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Car Fight (DVD) Reviews
Car Fight (DVD)
Car Fight (DVD)


  Systema can help people to survive, persevere and prevail in so many different environments.
by Aran Dharmeratnam, October 08, 2007
It contains urban tactics, water based work and knowledge that’s useful when adversity occurs within forest, jungle or desert. But there is another environment – one where modern day humans spend a great deal of time. This environment is the car… Increases in traffic, work commitments and other travel demands have all resulted in a much greater dependence on the car. Look into the interior of new cars and you can see how we have accepted the car as an environment. We try to make ourselves more comfortable in the car. We fit them with music systems, navigational equipment, access points for our phones, various travel items and even coffee holders! We treat our cars like small, grotto like habitats. We even try to make our cars into mini fortresses with alarms, locking devices, and other security devices. So the car is no longer something that just gets us from A to B. The trouble is, while cars are becoming more sophisticated and more comfortable, the risks and dangers that penetrate this environment are still there…And the criminals are constantly developing new ways to carry out vehicle crimes. So when Vladimir told about me his latest DVD - Car Fight, I was pleased that he had decided to address the important subject of road based hostility. Actually, this DVD covers much more than self defence. And now, having viewed it, I would like to share some feed back…. First of all, what’s really inspiring about this DVD is that it is going to raise a lot of people’s awareness about the nature of car crime. It’s going to give people a close look at some of the ways aggression is displayed in and around road vehicles. The camera really zooms in on the action and as the insights come rolling in, the viewer is openly given the chance to familiarize themselves with car based survival. It is Konstantin Komarov who presents the first part of the film. Konstantin is an encyclopedia of modern day survival knowledge. And here, along with his probing observations, he also demonstrates Systema’s principle of movement in a remarkable fashion. He shows the viewer that even within the restrictive confines of a car - mobility and decisiveness can give the individual that trigger point edge they need to overcome challenging situations. Konstantin is decisive not only with his movement skills, but also with the way he conveys information. He covers many different angles: looking at the psychological aspects of survival; as well as some of the practical safety measures civilians or professionals can apply. Konstantin has a great deal of experience in training people from diverse backgrounds. He is good at presenting information on progressive levels. So this film contains insights that can benefit both experienced practitioners and those beginning their training path. Now Konstantin’s presentation also addresses other car based scenarios. These are the scenarios where there is danger; but not necessarily an aggressor. He reveals some of the factors to take into account, when escaping from a damaged vehicle. He mentions ways of helping other passengers to free themselves and the importance of a calm psyche. He even discusses ways of exiting a car that has entered deep water. Car Jacking and other car crimes are also addressed by the Russian survival master. He reveals how deceptive criminals set up ambushes, theft or vehicle raids. Incidentally, with his extensive law enforcement and security experience, Konstantin knows a great deal about criminal mind sets and methods. And this comes across in the film. But for now, rather than list all the principles and drills he covers, I will just say this- a key message he conveys is that when it comes to conflict- a ‘never say die’ attitude goes a long way. The second part of the DVD is all about free flowing, intuitive action! And here, Vladimir goes to work with fists, feet, hands and psyche. This is the part of the DVD that shows ways of countering direct, unpredictable physical attacks. Vladimir demonstrates his ‘on the spot’ sense of timing and tactical creativity. He shows how to work within an environment and how to use the surroundings as your ally. For those who enjoy the subtle aspects of Russian counter work, you will see some interesting ways of exploiting the opponent’s pain spots and their ‘perception of victory’. You should also observe the way Vladimir neutralizes and jams the attacker’s movement, by shutting down their desire to attack. Again the work on display contains both accessible and subtle lessons. Credit must also go to the tough practitioners working as the attackers. Facing fist, concrete and car, they step into the action with energy and intent! One of the useful things about Vladimir’s approach to self defence training is that he is prepared to cover some of the more gritty aspects of survival. And in Car Fight he addresses some of the vicious tactics that muggers or kidnappers might use. He covers ways of handling chokes and strangulations, carried out from the rear passenger seat. Knife attacks or threats involving edged weapons are also dealt with. Once again, the ‘never say die’ survival mind set is expressed, as various options and movements are revealed. And so, with the two instructors sharing their professional knowledge in different ways, this DVD is almost like two films in one! And just as Systema helps people to know themselves, it also highlights the importance of knowing the environments we dwell in. Car Fight will show people the versatile nature of the Russian martial art. Beyond this, it represents a banquet of information to be watched, deciphered and absorbed.

  Vladimir's new Car Fight DVD is useful for the everyday driver, professional driver and professional bodyguard.
by Sergei Maslikhov, October 19, 2007
The techniques displayed are extremely efficient and relevant for a small confined space where you are limited of movement and time. The efficiency of these techniques are extremely important in the real world, life and death situations depicted in the DVD! A true testament to Vladimir and Konstantin\'s experience and knowledge showcased in this DVD and others, is that you don't have to be an expert in any field of training in order to be able to comprehend and utilize their techniques. The instruction is clear and concise and the footage displays every detail of the movement in each demonstration. With respect, Sergei

  The first thing that comes to mind when watching this essentially informative DVD is how do they know all of this?
by Thong Nguyen, October 22, 2007
When Major Konstantin Komarov speaks of exiting a car underwater and saving your child, he does not come off as theorizing about it. It's clear that he's been there and done that.. often! Vladimir's demonstration in civilian surroundings is priceless. The ease and fashion in which he moves in the real world is indistinguishable from the classroom. A hallmark of a skills that directly translates to the world we live in. Thong

  This video is informative, thorough, and useful from several perspectives: 1) General Civilian Issues - the video deals with scenarios for becoming comfortable in and around your vehicle in preparation for possibly anxious situations, entering and exiting the vehicle in a variety of different scenarios - inc.
by Jim Rigopoulos, November 03, 2007
road accident, vehicle falling into water, saving trapped passenger\'s, escaping moving vehicles, etc. This is very informative. We spend time learning how to exit an airplane in case of emergency every time we fly. Statistically speaking, a motor vehicle is more likely to get into an accident than an airplane, so in my opinion this portion of the material in the DVD should be presented and offered to all civilians because it could save many lives. 2) Military and Paramilitary - for example, scenarios dealing with ballistics and weapons in and around the vehicle, how to use the vehicle to your advantage as a shield, what parts of the vehicle to use and not to use, etc. Also shown in the DVD is how and which parts of the vehicle are often used in extreme urban warfare, assassination, and terrorist situations, which was very interesting. Some of the situations that Konstantin discussed were mind-boggling and I don\'t think even Robert Ludlum or Ian Fleming would have thought about some of these scenarios. 3) Self Defense in all situations - this portion of the video deals with situations where you are being attacked with fists, legs, chokes, knives, guns, etc.. around and in the vehicle. The part I liked the most in this section was how Vlad used the vehicle itself and the edges and protruding portions of the vehicle as weapons against the attacker. This ties in well with the video on Confined Spaces, which is also a must in anyone's RMA video collection. Again, I would be hard-pressed to name anything out there that teaches this material to the general public. So I am rating this a must have to anyone interested in Systema practice. Regards, Jim Rigopoulos

  Car Fight (DVD)
by Sam Smith, December 04, 2007
I'm glad there is finally a modern and urban based martial art that takes into consideration the scenarios presented in a modern world over the scenarios that would have been present when other martial arts were founded hundreds of years ago

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