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Foundation Package
4 customer reviews

Foundation Package

$79.95 $69.95
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The best introduction to Russian Systema consists of:
Systema Hand To Hand (DVD)
Fundamentals of Knife Disarming (DVD)
along with the book, Let Every Breath...

Systema Hand To Hand:
The most important film in the Russian Martial Art video collection.
Everything you need to know for total control of any empty-hand attack.
Includes a bonus section: Defense from Chain!

Fundamentals of Knife Disarming:
Unarmed against the blade... be sure to prevail!
Both fundamental and advanced tactics.

Let Every Breath...
Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters. A groundbreaking new manual that reveals the Breathing Techniques of Russia's traditional SYSTEMA.

Approximately 4 hours of great training on film!

Customer Reviews
We have purchased 22 out of the 27 titles DVD’s from Russian Martial art.
by Ross Stockwell, January 18, 2011
To date each one has lived up to expectancy as per it advertising. With this DVD your research begins in an excellent place to start the way of Systema. Systema is very different than other styles in that it is a natural style and does to compete with natural body motion. The easiest way to take a glass of water off the table is simple to reach out for it… the way to stop and incoming strike is not be there and move out of its way…. Systema is a mind art where the relaxed and ready mind leads the body and one can acquire knowledge simply by watching what is obvious to most of us.…

The general concepts of system are obvious but need to be learned, simple but need to be taught. This is because we learn too many complicated things and in short the systema student is back engineering the complexity of habit to the simplicity of mind form and function. Posture is foundational, breath is foundational , motion is foundational and technique is derived of these three. Many other form of martial skill teach techniques but ignore what is most obvious, posture, breath, and motion. In simple terms it is not what you do but how you position yourself to do what needs to be done. System informs you how to position yourself in order to perform many different types of countermeasures to violent action… do yourself a favor and buy this DVD you will not be disappointed.
Ross J Stockwell
Queensland Australia
Being quite new to SYSTEMA, but not to the military martial arts, I purchased this Foundation Package with great anticipation.
by Vlastimil Mazal, May 16, 2006
I had information about Systema and Vladimir before, I have even seen some tapes at friends, but I was missing the core explanations. It all changed with this pack.

In SYSTEMA HAND TO HAND, Vladimir takes you on a journey through the very foundations of unarmed combat. He explaines all the basics and gives training tips. The nature of Systema, as I see it, is in relaxation and calmness, and that is exactly the vibe you get from this DVD. There`s no rush, there`s no need for spectacular moves, there`s no aggresivity. Just very "Systema-tic" approach to training, where all participants are relaxed, and amazingly, all partners involved always benefit from all excercises. So there isn`t anything like being just a sparring partner. When you punch, you learn just as much as when you are being punched.

FUNDAMENTALS OF KNIFE DISARMING presents an approach to knife defence that is unlike anything I have ever come through. Rather than just working against the knife, this DVD invites you to learn how to use your whole body, posture and all natural movements to disarm an opponent. It shows some drills too, but the most valuable part is clearly stated principles. The rest is on the practitioner himself..

Delivered with the DVDs was The RUSSIAN SYSTEM GUIDEBOOK, which explaines the facts about the SYSTEMA in greater detail. Particularly interesting are the health tips, although I wished that they`d have been discussed in greater depth. But with the release of "Let Every Breath.." I think there`s enough material to cover for that.

Overall, this package is a must for any SYSTEMA beginner like myself. It`s just shame there`s no SYSTEMA school anywhere near where I live (I`m from Slovakia, the closest one would probably be in Munich, Germany, which is about 500km) But.. I am getting ready for the SUMMIT OF MASTERS and hoping to meet some new friends there!
Thank you Vladimir for your hard and excellent work in bringing out and sharing the Russian Martial Art with the world.
by Andreas Tvedt, March 17, 2006
The world is a little better place because of it!

The Russian martial art grabs a man’s heart by its sheer power, making the tough and hardened man into a humble man. Few arts do this. Thank You!
I bought the Foundation Package which included the 2 Hand to Hand Combat tapes + a Knife Defence tape.
by Ros Bassalow, May 13, 2004
I find the methodology, that Vladimir teaches amazing, unique and very instructive. Knife Defence is a must have. After watching the tapes you begin to realize that it all makes perfect sense and can provide the fastest and most efficient way to protect yourself and others from any attackers, be them the punks on a lonely street or even trained assassins chasing you in the woods :).

Great job, Vladimir! I wish it was on DVD though.

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