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Breath & Bodywork ( by Paul Hermanson, 60 words )

I just wanted to say thank you for the great seminar, I learned a lot about myself, it was a real pleasure to finally meet you,\r\nyou are are a bundle of so much valuable information. \r\nI hope I can get back up again soon.\r\nEverybody is so kind and nice, and helpful, from the bottom of my heart, thank you again.

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Date Added: 2018-10-02 12:05:36
Breath & Bodywork ( by George Kruchinina, 118 words )

I would like to thank the Systema Toronto HQ school for such an amazing seminar and environment.\r\n \r\nI honestly am already better off in my immediate work environment for it. One gentleman has particularly said I seem \"deep\" for my age, haha. And it\'s inspired me to become even better and healthier inside of my body and mind. For myself. And, as my colleague at work has led me to realize -- so that I can be better and inspire others as well.\r\n \r\nOf course, it\'s my responsibility to keep it up -- but this class helped me greatly in staying on the right path.\r\n \r\nBut I really look forward to the next time we meet. Until then!

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Date Added: 2018-11-04 14:59:16
Breath & Bodywork ( by Kim Truong, 97 words )

I\'m grateful I got the chance to experience your remarkable coaching skills in the seminar. I wanted to give up so many times while doing the breath exercises, but your humor and confidence convinced me to persevere. You taught me such a valuable lesson about looking outwards and pushing my preconceived limits. I think I better understand the meaning of self pity. I am already looking at my workplace and life challenges differently. Thank you for your warmth and positive influence on my local instructors.\r\n\r\nI can\'t wait to return to Toronto. Thank you for a memorable weekend.

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Date Added: 2018-11-04 15:00:46
Signs of Danger ( by Denis, 185 words )

It’s alresd passed more than 3 month and I am still analyzing information exellently presented by Vladimir.\\r\\nThe seminar topic was very hard to explain and physically show as most signs of danger are purely based on feelings.\\r\\nHowever, Vladimir took us through logic progression of feeling and understanding yourself and surrounding environment. The first day was strictly to feel yourself and different people aggressions with weapons and without, using different distances and tools.\\r\\nWe worked many drills how to feel the signs of the pressure of aggression coming to your way or your surroundings.\\r\\nThe second day we worked how to control yourself and surroundings by different means.\\r\\nIt was the excellent deep physiological seminar.\\r\\nThe topic was tough and mentally exhausted me than any physical activities I did at Vlad’s school before. While I was driving home after seminar I relaxed so much that I felt That i just went to a Russian Bathhouse( Banya) and had masseuse and a couple of shots of Vodka.\\r\\nThank you very much Vladimir and Valery for such interesting opportunity to work on this topic and hosting us at your school.\\r\\nGod Bless!

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Date Added: 2018-10-19 17:39:38
Summit of Masters, Germany | Systema Founders ( by Jose Rodulfo, 312 words )

Summit of Masters Bonn, Germany was another great experience with the masters. Mikhail's work was quite challenging. It appeared quite simple when he demonstrated it, but let me say - think again. I left this seminar with the full understanding of why Systema got the UN award for BEST NON-DESTRUCTIVE MARTIAL ART. There is no work like Mikhail's subtle work, just amazing. There was a point in the seminar when Mikhail gave us a drill to go find and he came off station for about 20 minutes. During that time I gazed around a bit and thought to myself that this is not what he showed. Most of us were doing something different. When Mikhail returned back on station, his words were, “all I can see here is good wrestling”. After that, the energy in the room shifted to a more positive vibe. Vlad's work as usual was outstanding. It was really great to see him in the mix with us. It was quite the challenge for most people to find more than one person. Luckily, for those of us who have attended Vlad's seminars, we were right on point with these drills. Big thanks to Danil Ryabko, he spent some time with me and gave me a better understanding of this subtle work. Also, Jason from Systema HQ, I was very impressed with his knowledge. Mikhail's demonstration with me was really something to think about. I tried to push him with my fist and he did not move, so I tried again, this time planting my feet firmly into the floor. He suddenly looked at my feet, my fist looked so small on him, and he broke out into a big giggle. We both had a good laugh. Overall, this Non-Aggressive type work is the best. Like always, it is a great experience to see and learn from our Masters.

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Date Added: 2018-05-23 15:46:26
Personal Protection Seminar - March 3 - 4, 2018 ( by Marcos Carpio, 14 words )

The seminar was phenomenal. Every time I come I wish I could stay longer.

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Date Added: 2018-03-06 16:26:49
Personal Protection Seminar - March 3 - 4, 2018 ( by Kenneth Dekleva, 152 words )

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the seminar on personal protection. You highlighted basic, common-sense concepts, which are fundamental to Systema as well as different types of personal protection. Most students who are not in the fields of law enforcement, military, or executive protection can still find much value in the topics which you shared with us. I especially liked the drills with partners as well as the sensitivity training drills. I felt that such drills can help one improve one's situational awareness. This course should be taught to non-martial artists as well. Sadly, today in the United States, it's not out of the real of possibility to encounter 'active shooter' scenarios in the workplace, other venues (malls, sports events, concerts), or at school (while dropping off or picking up one's children). The situational awareness skills which you taught could literally be life-saving.

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Date Added: 2018-03-06 16:29:15
PARAMETERS OF POWER by Vladimir Vasiliev in Toronto ( by Cash Nickerson, 717 words )

Traditional martial arts recognize student development by awarding a series of belts and stripes leading to black belt and advanced degrees of black belt. Systema practitioners and critics are sometimes frustrated by the lack of a simple rational progression sequence like, “learn these 15 techniques and these 3 katas and you will move on to the next level.” Systema’s layers are subtle and internal and you feel the progress or you don’t; it is personal. It truly is “your Systema.” Those of us who were fortunate enough to attend Parameters of Power got a glimpse of the deep and advanced Systema. The progressions were designed to remind us of what we had to unlearn, review what we had learned and then take us to a new level. Most improvements began with the use of tension and force. This was a reminder of what we had to unlearn early on. At the beginning of each exercise, we used what is commonly thought of as power. We used brute force. In the second phase, we used relaxation techniques to perform offensive or defensive moves. This was classical Systema as we have learned it. We breathe, we move, we keep our form in a relaxed fashion and state. We are all familiar with these exercises. Systema breathing and relaxation is fundamental to our style. But Parameters of Power introduced us to a new level. Vladimir presented us to new exercises (new for me) in which he taught us to alternate and vary our relaxation and tension or at least use degrees of relaxed movement to our advantage to create power. We now gained power, like electricity, by creating and removing tension in our opponent. Our power was like electricity with alternating currents. As an example, when we are hit, if we are tense, the pain of a hit resonates on us like the skin of drum. Power in the traditional sense is how hard can you hit and how hard a hit you can take. I hit you 9 times and you hit me 8. I knock you down. I win. While Systema teaches us to relax and not take the hit in the traditional sense. We relax, we move, we don’t want to just take strikes, but our breathing and relaxation make us not afraid of being hit and reduce the pain of the strikes when we are hit. But there is a third level, the alternating current level. The third level training is the taking of the punch, relaxing to a point and then countering with tension or at least less relaxation. We alternate from relaxation to tension to relaxation. The same is true as we wrestle. We relax so as not to give support to our opponent. We then give some tension creating artificial support and then strategically remove the tension and the opponent falls into the relaxation. We strategically alternate tension and relaxation. We didn’t learn techniques because Systema isn’t about techniques. We learned how to understand our opponents. We learned how to lead opponents with our eyes, sense opponent’s intentions before they strike or kick. We learned to study their structure. We practiced being a step ahead because we understood and studied them. Techniques in martial arts are pre-programmed moves designed for a type of situation. Many of us have advanced training in other martial arts and when a punch comes, we have multiple techniques that are pre-programmed to “fire.” But the reason I fly from Texas at least twice a year to attend Vladimir’s seminars in Toronto is because in real life, you aren’t dealing with a theoretical punch or kick. You are dealing with another human being, a unique human being. To succeed if a conflict becomes necessary, you need to understand them and be able to use your Systema skills to deal with that person at that time and in that place and play the one card they least expect: the card that is relaxed and ready for them. The card that is ready to use their tension and our trained ability to alternate our current to meet them how they are. This card is the Systema trump card and we spent great time working it at Parameters of Power. Thank you to Vladimir, Valerie and all my training partners for an incredible seminar. Humbly Yours, Cash Nickerson

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Date Added: 2017-08-17 16:03:16
PARAMETERS OF POWER by Vladimir Vasiliev in Toronto ( by Johnny Medero, 290 words )

This seminar was totally different to what I was accustomed to. What I am typically used to is the physical: punching, kicking, grappling, yeah. The normal stuff right. But this seminar hit on a topic that doesn't really get discussed too often. Made me realize how much I don't know. It was more on the physiological of the person. It went very deep to the point that you really had to pay attention to every fiber of your being and also your partner. In a way we are all connected and not too many martial arts delves into this aspect of combat. When an enemy approaches with mal intent you have pretty much two choices: to let their anger paralyze us or divert it with care. Emotions run deep within us and if aloud we can exploit them with tender loving care. At this seminar, it taught me that our emotions can transmit to the persons physique to the cellular level. Every fiber of our being is interconnected to take or receive and it's up to us to decide what to give. Where is our thought process? Where are we in life? Are we fearful of what's to come or do we encompass peace that we give it within our movements. Vladimir's transcendence into this aspect of martial arts was known within this seminar that the participants were in awe at his movements. But it was with humility and peace that his deliverance was being projected. To show us that it is achievable but we have to let go of the baggage that keeps us from the power from within. Only when we truly realize that there is no spoon is where we can finally feel/see that love conquers all.

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Date Added: 2017-08-18 11:14:10
PARAMETERS OF POWER by Vladimir Vasiliev in Toronto ( by John Oprea, 43 words )

Parameters of power training with Vladimir Vasiliev was like training football with Messi. You know that you will never get to his skill but sure as hell that now you can take a goal with a smile and give a beating on your street.

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Date Added: 2017-08-18 11:27:54
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