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The articles presented here are for the education and enjoyment of the Systema community. The writers are solely responsible for the content and such content may not completely reflect the views of Russian Martial Art Systema by Vladimir Vasiliev. Any training conducted by you is at your sole risk.

Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.

Systema Training Dimitri Trufanov

Birth Breathing

by Dimitri Trufanov Published: July 05, 2011

Dimitri Trufanov is a Chicago-based Systema instructor. His wife Olga recently gave birth to their third son. The youngest boy was born at home and Olga agreed to share this unique experience. Why did you decide on home birth? The choice was natural for us. The older kids were born at a local hospital. What we didn’t like about that was that there was too much interference from the staff at moments when inward focus was most needed. So, we wanted more control, a quieter environment, one that home, you know. […]

Systema Training Stephane Beaudin

Body Intellingence

by Stephane Beaudin Published: June 25, 2011

A few years ago, a staple of Systema, the front roll, seemed to elude me. In training, the back roll was very natural, but the front roll created all kinds of fear and tension. This most basic of basics is often one of the more difficult and frustrating things to become proficient in. Some people are more afraid of rolling back, alarmed by not seeing where they are going. Others, like me, stuttering at the sight of the ground being thrust towards the face. Working freely, I had become quite adept at corkscrewing my body during falls and transforming forwards falls into back rolls. […]

Systema Training Brandon Sommerfeld

The Thunder of Mikhail Ryabko

by Brandon Sommerfeld Published: June 07, 2011

Please keep in mind what I am about to share is coming from my own limited personal opinion and experience. With that being said I will make this bold statement “I am thoroughly convinced that Martial Arts Masters that possess Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev’s skill level come around, maybe once every 200 years”. Never before in the history of Mankind have we enjoyed the opportunity to have so much incredible information literally at our fingertips. […]

Systema Training Frank Arias & Juan Pedro Serna

Understanding Systema

by Frank Arias & Juan Pedro Serna Published: May 12, 2011

Frank Arias, one of the experienced instructors at Systema Headquarters in Toronto, was interviewed by Systema Spain head instructor Juan Pedro Serna on Frank’s understanding, training and teaching of the art. Juan Pedro and Frank kindly translated the interview from Spanish and offered it to all of us to read and enjoy.   Juan Pedro Serna: How did you first discover Systema? Frank Arias: In 1996, on New Year’s Eve, I was confronted with a situation where I had to unexpectedly defend myself against multiple attackers. […]

Systema Training Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin

Fighting, Faith and Modern Combat

by Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Published: April 19, 2011

Fighting, Faith and Modern Combat An interview with Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Komarov  A few months ago at a Systema seminar in Phoenix, Arizona, ICSA Founder Brandon Sommerfeld and his senior combatives Instructor Kwan Lee seized a rare opportunity to quiz two masters of Russian Martial Art SYSTEMA - Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Komarov. Brandon and Kwan caught up with these fascinating masters of combat during some seminar downtime and they generously agreed to wax lyrical on everything from faith and fighting spirit to the changing face of modern military combat. Enjoy. […]

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