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The articles presented here are for the education and enjoyment of the Systema community. The writers are solely responsible for the content and such content may not completely reflect the views of Russian Martial Art Systema by Vladimir Vasiliev. Any training conducted by you is at your sole risk.

- Major in the Special Service Police Force
- Russian Military Reconnaissance
- PhD in combat Psychology
- Professional Bodyguard for Moscow's Elite
- One of the master instructors at Systema Camp

Systema Training Konstantin Komarov

Structure of Combat

by Konstantin Komarov Published: May 26, 2006

As a teenager, I witnessed an incident that made an unforgettable impression on me, and to this day makes me think. I was 13-14 years old - just the time to "assert one's place under the sun". These were troubled times in my hometown with constant crimes and fights happening between gangs and street thugs. It was unsafe to even walk across town - either you'd be robbed of your pocket money or humiliated or beaten up. In short, very unpleasant, and surely I wished to learn how to counter any such offenders.   And here is what happened. […]

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Systema Training Konstantin Komarov

The Water - Surviving the Waves of Panic

by Konstantin Komarov Published: December 10, 2005

THE WATER Surviving the Waves of Panic  by Konstantin Komarov This happened a very long time ago when I was just starting to learn the techniques of working under water. I put on the wetsuit and prepared the supplies for my work, but miscalculated the weight of the load.Moreover, I took an almost empty oxygen tank because the volume of work seemed to be minimal.To make things worse, I grossly broke the rules (I was too conceited at the time) and did not tie the signal rope.So, equipped in this way, I put on the fins and headed to the middle of the river. […]

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