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Systema at Full Range Camp 2012 ( by Sergey Makarenko, 364 words )

Systema at Full Range Camp 2012 I was fortunate to enjoy all Summer Camps hosted by Systema HQ (yeah, I know… - ‘lucky bastard’). Every one of them was absolutely unique & precious milestone experience for which I am infinitely grateful. Enormous volume, extend & quality of generous splendor of attentive lessons, insightful instructions & brilliant demonstration was multiplied by a week-long 24x7 emersions into the Systema grandness. So far I did not experience better route to more exhaustive understanding & heavier kick into expeditious progress. There’re always ~120 participants from around the world, always great crowd, always attentive logistics & always intuitively precise training/learning load ratio. With no better word MAGNIFICENT teaching of Vladimir & Konstantin was twice ‘supplemented’ by ‘assistance’ of Mikhail Ryabko. Fortunately some great footage of the Masters trio work made to circulation (‘Summit of Masters’, ‘Systema EXCELLENCE’). This year third lead instructor - Valentin Talanov (Tver, Russia) had delivered highest quality instructions in several key segments of Systema filling number of gaps in my Systema puzzle. Meticulously & precisely targeted tension clean up Valentin offered every morning was done from different angle each time. Usually ill attended last day warm up this year had highest turn out – missed only by couple last dinner casualties. Instructor’s ‘dance floor’ was a lot of sheer fun & refined exchange of intellectual brutality – so far my most prominent instructors interaction experience. ‘Usual’ features of the camp – absolutely brilliant Vladimir’s instructions & demos & remarkably insightful Konstantin’s coaching are the backbone & treasure of the HQ hosted Summer Camps. Mere exposure to the schooling of such quality is a fortune; complimented by committed, intuitive & skilled attention to needs of each camp participant results in personal experience to be sorted out for months to come. There’s tremendous amount of devoted work & dedicated determination are behind training events prep. All Systema HQ hosted Summers Camps were of exceptional quality & value. Learning opportunities of such magnitude are rare privilege – my deepest gratitude & admiration to Vladimir, Valerie, Melissa, Konstantin, Robert & their assisting crew. I really hope 2012 was my previous camp - not the last one… Best wishes, Sergey Makarenko

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Date Added: 2012-11-19 16:19:55
Vladimir Vasiliev in Hamburg, Germany ( by Jan Bloem, 69 words )

In the training I really liked the depth of the message that we can use learning how to punch in a good way to teach ourselves how to function better on a physical, emotional and eventually also spiritual level. I think that this is what systema is all about: the physical training is 'just' a means to enable ourselves to reach for higher goals as health and spiritual development.

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Date Added: 2012-05-27 21:22:16
Vladimir Vasiliev in Hamburg, Germany ( by Tobias, 106 words )

Last weekend I visited the Systema Summit in Hamburg (Germany) including Vladimir Vasiliev. I just want to give a short feedback about this fantastic event. As I just said, it was even more then I'd expected before - especially for me, because it was my first time really practicing Systema. The teachings of Vladimir helped me to understand what Systema is about and all the friendly people around helped me to practice the exercises shown before. At least I really wish it were more than just two days. In fact this event confirmed my resolution to carry on with Systema training at my new place of domicile

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Date Added: 2012-06-02 14:32:33
Vladimir Vasiliev in Hamburg, Germany ( by Harald Nygaard, 212 words )

We were 3 ppl driving from Norway.I was eager to train with a man that has influenced me more and more the last years.It was just a first step in a longer journey as i see it.The seminar itself was so full of ppl that the personal contact we were hoping for became minor, because alll the ppl in the seminar. But, as they say,get things in small doses doesnt need to be anything but good.I felt that even if i was not communicating much verbaly,it was not a suprise that Vladimir fitted the level on the training just for me.I guess others may also have felt like this.I think that was the most remembering thing for me personally.I just felt that my thoughts was read several times in the seminar.So even if the personal contact was not much in fysical,it was more to it.The training was relaxed and after some time i understand a bit more about that this was realy not about some show of from an instructor.Im not the most patient guy and want to learn more and have more personal instruction ,in that case i was not eating my stomach full,but i trust it was given in a correct dose. To everyone,see You again some day.With best wishes! Harald Nygaard Norway

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2012-10-02 20:16:27
Vladimir Vasiliev in Paris, France ( by FABRE, 32 words )

It was a very nice seminar. Exercises were mainly about strikes (strikes on move the second day). A very good training with very nice people from all over the world. Thanks to Vladimir & Jérôme. Frédéric

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2012-05-17 13:19:56
Vladimir Vasiliev in Paris, France ( by Martin Mouchard, 47 words )

This seminar has been very interesting for me, as Vladimir helped us to feel and taste a deeper understanding of simple exercises. I really love Systema and the way it is taught, it makes me happy, more alive and more present… A kind of dream becoming true.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2012-05-22 18:55:03
Vladimir Vasiliev in Tampa, Florida ( by David Orman, 116 words )

Dear Vlad, On behalf of everyone here at the Central FL Systema school, I want to thank you so very much for coming to Tampa and for your exceptional seminar. I absolutely loved the weekend, although it went by too quickly. Great things always do. I was thinking about it of course on my drive home and realized that aside from the spectacular information that you present, you also bring a lot of happiness to those of us who are participating. Everyone learning and everyone is having a great time in the process. Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you again. My best to you and your family. With deep appreciation. David

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Date Added: 2012-05-07 08:52:49
Vladimir Vasiliev in Tampa, Florida ( by Rick Solveson, 178 words )

<P>Thank you Vladimir, you allowed me to recognize that you were able to effortlessly navigate the pathway to initiate purpose through sensitivity with what I can only describe as a deep caring and compassion. You immediately identified and tried to help me relax and eliminate the tension I was holding and the fear of succeeding or failing. So refreshing was your sense of genuine caring and lack of forced dominance and ego so prevalent throughout the arts today, that you rekindled my enthusiasm. </P> <P>We worked hard and through those efforts we are rewarded with becoming more and more aware of all of the mistakes&nbsp;and the tensions, and how little we really know. We realize that the only thing holding us back are our own selves, induced obstacles and expectations manifested in your own mind. They express themselves by impeding energy flows in physical movement, preventing you from working effectively in the flow of continuously unfolding events. </P> <P>You have renewed my enthusiasm to continue exploring the depths of the world as it unfolds around us. With all my best.</P>

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Date Added: 2012-05-08 21:51:32
Vladimir Vasiliev in Tampa, Florida ( by Ayhan Kaya, 27 words )

A great seminar for 3 days. The use of breathing techniques with fluency so impressive ... Vladimir Vasiliev and Systema are very nice to know people! Greetings from Turkey ...

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Date Added: 2012-05-09 14:56:44
Vladimir Vasiliev in Tampa, Florida ( by Frank Fileti, 1175 words )

Where do I begin besides saying another truly amazing life experience? From the moment I stepped off the plane, the seminar host and long time friend, Kenny Gonzalez, was there to greet me with open arms and a smiling face, accompanied by new found friends Olivia from Austin TX, and Anthony a police officer from Aruba who was visiting Systema for the first time, a very warm welcoming crew to say the least. But the Journey did not begin there. It was when Vladimir and Valerie contacted me a few months before and asked if I would teach the Tampa seminar participants on the Friday night preparation day. I froze for a moment, with the thought of wow, really me? Without hesitation I said of course, I would love too. What an honor to stand with Vladimir as one of his instructors at a seminar. The first thing I did was sit down and think about what I had just been asked to do. How will I do this the best way I can, will I start to write out an entire seminar itinerary and follow it step by step? Then I thought about what Vladimir said to me about teaching. Systema is Alive, it is an inspiration moment to moment, and if you teach off of a paper, there is no life to it; yet don’t get me wrong, it is always good to work off of ideas that you may have written down, but then let them come to life and see where the art takes you. So, here we go, let the inspirations begin. It is the Friday night seminar, moments before we start and people begin flowing in to the training area of the hotel, a lot of new faces, and a lot of familiar ones, including some very close friends. I decide to leave and go for a walk around the pool and tropical grounds, just to breathe, relax, analyze myself, make sure my pride and ego were in check and my thoughts and intentions were in the right place, and to remember to truly care about each and every person in that room I was about to walk into. Soon it is time to begin. I quietly enter the room, and begin making my way around to every person, greeting him or her with a smile, and a handshake. The first thing I noticed was everyone was very tense and fatigued; after all it was a travel day, lot of stress and racing thoughts, excitement, anxiety, etc. Thus, that’s where we began, with breath work, relaxation, tension release, and recognition, simple exercises to clean the body and mind to prepare and begin the training. From there it all came to life, without thought just by feel. I said to myself just help these people prepare themselves to work and understand what Vladimir will be teaching them. What I can show them is nothing compared to Vladimir’s expertise, experience and Mastery, but I can help them to understand what they will be looking at, and expected to do. I began to work on building blocks of structure, fluidity of movement, ideas on proper footwork and balance, tension vs. relaxation, with many demonstrations. It included ways to work with your partners to get the most out of the training, not to fight them or yourself, to have the proper thought process and clarity of mind while working, so you are not thinking, but feeling. That’s when you begin to learn, working without exhaustion; after all, we had a long weekend ahead of us. As an instructor and a person, I learned so much working with every person in that room, it was truly a humbling experience, and from what I heard from everyone else, they enjoyed it too. Now for the Main Event: Vladimir Vasiliev. I have to say; just being in the presence of this man is a seminar in itself, filled with joy, understanding, patience, and most of all humility. The facility for the weekend training was a huge gym with wooden floors at a local university in Tampa, prepared and set up by Kenny. There had to be about 120 people awaiting Vladimir’s arrival. As we walked into the gymnasium of course all heads turn, and right away you can feel the tension drop right out of the room, just by his kind demeanor and humble Mastery. There was a great presence of Systema Instructors from all over Colorado, N.C, S.C, Philadelphia, New York, especially from Florida, as well as very experienced practitioners of Systema and other arts as well, such as Aikido, as well as other countries, Turkey, Aruba, Brazil to name a few. We began with warm up and breathwork for preparation and relaxation. The first day was an amazing display of striking work and instruction from Vladimir with unbelievable explanation and breathtaking demonstrations with many great drills that were so helpful to understand the work. It always blows my mind watching Vladimir teach. It’s more the way he does it than anything, always going deeper into the work, showing the evolution of Systema, and how it is ever so changing and growing, but with such simplicity. One can see how the people react to his work, and how they change from the moment they start to every moment after, always being more humbled and understanding themselves more and more. A true journey of exploration of oneself, because the hardest part of doing Systema is dealing with you. It is always nice to take a step back and appreciate what we have in front of us. Systema is not a secret, it’s a gift, and that gift is you. The second seminar day was filled with more movement and fluidity, more subtle, work on the internal state of movement. The focus was on mind and body in motion together. Once again another display of true Mastery from Vladimir Vasiliev, working in groups against multiple opponents, striking with movement, and understanding structure, working from the ground up, dealing with fear, and tension, followed by knife work. It was a different kind of knife work than usual, very sensitive but combined with a lot of aggressive realistic tension that will show up in people naturally. Yet all my words can hardly come close to the enlightenment you get from being there. Of course I would not forget to mention Saturday night’s celebration, hosted by Kenny Gonzalez, who by the way did an unbelievable job of hosting and organizing a great seminar, always making sure everyone was happy and had what they needed. There was also a very nice sit down dinner at a Spanish restaurant, a good time had by all that were there, good food, wine, friends, everyone getting to talk and get to know each other. A truly amazing life experience. Thank you to all that were there, to my new friends. Thank you Kenny for all your good work and efforts in helping to spread the art of Systema, and thank you to Vladimir and Valerie, for all your help, patience, guidance, teachings and Love.

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Date Added: 2012-05-22 20:40:02
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