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Systema Manual by Major Komarov
17 customer reviews

Systema Manual by Major Komarov

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A practical and fundamental training guide

Major Konstantin Komarov is a PhD in Combat Psychology, a commander and pedagogue to military professionals, an experienced bodyguard, a mentor to troubled youth, and a former student of Systema founder, Mikhail Ryabko, in Moscow.

In this book, Major Komarov presents his view on many Systema concepts through:
- Clear explanations
- Step-by-step practice programs
- Personal life chronicles

Detailed and informative material.

256 pages

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Customer Reviews
An incredible book from an incredible instructor this book is the best of the best.
by david yemm, May 06, 2015
Very insightful.
by Sharath Somasundaram, December 27, 2014
A really good companion to "Let Every Breath". Highly recommend for all practitioners.
Thank you for the book Systema Manual by Major Konstantin Komarov.
by Leif Wongstedt, October 15, 2014
It must be the best book in the world if you will meet a new life and improve your health.
Regards from Sweden.
Thank you Konstantin for turning the light on.
by Alexei Nicolenco, September 27, 2014
With your deep understanding of Systema methodology I am progressing with confidence and am recommending the book to all fellow Systema practitioners in Ireland.
I presume the book in Russian is on its way?
Thank you!
This is a significant book for anyone studying Systema, or getting started in the process.
by Anthony Lucas, September 19, 2014
What makes this book a must have, is its profound in-depth information. The personal experiences mentioned, gives the validity of this manual its prestige. The information is comprehensible, that can be applied in your work, as well that of your students. Upon reading this great work, I feel as though I've been psychically catapulted beyond the 6th dimension.

Totally worth your time, and effort....... Make the right decision!
It is a very good book!
by Venkat Nambi, September 19, 2014
I really like the step by step approach and short real time examples of which makes even lay person to understand, lot of martial arts don't talk about all the levels especially the psychological and psyche, Konstantin really has explained this deeply, only a warrior with true knowledge and experience can write about this, really love it and highly recommend to everyone
Major Komarov has done us all a great service by providing this excellent resource to the Systema family.
by William Stutesman, September 19, 2014
At one level he provides insights into technique and training strategies and drills. At another level he addresses the challenges we new students face including frustration, impatience, and discouragement.

He also helps veteran martial artists understand the unique challenges they face in their Systema training.
Major Komarov's insights have encouraged me to work hard, trust the process,enjoy the journey, and focus less on the destination.

Bill Stutesman, Dallas, Texas
Could you edit a French version please?
by Pascal Marchal, September 19, 2014
Thank you
Konstantin enabled us to expand the understanding of Systema.
by Dimitri Trufanov, September 19, 2014
He covered so many aspects so clearly outlined and truly dynamic.
It's exactly what I've been looking for.
by Mark Hatfield, September 19, 2014
There is so much in Systema to learn and develop that it can be confusing on how ones time should be spend for the training on your own outside of class. He gives a clear plan for creating your own training programs, exactly what beginners should work on and what to develop in progression.
I have seen many martial arts books out there, but the Systema Manual will be an instant classic!
by Robert from Cleveland, September 19, 2014
It has so much information in it, that it is one of those rare books that you read again and again.
It should be a required reading for all martial artists, as it instils the human elements and truth of why we train in the martial ways.
A fantastic book that we have all been waiting for...Thank you.
Bob from Cleveland.
This book is awesome, and very helpful.
by David Versaw, September 19, 2014
Major Komarov's detailed explanations and insight, along with his personal chronicles will be of great use, in my own personal training, and every day life. I will be referring back to this book many times!
I love it and haven't even read the whole thing yet.
by Borngod Allah, September 19, 2014
I\'ve had it for almost a week b.u.t I keep reading the 1st chapter over and over (3x). I\'m pretty sure it gets better and better b.u.t the little I got from in so far already filled me up. Definitely worth purchasing even if you don\'t practice Systema.
Thanks from Brooklyn New York Major Komarov
I just got the Systema Manual today.
by Robert Bezoski, September 19, 2014
What an incredible book. It is fantastic!!! I will be reading and re-reading it.
It is one of the coolest and most important Martial Arts book, "Systema Manual".
Reading this book reminds me of Konstantin giving a lecture: a thorough command of the subject matter, well organized chapters with superbly detailed lessons, plus excellent stories which support each bit of information.
by Alberto Nacif, September 19, 2014
Here you have it all: A Systema master, who also has psychology of combat degree, plus he is a master instructor--He really knows how to teach this stuff. I particularly like that he gives instructions of exercises, with some details left to individual interpretation, but with an excellent explanation of the rationale and benefits of that particular exercise.
This is a book that people will read over and over, now, and in the future, and they'll probably find meaningful tips that can only be discovered as the readers mature in their understanding of the universe that is Systema. Along with the book "Let Every Breath..." and the instructional videos, this really becomes part of a learning library for Systema practitioners of all levels.
It is a great honour and privilege to get an advance peek at this monumental, definitive work.
by Scott Meredith, September 19, 2014
Never before has a book been written that goes into such depth into this ancient martial art.
by Achille Currado, September 19, 2014
Major Komarov provides clear explanations of the concepts of Systema, breaks them down into step by step practice programs, all the while describing real life experiences.

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