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Systema Escapes and Weapons Course ( by Casian Popa, 36 words )

Just wanted to briefly mention that it was great fun training and meeting everyone in Toronto. Everybody was so friendly and pleasant and the skilled trainors made learning a breeze... Start to finish All Positive :)

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Date Added: 2011-04-05 16:37:33
Systema Escapes and Weapons Course ( by Sharath Somasundaram, 110 words )

This course was my introduction to Systema and I have to say that I was impressed. Having some background in Muay Thai, which usually results in the loading of certain muscles or the hips prior to hitting, the soft approach of Systema was a shock to my system. Vladimir was someone I wanted to meet and train with for a long time and I have to say that he exceeded all my expectations. Also, the Systema in class training conducted by Max was a good way to warm up and get loose before the main event. Thank you for making the class so informative and fun at the same time.

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Date Added: 2011-04-05 19:15:48
Systema Escapes and Weapons Course ( by Michael Mills, 73 words )

Thank you very much for the great training and the warm, welcoming environment. I appreciate the simple, yet very deep and complex nuances of the work shown. So much great material to work on, thanks. It was a pleasure to work with many positive people with serious skills- a credit to the school and the tone passed down from it's leadership. I hope to see you again soon, thanks again - I had a great time.

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Date Added: 2011-04-12 12:39:22
Systema Escapes and Weapons Course ( by Shane Michener, 96 words )

I had a great expirience with the training seminars I have attended. The instruction is second to none and I have learned so much about my self. Vladimir has so much to offer and I can't wait to introduce some of my training partners to his training system in the future. I have introduced them to some of the training and breathing techniques I have learned from the Systema seminars. I am looking forward to the next opportunity available to learn and understand in more depth the art of Systema.

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Date Added: 2011-04-17 22:00:04
2011 Summit of Masters ( by Alberto Nacif, 134 words )

Wow, what a seminar! I learned so much. Vladimir, Konstantin and Sergey each brought their unique skills and knowledge to the attendees, and present among them were many senior and more experienced instructors. The setting was spectacular with the natural beauty of the ocean and surrounding jungles, and food and facilities were just perfect. I really found the progression of the exercises and drills to be of highest quality, and excellent coordination between the instructors made it a great learning experience. The morning training on the beach with Sergey was very creative and left me sore but exhilirated. Thanks also to Josafath and Erika for such excellence in their coordination and level of service. They exemplify the principles of Systema (always in motion, breathing to stay calm) I hope they do this every year!!!

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Date Added: 2011-02-22 14:25:08
2011 Summit of Masters ( by Steven Cash Nickerson, 146 words )

This was an outstanding event. Many senior instructors and instructors present. Extra emphasis on getting rid of tension. Sergey on day 1 on how to roll and fall without tension. Escape from choke with simple relaxed fall. On day 2 we began work on striking, including stealth striking. In the afternoon some invaluable tips from Vladmir on how to teach Systema for instructors. Day 3 great breathing exercises and striking exercises. Day 4 great knife work. Watching Konstantine, Sergey and Vlad move is like watching liquid move in a bottle. Morning Exercises on the beach and in the ocean. And many brought their families which was very special to meet the children and significant others of the Systema family. Great job and sombreros off to Josafeth of Systema Mexico and his team for producing a first class Summit. Thank you to Vladmir, Valerie, Konstantin and Sergey.

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Date Added: 2011-02-22 14:25:40
2011 Summit of Masters ( by Josafath Magana, 362 words )

Fun, training and friendship in the sun of Cancun Just to thank you to all the Summit of Masters 2011 participants for coming to my country and let us be your hostess in this important event. It is the first time a Summit of Masters is held in this beautiful place in my country and there is no doubt, we will make it happen again. Thank you to all my systema friends and brothers for make this event had a unique and special spirit of friendship, personal and spiritual growth. I am very sure ALL participants return home with a strong feeling of belonging to a strong family and with renew batteries for sharing this spirit among our families and friends. I want to thank my "Profesor" Vladimir for let me be his student, without this permission I will only be a "systema fan" training hard, but without guidelines. I want to thank Valerie for all her support and suggestions for making this event had the same quality and professionalism like other systema events organized by HQ. This event will not be possible without her support. Thank you to Sergey and Konstantin for coming from Moscow. I am very sure they will return to Mexico in a close foture to share their experience, knowledge and have fun again here . I want to thank Erika for being there all the time and being my "right wing". Without her, the event will not run so smooth and a lot of projects cant be done. HQ has authorized to make again this WINTER Summit again next year!!! We just arrived and we are starting to work on the next year event to make you have a better training experience!!! We will really appreciate if you answer a small feedback sheet (below link) to obtain objective information about what you liked of the Summit, what you don't liked and what we can do to make the next one better according to you. This event will not be possible without you, my systema instructors and brothers. Again, from my heart I want to say to all of you Thank you!!! Josafath Systema Mexico

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Date Added: 2011-03-10 13:57:18
Vladimir Vasiliev & Konstantin Komarov in Phoenix, Arizona ( by Gaston Pratt, 99 words )

The training was profound, in that, even-though the material was familiar the explanations were not. Vlad and Konstantin have gone into a different level of describing movement and psychology of movement added with the emphasis on breathing, I feel I have reached yet another level in training. The results are just as effective but with less effort. What happened, what used to be so difficult is now not as difficult and works even better. Less effort better results is what I got out of this seminar. Thank you for the Desert Seminar of 2010.

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Date Added: 2010-11-16 12:04:42
Vladimir Vasiliev & Konstantin Komarov in Phoenix, Arizona ( by Cash Nickerson, 120 words )

Summit in the Desert was an excellent seminar. I especially appreciated the progression of learning to fall softly and with awareness. We started by falling from sitting position, then squatting position, then standing. The exercises of drawing a knife before going to the ground, after being on the ground and in the middle (most difficult) built on the previous day's falling progression. I also appreciated learning to walk from the knees. Who would think it took 50 years to relearn how to walk and fall? My favorite take away quote came from Vladmir who said, "there is no opponent that a relaxed person cannot handle." Thank you to Kwan, Vlad, Valerie and Constantin for a most memorable and worthwhile event.

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Date Added: 2010-11-20 10:07:32
Vladimir Vasiliev & Konstantin Komarov in Phoenix, Arizona ( by Brandon Sommerfeld, 141 words )

The Desert Summit was a great success and delivered everything we have come to expect from two of the most acomplished Systema Masters in the world today. The pairing of Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Kamarov was perfect with both Professionals adding to the others expertice. The work that is now being taught and demonstrated is defintely on a deeper level then what I have expeirenced in the past. As always Kwan Lee who hosted this event pulled out all yhe stops with a top notch Banquet as well as snacks between breaks and smooth transitions between work and rest. Alot of work goes on behind the scenes of these events and everything seemed to go off perfectly without a hitch. A huge thank you to Vladimir, Konstantin, Kwan and all the excellent participants and training partners I had help me along.

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Date Added: 2010-11-20 10:05:14
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