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Let Every Breath...
44 customer reviews

Let Every Breath...

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by Vladimir Vasiliev
with Scott Meredith, Ph.D.

based on the teachings of Mikhail Ryabko

Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters.
A groundbreaking manual that reveals the Breathing Techniques of Russia’s traditional "Systema."

Born in the discipline of Russia’s ancient holy warriors and brought down to us today through the ranks of their military’s most elite modern special forces, these battle-tested principles and techniques are available to you for the first time. Whether you are looking to raise your athletic skills to the next level, or simply seeking to increase your potential and to enjoy life, Systema Breathing is guaranteed to uncover the endless reserve of energy, health and happiness.

This book presents step-by-step training drills given to you in a thorough and comprehensive way. You will learn the unique methodology of Systema breathing including the seven Systema breathing principles that provide the foundation for every physical activity of your daily life.

Easy reading full of entertaining stories and thought provoking ideas.

The most important book you will ever read.

125 pages

Vladimir Vasiliev's autograph and personal message can be requested at no extra charge!
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Customer Reviews
Let Every Breath...
by Osia Seal, April 18, 2018
Soon after I discovered Systema on YouTube and after seeing Vladimir and Mikhail I decided to buy the book - Let Every Breath,
which I must say is one of the best books I've ever read and I often highly recommend to anyone complaining about everyday life stresses.
Over the years of learning Vladimir's master work, I have been doing different exercises and drills that include certain patterns of breathing.
by Milos Malic, March 21, 2018
Besides the fact that this is good for the development of certain attributes, I wasn't able to figure out the whole picture. Yes, I felt I was more relaxed on the move or when under attack. I did feel I was becoming a better mover. However, it was not until this book that I saw the whole picture. This book painted it for me and for many of my friends.

If you want to learn more about what we do, and why we do it, or you want to bring solid foundation to your Systema Breathwork, I wholeheartedly recommend owning this book and revisiting it periodically.
I think I underestimated the power of breathing in Systema.
by Sean A. Langley, March 22, 2016
Systema has shown me things I couldn't imagine. I really underestimated it and cracked open the book "Let Every Breath" only yesterday. I wish I had begun reading it earlier. At work, I am often stressed and angry dealing with people. Work can sometimes be depressing or irritating. Sometimes infuriating. My mind wanders back to bad memories, such as my abusive childhood, bad relationships, betrayals I suffered and/or times in Iraq where I had to deal with much stress, unfairness and tragedy. Just by paying attention to my breathing, stopping and reminding myself, "Breath, Sean... stop and breathe", I can calm myself, pray for guidance and help and get my mind on better things. I wish I knew that in Iraq. I wish I knew that in the Army. As a soldier, father, husband, man and Christian, Systema is teaching me a lot. God bless you, Vladimir, for helping so many of us to heal, strengthen and use our minds, body and spirit better.
I find that physically inhalation mechanism on tension and fear.
by Hannah Marry, February 20, 2016
I appreciate more about the continued existence nature. Inhalation also anchors your focal point in the awareness.

Inhalation helps to stay in the instant in severe conditions, not how to help cope with substantial stress, and help the mind in the realism of now.

Yes, I am fond of this book very greatly. I am very satisfied. It has helped me very much.

Express thanks to you for sharing this information and perception. High respect.
A student in my class had trouble sleeping and Vladimir's recommendation has proved very helpful.
by Jason Loup, February 05, 2016
My student did the slow core exercise sets as described in the book, 3 times each day over the past two weeks.
In class last night, he shared that at night when he gets in bed, he now feels calm and relaxed; and it's been easier to deal with negative emotions that have crept up in daily life.
He's seen definite improvement and is excited about continuing to make progress.
So a big thank you to Vladimir and Scott for this material.
I came across Russian Martial Arts in 2010 through a Friend of mine who is Martial Arts enthusiast with 3 type of Martial arts technique training.
by Taione Meli, October 02, 2013
He testified to me about Systema Breathing and he had 26 DVDs of which I have viewed all and as a jeet kune do lover I knew straing away I am seeing the best Martial Arts ever. He gave me the Let Every breath book and I study it and study and its like a Bible to me. I love it it has help me greatly in indeed as I struggle with my overweight problem. With understanding from Let Every breath even still with training I can master my condition enlarging my breathing capability daily to counter short breath.
I am a Christian and new that zero state of Love is the ultimate in Christian and I was surprised that was the Systema Breathing ultimate Goal too.... there is no enemy, you love everyone, and you do not destroy an opponent you just overcome him.

To me personally, the Book itself " Let every Breath"contain enormous valuable knowledge that any person living ever need and I highly recommend it anyone who looking for something solid for it covers every aspect of our lives from normalcy to being atheletic in nature and age is not a limit.

Thank you
I started training Systema just 2 weeks ago and received this treasure just a week ago and i have to admit, it is awesome.
by Johnny Randolph, April 13, 2013
Why? Because actually it is about so much more than "only" breathing air and oxygen.
Imo it teaches how to build and generate your energy or lifeforce or Chi, whatever you prefer to call it...
Simply a "must have".
Thanks so much for sharing this.
P.S.: I have a little Kuk Sool Won/Hapkido background, maybe that is the reason, why i fell so "much in love" with Systema.
I don't believe that anyone who has searched for a real martial arts system could look past this book.
by Thomas McNamara, March 10, 2013
Thank you very much for sharing these teachings.
by Jose Margozzini, March 04, 2013
I find very interestinga an d practical the book and DVD. I have the following query:
- From what age is recommended to start teaching a child these exercises?, There are some care must be taken?

- Is any instructor of Systema in Chile?,

Best regards,
Dear Coach Vailiev and Meredith, I am writing to you to express my gratitude towards you for writing Let Every Breath.
by Ben C., July 09, 2012
This is the first book about Systema I have ever read.

I have been praciticing meditations and several kinds of movement for some years. In particular, i have for a long time been interested in how to use attentional control to relax mind and body.
But I still feel that there is something that is missing in my trainging - proper breathing technique.

I then bought your book. When I began to practice for the first time, I performed push-ups with breathing techniques as described in your book. I was so surprised! I had the most relaxing push-ups in my life. Even after performing them, my body remained so relaxed. I can\'t believe that a physical activity like pushup, which is supposed to create more tension in the body, causes me to be more relaxed even faster than perfoming some stretchings or Yoga.

It is amazing. And after the training for no reason I was almost in tears. Perhaps it was a gladness to find something that has been missing in my mind-body practice for a long time.

Or perhaps the training effect was so cleansing - that it heals the mental pain that I have held for a long time?

It does not matter, though. I am just glad and happy. That\'s why I am writing this message just to express my gratitude to you.

Thank you,

In reading your book, I am coming to understand some thing that have been eluding me for years.
by Sue Windover, June 13, 2012
Breath being prayer, breath being praise and breath as a restoration. Your art lines things up about healing and wholeness for me that I just wasn't able to put together before. It occurs to me that the applications are limitless and I look forward to applying the principles to my daily life.
I have read “Let Every Breath…” and I understand how the knowledge it contains is pertinent to living a complete human life.
by Jonathan Kaye, May 28, 2012
Most people live their lives as a victim of circumstances.
As long as a person looks for external solutions to internal problems, the search will be in vain and the solution will remain obscure to the individual.
When looking inside you can only discover your own reality, find solutions to your own problems and take responsibility for your own actions. The improvements you make to yourself will be reflected in society and in humanity.

In “Let Every Breath…” you describe a proven way to wake yourself up, to become aware of yourself and observe your inner workings. The book tells the reader, in a nutshell, how to create a higher consciousness of the self and reach a closer, stronger connection to God. The actual “Secret” fits on seven pages or less. Systema’s secret of the breath masters is out there, on the internet for everyone to order and people will read the book because their spirit recognizes the information as truth.

“Let Every Breath… Praise The Lord” is a valuable and effective tool in any human’s search for true answers to questions about self, life, and God. I believe that we are living in a time of awakening and that your book arrived early so that it is available to those that are searching.

I thank you again for making this knowledge available and extend my thanks to Mikhail Ryabko and Scott Meredith.
Top notch!
by Hugo Schonhaar, April 13, 2012
The element that is missing from all other martial art systems.
I bought Let Every Breath last year and have read it many many times, it is definitely one of the most useful, practical books I have ever read.
by Cody M., April 01, 2012
I also have read every article in the training tips section of your site and regularly check for new ones.
I have just read the "Let Every Breath" book, and it is a beautifully written manual on the fundamental principles of breathing.
by Alan Kruchinina, March 20, 2012
The breathing work and systema has changed me and my lifestyle forever, and for the better. I am able to calm myself, and focus, in all situations, whether physical confrontation, or mentally before a college exam. This information is so inspirational that I would like to introduce the lifestyle to other students and those interested at my university in Brooklyn.
I am working as a Social Worker & often try to explain/use some of the breathing methods to help people with anxiety and fear.
by Blair Kasouf, January 18, 2012
I even use some of the video postings on the office computer to try to explain stuff. It recently helped a really angry large teen in a local group home that no one knew what to do with other than him lock up.

On behalf of him & me thanks!!!
I really liked the book Let every breath.
by Nils de Vries, December 12, 2011
I find that hysically breathing works on stress and fear.
I understand a little more about the survival instinct. Breathing also anchors your focus in the now.

Breathing helps to stay in the moment in extreme circumstances, not just to help the body cope with physical stress, but to center the mind in the reality of now.

Yes, I like this book very much. I am very pleased. It has helped me very much.

Thank you for sharing this knowledge and wisdom. I have grown.

Nils from Holland
This book has become for me a support every day.
by Thomas Jourgetoux, August 26, 2011
Due to health problems, he gave me some hope, envy, trust in me and brought me back to faith, I too long repressed. This book gave me the keys to get my life back, and can start the real battle of a lifetime: Fighting my worst enemy, myself.

The road is still long but with this book it will be less laboriously.

Thank you Vladimir Vasiliev and his team. Take care of yourself and yours.
I am 56, a few days ago my horse spooked while we were galloping, he bucked, tossing me off.
by Estelle Nix, June 28, 2011
My horse continued on, I was alone in a fallowed field. I dont know much about Systema, I had read 3/4 of the "Let Every Breath" book. I felt no panic, I took a hard hit, but I was peaceful and relaxed as practiced what I knew from your book. After a few minutes I was able to get up and walk home, practicing breathing. I was able to collect my horse, run him through some drills, re mount him and set things right between us. Remarkable to fall at galloping speed and not break any bones at my age.

I want your material, I regularly use the breathing to rid my self of tension.
Today I received the book.
by Nikola Dostanic, June 19, 2011
I just want to say that my expectations are fulfilled.
Book is a wonderful.

I am now at the first chapter and in my mind there still is this:
"...Those among us who aren't doctors or professional healers need to protect
the health of our families and of ourselves.We need a simple source of
power to replenish our bodies minds and spirits..."

Thank you very very much and God bless you.
Mr. Miagi say return unto the basic of life "no breath no life" Systema is new art in terms of the Westerners and the myriad of things out there on this martial skill is over whelming.
by Ross Stockwell, February 27, 2011
Where to start? what to hold onto from other styles and so forth. In order to clear away the noise one must find a place of peace and silence and the obvious place is return to the basic of life breath For those wanting to build a solid foundation and not having access to teachers Systema Let Every Breath along with the book, "let every breath", Breath work and Combat and System Hand to Hand would be the definitive introduction to this martial skill. These DVD's are not a watch once and move on they are in effect a constant reference book for learning. For those who have an internal locus of control as opposed to an external will find great satisfaction in the information contained here. Sometimes we can get too technical and forget the reason we drained the swamp in the first instance. If we just breath the rest will follow but if we don't breath we fail. In the West the simple function of breathing is little understood because of the noise generated in the mind but becoming breath conscious one is on the way to a better life style even if one is not ever attacked or mugged ! Enjoy
Ross Stockwell Australia
It is truly the most unique System I have ever seen, and believe me I've seen or tried just about every style commonly known and not commonly known.
by Lamont Weiters, September 14, 2009
What I always looked to achieve is more efficiency in my training; stuff that works of course. 90% of the stuff taught in Martial Art schools is BS. I have been training for 16 years and have never seen such "effortlessness" as I have seen with these instructors. Breathing is something that even blackbelts do not seem to know these days.
I am a 35 year martial artist.
by Jim Ernest, December 09, 2008
I have a number of painful areas in my body which reduce movement. I have practiced several breathing and meditation regimens. Your breathing techniques have proven to be extremely simple and have helped me heal areas that I thought were never goingto get better.
Thank you so much for helping me.
I have learned to breathe to give awareness to my body and I have also learned to pray to give awareness to my soul.
by Ji Lee, January 26, 2007
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it has changed my life.
I purchased the “Let Every Breath…” book and lent it to my father who is a massage therapist.
by Damian Zukeran, January 02, 2007
He liked it so much that he has been practicing the breathing ever since. He has begun to apply Systema’s philosophy to his work and claims to have had some great results not only in his own increased energy levels/stamina but also in massage technique.
Thank you so much for your exceptionally effective training.
by Frank DiMeo, October 18, 2006
Let Every Breath is truly a much-needed resource for every training library.
Recently I finished reading your "Let Every Breath" book and immediately wanted to thank you.
by Patrick Burke, September 19, 2006
It is a deceptively simple book on Breath Work that has changed my outlook on not only training but on my philosophy as well. As a student of martial training for over 20 years, I was finding too much in the martial community that was more ego related than actual practical application. As I see more and more of Systema, I feel this was what I have been looking for.
Two weeks ago I got a copy of "Let every breath".
by John Vasiliu, July 19, 2006
At first glance, the ideas seem on contradictory to the systems of Indian an Chinese breathing techniques. But I decided to give it a try and it works very well. The benefit that I liked most, is that I can achieve a state of calmness and clearheadedness. It feels a little strange, letting the breath do the work e.g. pushups, squats and soon.

It is much easier and your not exhausted.
I have really enjoyed reading this wonderful book “Let Every Breath…” These teachings have made an immense impact on my entire life, especially in the areas of scripture meditation and prayer.
by Eric Peltz, July 10, 2006
I have recently begun a study of Bible scriptures concerning the tie between spirit and breath. The many truths that I have stumbled upon in doing this have been mind staggering, and the joy that this has brought to me is wonderful. There are not any words in the English language that are able to describe my thanks to you for sharing this beautiful gift of Systema with the world. Please know that your wonderful sacrifices of time, sweat and tears do not go unnoticed.

Eric Peltz

Cambridge, MN
Systema is more than just martial art, it is a way of life.
by Matthew Teevens, July 07, 2006
It enhances and preserves your life in many different ways going far beyond the physical confrontations we automatically think of. Recently I fell off while driving my Harley Davidson motorcycle, and I walked away without ANY injuries. I firmly believe my Systema training and breathing was a major contributor to my safe landing. My body knew automatically to be relaxed and roll when I hit the ground. Many of the drills Vladimir and Konstantin have shown me, including falls down the hill at last years summer camp were very benificial. It is truely remarkable what the body is capable of when you train it to relax in any difficult situation.

Thank you Vladimir, Systema Instructors, and training partners for the gift of Systema.

Matthew Teevens

Calgary, Canada
I purchased the book and several videos all at once just after doing many hours of research into a program that will make me stronger and more agile, Systema and "Let Every Breath" have already begun to change my life in ways unimaginable just a couple of months ago.
by Wesley Henderson, June 29, 2006
..I have read the book and have come out the other side according to my girlfriend, "more confident, and sweeter just from reading that book, I have noticed an incredible change in you..."

This is truly a marvelous work and a wonder...I will reread the book and reread the book until the cover falls off, and I have to buy another copy straight from the author himself....

Thank you Vladimir, Valerie, Mikhail, and all of you who are sharing this life changing system..

Wesley Henderson
Wichita KS. USA
This is a concisely written book with simple, clear, and easy to understand instructions on how to strengthen your mind, body and spirit using breathing methods of traditional Russian breath masters.
by Scott Mcqueen, June 19, 2006

Master of Systema, Russian Martial Art, Vladimir Vasiliev passes on knowledge from his own teacher, famed Russian Master Mikhail Ryabko, and makes it possible to learn the breathing techniques, previously not commonly known, passed down from traditional warriors to todays modern warriors, from the comfort of your home.

Never before has the information in this book been so vital to society, a society where tension and the stress it leads to is a leading cause of most modern day illneses.
Acivities that involve humans on three levels (physical, mental and soul) are few and far between, they enable one to access their true potential and draw on energy that was previously unaccessible.

Among much other wisdom, this book contains the 7 basic principles of breath, you will learn the real difference between tension and relaxation, specific, clear steps of how to use breath to correctly relax and how to function in a relaxed an vibrant manner.

The beauty of this offering is that the information and practices contained therein are available to all who seek, regardless of weight, physical ability, age or sex.

Every person I have spoken to who read this book remarked on some specific positive change gained from utilising the information, exercises and principles contained in this book.

These simple principles can be used in all areas of life and at all times of the day regardless of your lifestyle or type of employment.

I used the principles in this book and Russian Breathing for injuries when I was almost paralysed after receiving severe trauma to the vertabrae (between
C3 and C4) in my neck, the doctor remarked that many persons would have lost the use of both arms, and that I would have permanent nerve damage to certain areas in my arms.

With continued breath work all derived from this book and the Russian Health System of Systema, I have been able to make a full recovery from dianosed "Central Cord Syndrome" (spinal injury), and reduce the nerve damage to a largely unnoticable sensation (continuing work in progress).
The doctor also showed surprise at the apparent speed at which I was able to recover and regain strength and use of my arms and full body movement.

It is a very great acheivement when someone creates something that is wholly positive in its message and practice, it can honestly be called a true gift to humanity and the world.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, give it to anyone you care about.
Where do you start with a Masterpiece?
by Trevor Robinson, June 16, 2006
This is a must have book for all practitioners of Systema, Instructors and students alike and anyone from a sportsman to anyone with Breathing difficulties.

Covering the most essential and fundamental principle in the four pillars principles of systema practice with step by step instruction all the way.
Now just going for a walk is no excuse not to train.....in fact you can now quite literally train with every breath you take!

This book takes you to the very essence of Systema with in-depth interviews and opinions of the Masters Mikhail Ryabko, Vladimir Vasiliev and top systema Teacher Kwan Lee giving personal accounts of initiation and personal journeys in this art where the first and last Battle is with yourself.

Vladimir Vasiliev and Scott Meredith take you on a path of discovery as you learn in an easy to follow Progressive sequence of Breathing exercises with professional illustrations that will transform your health and well being from whatever the age and condition you begin at.

My oldest student is sixty three and has asthma and he noticed a great difference straight away in his breathing and well being, other students were amazed at how they could do strenuous exercises yet afterwards not feel out of breath or even fatigued.

I usually do a three mile walk to Teach my class now this is part of my own training as merely walking has taken on a new meaning after reading and studying this Book.

Your training library is not complete without this book order it now for what awaits you is a clear insight into the vast depths of the Russian Martial Art Tradition that is Systema.

Trevor Robinson
Martial Arts Instructor
I look forward to using the principles and exercises in your book to my benefit.
by Ernest Emerson, June 14, 2006
Teaching people how to protect themselves from harm is a skill that you hope no one ever has to use. Teaching someone how to live a healthy, productive life is a gift you hope everyone will use. It is a noble endeavor.

I thank you again for Let Every Breath...

Ernest Emerson
Emerson Knives Inc.
I bought this book at our school after class on Saturday.
by Rachel Klingberg, June 05, 2006
I finished reading it on Tuesday right before our next class. I knew the book would be helpful to my training, but I honestly did not even believe reading the book would make such a difference! But preconceptions do not matter; this book will help you even if you don't expect it to. One particular way it helped me is with the "no breathing" confidence exercises we do in Systema class. After doing 20 pushups with different inhale/exhale patterns, I was always "out of breath," a phrase to ponder, because how can I "run out" of something which is so plentiful and available? So I'd always struggle to do another 10 without breathing. And because I was "out of breath," not breathing while exerting myself further caused me to panic, even though I knew that panicking was only using up oxygen faster. My instructor and fellow students offered much advice: don't freak out, think of something else, look around the room, try not to dwell on lack of air. But it always ended up the same, I'd do two or three without breath, panic, and lay there panting while the rest of the class finished the set. It was only after reading Let Every Breath that I realized why this was happening and was able to correct my breathing so that I was not so winded. Of course, I still need lots of practice, particular with the leg lifts which are the hardest "no-breath" exercises for me. Sometimes I forget what was so crystal-clear immediately after finishing the book. But if I remember the principles described in Let Every Breath, I can get to 5 and occassionally or 7 or 10 without breath, which is a pretty dramatic improvement from just 2 or 3. As suggested, it's very helpful to reach what I think is my maximum and try for just one more; in this way, my confidence improves gradually.

I'm describing the "no-breath" exercises because they are the biggest challenge for me. Two things in particular helped me approach these in a different way. First, for the inhale/exhale sets, I shifted my focus from movement to breathing. Instead of matching my breathing to movement, I tried it the other way around. And that is how I became aware of movement that extended beyond my breathing. The book describes a natural pause between inhale and exhale. But with the exertion of movement, my pause was a bit longer than natural. Even though I began my inhale or exhale before the movement, as described, I was still halting it between inhale and exhale so that my movement could "catch up" with my breath. Again, these were very tiny pauses, barely noticeable, but they do add up! And that is why I was so often "out of breath" at the end of the sets. By shifting my focus to breathing, movement connects to breathing naturally, rather than artificially, and I'm less likely to force myself to move when there is no breath to support it.

If you are wondering why is so important to me, it's because I do consider it potentially life-saving knowledge. Recently I was watching a documentary program about accidents at sea and how people survive them. It's an extremely difficult survival situation because of hypothermia, which causes people to make irrational decisions and even worse, to lose the will to live. At the end of the program, they interviewed a survival expert who trained people to prepare for disasters at sea. He was asked, "What can an average person do to increase their chances of survival when lost at sea?" And he said, "Know your own capabilities. Can you swim? How long can you hold your breath? These things will give you the confidence to know that you can make it through extreme circumstances." Before reading Let Every Breath, if I had found myself in a situation where I could not breathe, I know for a fact that I would have panicked, felt despair, maybe even enough to give up! But now, I know that I can hold my breathe at least for a little while without panicking, it will certainly increase my chances of surviving such a situation.

Another paragraph from the book which helped me quite a bit was the idea of breathing "through" the entire body during difficult conditioning exercises. I knew that it is helpful to visualize "breathing in" through the muscles that are under exertion, but the breath penetrates the entire body. Not just symbolically, it's a biological fact that every cell needs oxygen. If the muscles are stiff, tight, sore, tense, or otherwise restricted, it's harder to process the oxygen-rich blood and also to eliminate metabolic wastes. This is a difficult cycle; the tight muscles that would benefit most from increased blood flow actually get the least of it. Lack of oxygen and accumulation of wastes perpetuate and spread the problem to surrounding areas, and this can cause muscular pain as severe as joint and bone pain, and a lack of mobility so dramatic, many people resort to surgery. But I have to confess, I wasn't entirely convinced that visualizing breathing through the entire body would actually bring increased oxygen to restricted areas. But it does seem to help, I'm not sure how or why, but I definitely feel less restriction to those areas when I envision breathing "through" the entire body. In fact, sometimes I'm not aware of the restriction until I visualize the breathing permeating my entire body.

One thing I'd like to work on further is the concept of independence of breath, because I think that I have too closely tied pain management or exertion with exhaling. Focussing on the exhale is a little bit easier and I think most beginners are taught to start with that. But now that I've been training for a few years, I think it would be beneficial to look more closely at my breathing and its correlation to certain activities in training like accepting strikes, yielding to joint locks, falls and rolls, and even just exertion. Actually, there are many more ideas to ponder in Let Every Breath, and I've found it to be an inspiration. In my day-to-day life, I can gauge the effectiveness of my breathing by my commute to work each weekday morning. When I get out of the subway, I'm about as far underground as anyone can be in Manhattan, and there are two platforms above me. So I have to climb two flights of stairs and ascend a very steep ramp to get out to the street. If I'm stuck in a big crowd, this can be a slow process. And it actually makes me a bit sad to see people who look young and fit heaving themselves up the stairs as if it's taking every last bit of energy to do so. Usually I take the stairs quickly, but if I'm sleepy or carrying heavy bags, it's always harder than if I'm well-rested and empty-handed. If I'm out of breath when I reach the street, then I know I have forgotten some of those basic principles!

This book is a treasure. You don't have to be a martial artist or an athlete to benefit from reading it. If you breathe, it will help you! The principles of Russian breathing are so clearly described, with illustrations, exercises, and ideas to consider at every moment of the day. Just for starters: how often do you hold your breath? Holding the breath doesn't necessarily mean you are puffed up and blue in the face. As the author explains, pay close attention to your breathing as you perform simple tasks: lift a heavy package, thread a needle, catch a ball. Is your breathing truly continous? It's such a simple idea, and one that we take for granted: of course we don't stop our breathing, or else we'd die. Even though I have been training in Russian Martial Art, after reading Let Every Breath, I realized that I stop my breathing at certain times, especially when I'm suprised: when the train lurches suddenly, when I accidentally drop something I'm carrying, or stumble, or knock something off my desk. These small pauses, barely noticeable until I thought to check for them, might seem inconsequential, but breath is life, and when it's halted by fear or surprise or tension, it is contrary to our very survival, and it disconnects us from the natural harmony of the force of life. It's subtle, but so important, if you think of how long most people can go without breathing, 10 or 20 seconds, perhaps a bit more, then it becomes apparent why even the smallest change in breathing will affect the whole body, and overall quality of life.
"Everyday that you live without proper breathing is another little step of submitting to stress and deterioration of your health." -VV

And that's why Let Every Breath is such an important book. It is not a book to change your lifestyle, get you to eat specific foods, follow any sort of schedule, or do anything by rote. The real gem of the book is simply the way it changes our perception of our own breathing, that which connects us to the greater universe around us. We look at a fish out of water, flopping around, and we know it is doomed. But somehow, we consider ourselves higher than those fish, as if they are imprisoned by their inability to survive without water. We even have an expression for those who are ill at ease: "like a fish out of water." But we are no different! Fish need water, we need air, no creature can survive without the life-giving force of the universe, and the best way to appreciate any gift is to accept it with humble gratitude, and use it wisely and well.

"You breathe in when you're born and out when you die; in between is your life." -MR

Many thanks to Scott and Vladimir for creating this book, and to Mikhail, without whom it would not be possible. It is truly a gift to the Systema community and to the world beyond.
*Spasibo i vsego nailuchshego* (thank you and best wishes),

All the best,
Rachel Klingberg
Systema student, New York City
The Bible states in Proverbs 27:17: "Iron sharpeneth Iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
by Eric Peltz, June 05, 2006
I always thought that I knew the true meaning of this verse until I began to learn Systema. Even though I have not yet met Vladimir or Mikhail personally, I have still been sharpened by their teachings via video and reading materials. "Let Every Breath..." is another masterpiece that has served to shed more light on the unrefined and dull state of my "iron". I am continually amazed as the concepts of this system reveal to me just how proud and weak I really am. The beauty of Systema though is that this continual realization is not an end, but a beginning. Because of this, I take great joy in facing the future, knowing that with the honesty, help and love of great friends like Vladimir and Mikhail, I can continue to be sharpened into a useful tool that will be of service to my God, my family, and my country.

Eric Peltz
"Let Every Breath" is without a doubt a book which will change the lives of all who read it and practice its teachings.
by Randy Brown, May 22, 2006
As a practitioner of kung fu and kempo karate, I saw from my first video purchase of Systema something unlike anything I had seen in my military training and studies of oriental martial arts. I've purchased many video's and now this wonderful book. I could never put my entire heart and soul into my previous studies due to the philosophies and mysticism involved. Thank you Vladamir for bringing this amazing and exciting system founded in the Christian faith to the western world.
This book is a monumental achievement.
by Kwan Lee, May 03, 2006
The body of work presented is the foundation of all work in Systema. There is a clear and comprehensive breakdown of the essential components of Systema Breathing and easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams for the related exercises. There are also clever antidotes delivered by Scott Meredith and guidance by Vladimir and Mikhail on how to live a better and more spiritual life.

To the Systema beginner: Your training starts with this book. Everything else that is fancy and beautiful in Systema cannot be accomplished without a practical understanding of the book's principles. This is the right foundation to build upon.

To the regulars: All of the above plus... Once you read and apply this book (with patience), your understanding of the videos will be instantly enhanced, and your demeanor about training and outlook on life may change drastically as well, for the better.

Without hesitation, I can say that without the material in this book, you will never truly understand the core mechanism for survival and spiritual transcendence in Systema, nor will you see a clear road to Systema mastery. No hype or marketing; it is just that simple.

Get this book for yourself and a few for your loved-ones. The material is suitable for everyone, including non-martial artists of all ages, and the cost is a tiny price to pay for such far-reaching content.

Vladimir and Mikhail have just given us the keys to the Systema Ferrari, have fun, but drive (read) with care!
All I can say is that we have been gifted once again by Vladimir.
by Demetry Furman, April 24, 2006
"Let Every Breath..." is a master piece. This book will change the way you do everything, and it will accelerate your understanding of Systema exponentially. It took me years to accumulate the knowledge and information that has been put into this book.

For those of you who like to learn by following the 'how to' method, This book is for you. For those that were looking for a concise explanation of how, what, when, where and why to do it; This book is for you! For those that wanted to be given some guidance; This book is for you! For those that wanted an explanation of what they felt and understood but could not articulate it; This book is for you!

As I red this book I smiled and breathed... I don't know how many times, but I never stopped
If anyone has doubts, don't, just buy it.
by Peter Saika, April 24, 2006
I received my book last thursday. I have spent many years working with breathing exercises, to great frustration. The clarity and encouragement that this book delivers is just what is needed. No hokum or flowery explanations of what might be happening just how to do it in a realxed way and how to apply it. I am not so sure what I am going to do with the incence and other paraphenalia that is usually associated with breathing practices?

I started employing the exercises that day and had one of those aha moments during my second day of work. The comment in the book that you don't need to isolate yourself brought a great realisation to me. Do breathing while washing the dishes, do breathing while walking, driving the car, any and all of the time! The effectiveness of the burst breathing to get through the tough moments works better that anything I have ever tried. Then again why shouldn't it? They teach it to women who are preparing for natural childbrith! A stress level I thankfully will never need to experience.

The book arrived just as Easter festivites were about to get under way, this provided me with an extra incentive. For quite some time now I had fealt that Slavic peoples must have had a formal, martial culture that extended beyond horse and sabre work.

Take care everyone, this book is beyond amazing. I am beginning to feel just how fortunate many of you already are after your exposure to Systema and to those who are presenting it to the world. Many thanks.
Wow !
by Venkat, April 17, 2006
!! I just want to thank Vladimir Vasiliev, Mikhail Ryabko, Kwan Lee, Scott Meredith for this exceptional Treasure. This Book gives us Hope and Answers the purpose of life........... this is the Only guide you would need to heal yourself. Knowledge and wisdom from the masters open your eyes, without you we would be lost.
The therapeutic value of Systema Breath training is exceptional.
by Yuri Talalaev, April 12, 2006
Based on experience I can testify that this has improved my health and the health of my patients that practice it. Everyone's well being can be enhanced through this Systema Breathing treasure that modern Western medicine does not offer.

Yuri Talalaev, MD
BC (Board Certified) Internal Medicine, BE (Board
Eligible) Medical Acupuncture.
Breathing is a warrior's ally, an explorer's companion and the gateway to many of life's possibilities.
by Aran Dharmeratnam, April 10, 2006
Then there is Systema - one of the few surviving arts in existence today, that openly shares with people subtle principles about breathing. For many, this book will open up new areas of discovery.

Aran Dharmeratnam
B.A. HONS. Law & Criminology
I know without a doubt that without your teaching and my practicing Systema, I would have been badly hurt both times.
by Alan Walker, April 10, 2006
I think most people look for proof of a martial art in a story about some motorcycle gang that was taken out by one lone karate expert or similar tale. Systema is bigger than that. Two things have happened to me:
The first thing happened several years ago, I had only been studying Systema a short time. I am a police officer and at the time, I was responding to an injury accident on the freeway in a heavy rain. As I was passing a semi, my patrol car lost traction at about 80 MPH and began to spin. I knew I was going to hit the semi or the median. All I could do was breathe and completely relax. When the car hit the median, it was totaled. I was uninjured. I use the principles daily and frequently in physical altercations with great success
The second one, I was helping my son and his family move. I was unloading the last box on his moving van and walked off the back of the truck and missed the ramp. I fell over 5 feet onto pavement and landed with a forward roll. I was completely uninjured. I breathed out and relaxed without thinking and just softly rolled on the ground. (Bear in mind, I'm 48 years old and without Systema, I would have been badly injured.).
But none better than those two non-combat events.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skill by way of seminars, videos and books so that I could learn a small fraction of what you know, to keep me safe. It surely works.

Sergeant Alan Walker
Blue Springs, Mo. Police Department

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