material contained in this DVD are strikes designed for combative scenarios. I do not observe sporting applications harbored within the movements of this instructional DVD. For those wishing to tap into a rich reservoir of offensive and defensive striking tactics under the duress of a truly life-threatening, combative-type environment (and I don't mean cage-fighting, which is still a controlled environment, however violent) it will be a hard find to locate anything superior to this production. From: Arthur C. Andersen, RP, PLC 22OCT2005

  Strikes (DVD)
by richard harvey, May 05, 2006
great fighting system,which works,excellent teacher rob poyton in cambridge uk,try it u will be hooked ,this is better than others i have studied thanks

  I must tell you all again of my admiration for your work.
by Eric Wipple, November 25, 2008
All martial artists, (whatever that could mean), have long suspected that their was something at the other end of the spectrum from brute, animal force. Even Bruce Lee, with his obsessive denouncement of fixed forms, could not have imagined something as fluid as Systema. The relaxation down through the bone and to the spirit seems to produce a near immediate movement which is at once un-self-conscious and un-predictable. Thank You all for your help.

  i have trained most of my life thinking you had to be tough never knowing that a true warrior is calm and relaxed especially in the face of bad odds,the buddhists talk of prajna or wisdom i think this system of being calm and relaxed yet delivering a massive knock to the others ego is a true way a wise way .
by daniel mcquaigue, September 17, 2009
id like to thank the masters for there kind guidance, thank you Vladimir!!

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