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For better security and convenience, Systema online store is now hosted on a new platform.
The existing store will remain open during the transition period, so you will still have access to your downloadable films and e-books at: http://www.russianmartialart.com/catalog/
Purchases can only be made at the new online store: https://systemavasiliev.com/store
Please use the same user name to log in to the new store.
You will be asked to recover your password at https://systemavasiliev.com/store/my-account/lost-password. You can then use the same password as previously or due to increased security, the new store may ask you to create a stronger password.
Note that while your contact information will be transferred to the new store, we have no access to your credit card details, they are securely stored on PayPal or https://www.authorize.net/

You are also welcome to order by phone: Toll Free: 1-866-993-0400
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Thank you for your patience. See you at the new store!

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 From Relaxation to Power (MP4)  From Relaxation to Power (MP4) 

 on disk - MP4 format Plays on all computers and newer models of DVD players by Ryo Onishi, head instructor of Systema Osaka, with over 10 years of extensive Systema experience, training ...  more>>> 
 $29.95  $19.95 
 Instructor Workshop (MP4)  Instructor Workshop (MP4) 

 on disk - MP4 format Plays on all computers and newer models of DVD players Essential study material for sharing Systema with others and for gaining deeper knowledge. In this exclusive 2003 ...  more>>> 
 $29.95  $19.95 
 Knife Master Class (DVD)  Knife Master Class (DVD) 

 Vladimir’s calm, precise, and devastating knife work is one of the reasons Systema is said to be “the fiercest fighting style on earth”. -Black Belt Magazine Faced with a blade ...  more>>> 
 Breathing and Fear (DVD)  Breathing and Fear (DVD) 

 Can fear be controlled? Yes. Through breathing and muscle tensing. Wrong breathing can escalate your fear into panic, it can cut off your awareness and paralyze your movements. Proper ...  more>>> 
 Systema Breathing (DVD)  Systema Breathing (DVD) 

 by Vladimir Vasiliev of Russian Special Operations Unit Learn the secrets of the Russian Breath Masters through this comprehensive course of breath training drills. Easy movements, ...  more>>> 
 Systema Hand To Hand (DVD)  Systema Hand To Hand (DVD) 

 Will all your years of training save you in a real attack? Admit it. You're not sure. You can now breathe a huge sigh of relief - Systema Hand to Hand reveals the true way. Experts call it the ...  more>>> 
 Clothing as a Weapon (DVD)  Clothing as a Weapon (DVD) 

 by Vladimir Vasiliev of Russian Special Operations Unit Systema, a dynamic and practical fighting art of the special operatives, provides you with another brilliant weapon of self defense. ...  more>>> 
 Breath for Internal Control (2 DVD set)  Breath for Internal Control (2 DVD set) 

 Teachings of the Russian Breath Masters Stress. Daily tension. Do we notice when it sets in? Can we prevent it from growing? Can we reverse its constant damage to our health? Extreme stress. ...  more>>> 
 Multiple Attackers & Crowd (DVD)  Multiple Attackers & Crowd (DVD) 

 MULTIPLE ATTACKERS | 44 min. by Vladimir Vasiliev Surrounded. Confronted with multiple attackers. Be prepared. Four-opponent warm up, stretch, body control and redirection Find ...  more>>> 
 The Combative Body (DVD)  The Combative Body (DVD) 

 by Vladimir Vasiliev of Russian Special Operations Unit Tissue Impact and Pre-Emptive Defense No more muscle tightness or joint stiffness... No more restrictions from stress, old injuries, or ...  more>>> 

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