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TORONTO MAY 2009 3-DAY SYSTEMA SEMINAR ( by David Orman, 221 words )

Toronto: Part 2 After this past experience in Toronto, I have drawn the following conclusion: When we do what we love, what we are deeply passionate about, we awaken to the infinite world of possibility and magic. In the world, we create exactly what we want and swim in the ocean of the magnificent feelings resulting from our creation. We achieve, we excel, we express the highest and best version of ourselves. When we operate from the lens of fear or boredom, we are enslaved in the world of routine. Each day is like the last and the next. Gray is the only color we see, not because others don’t exist but rather as a consequence of our choice. This is what is meant by free will. It is the responsibility that shadows freedom. This is the most magnificent gift our Creator has given us – the opportunity to take our day and together, mold it how we wish. This is really the only choice we need to make but make no mistake, we need to make it. If we pretend that we “can’t” make it or if we lie to ourselves saying it it “out of our control,” it will be made for us by us, or at least the lower version of us. How will you create your d

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Date Added: 2009-05-29 18:53:28
Vladimir Vasiliev Seminar in Mexico ( by Antonio Capulin, 47 words )

The best seminar of martal arts I have ever been. Simple, very complete and acurrate. Full of real thing and an opportunity to be aware of our own flaws in order to improve it. Congratulations to Mr. Vasiliev and all the staff. Thank you very much !

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2009-04-08 13:28:19
Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Austin - Texas ( by JOe Duckworth, 96 words )

As a former military officer and a team leader of urban operations training, and a second generation martial arts instructor I recommend that all instructors as well as martial artists no matter what style ...attend seminars presented by Vladimir. Knowledge is an ongoing experience and you can learn something different each time you train. Those of you that are skeptical or critical need to train with an open mind and absorb what is useful. During the seminar and breaks, Vladimir answers questions works with people and leads by example. He always makes time to assist others.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2009-01-26 23:13:37
Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Austin - Texas ( by Robert Burke, 364 words )

Dear Vladimir, Thank you for your recent (January 23-25, 2009) weekend seminar in Austin Texas, hosted by Systema instructors Gene Smithson and Fabian Hewitt. The Embassy Hotel conference rooms were plush, featuring carpet, fresh fruit and chilled water. Friday I attended Fabian’s Systema for Kids Seminar and watched his instructors teach a very joyful and exuberant group of boys and girls. Fabian is onto a strong teaching trend, employing Systema movement, breathing, punching and wrestling with non-critical, incremental learning for kids. Sort of a blending of Montessori teaching encouragement with the youthful joy I saw in children at Mikhail’s school in Moscow! Friday evening Denis Dmitrivey and Yuri Talalaev gave us a warm up with breathing and moving exercises. Much needed after our long travels to get there. I was surprised by and happy to see many students and instructors from Mexico attending. Saturday you taught us knife work, which is a real treat for me. You keep adding subtleties to movement, theory and enjoying the moment. Knife work seems to increase emotions, and with emotions mistakes, and with mistakes ego, and with ego opportunities to rid same. Sunday you taught us punching techniques and theory. Amazingly throughout the seminar, a very great spirit of calm seemed to be emanating somehow, which kept things from getting out of balance. As a student of two and a half years, each seminar seems to add layers of enlightenment. One layer I especially enjoy, is that the punches neither hurt nor bruise me as when I was a beginning student. In my original tenseness, I was told I would bruise but later not. This I didn’t believe, but now I believe. As you told us, we are all too tight in certain circumstances. Thank you, Vladimir, for helping us to be flexible, yet strong; flowing with the river of life, yet courageous; increasing in skills in body, soul and spirit, yet mindful that above ever excellence must be humility. Your grateful Systema “instructor in training,” Robert Winkler Burke Reno, Nevada P.S. Thanks for giving me opportunities to tra

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Date Added: 2009-02-03 10:00:28
Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Austin - Texas ( by Denis Dmitriyev, 1146 words )

It took me a couple weeks to process information, which I gathered through stubs, pock and punches at Austin seminar. I will try to share my memorable experience, which stuck in my head and the body either working or watching Vladimir at this event. Vladimir introduced new warm ups: breathing exercises with different body positions, on the sides, on the stomach, on the back with leg 180 degrees over your head with the tensions and relaxations in these positions. I noticed that body tried to tense right by the way when it something unusual introduced to it and it takes some concentration of the breathing and your attention to really control and relax body as Vladimir noticed , these exercises were used to heal people, who do not feel comfortable in confined spaces. The other challenge was a progression of the tensions holds during breathing on your back or set up, pushups and squads, I was doing this not a first time but it was still took an afford to control your body, when you exhaling or inhaling keeping the tension in arms leg or stomach, relaxing or not everything or just parts of it. I did realize after seminar that all these exercises were preparing us for the future work waiting for us ahead. The seminar topics were: knife fighting and strikes. I already heard that a lot of guys wanted to see some amazing Vladimir’s work with a knife as he taught this topic in his Toronto seminars. Tried to dig from my memory the exercises which I understand deeply later and they stuck my head as discovery the new sights of Systema. We started from knife drawing from any position and any places on your body with destructions from your partner as well as a completion, who will be first to draw. It seems like a simple exercise, but I felt like my body getting over exited and tense even from the thought to be the first who draw the knife, and this tension and concentration were obviously giving up my intentions. In addition I realized that person could cut him self even drawing his own knife, which some guys experience in the real life. However, There were warm ups, which reminded me about control over the body tension. Later working with Vlad and observing Vladimir’s work on the drawing, I found that his speed and invisibly come from smoothness and fluidness of his motions. Well, who watched movie “The Shooter “, Mark Walberg who plays Marine Scout sniper, teaching his partner to operate bolt action rifle says” Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast”, that is probably well described the Vladimir’s work with the knife. The smoothness was a big player on the drawing and implementing the knife. Also, the Patience is a virtue, I notice even Vladimir draw the knife, he was patiently waiting for the right moment in time to implement it, and always it was big surprises for his partners, me and everybody around. I saw so many times the look of guys, where is this knife came from? The other discoveries coming from my own body pain, when I realized that I was cut like a lamb, when I work with Vladimir, attacking him with punches kicks holds and knife. I noticed, that during attack or after I completed attack and Vladimir took me down, the normal human reaction was to grab something or somebody (like Vlad), while you falling or look and grab a support such as Vladimir’s legs or body. However, that human (me) forgets that the person has a knife and any time, when I was grabbing or extending my limbs, I opened my all vital organs and veins. I felt Vladimir’s knife there right the way and probably in real life would be killed instantly or life about 15-30 minutes with my wounds. Conclusion, do not try to grab person with the knife, keep your limbs together even you falling and move. The other Vladimir’s knife works with me still shocking my mind and I was pleasantly surprised and glad that I discovered it. I was attacking him with a knife from different positions standing, sitting, laying down and Vladimir in one case patiently moved and waited for the stub in anther case, he pock or stab right the way. After this one stub, I found my body, arm did not really want to continue confrontation, it wants to lay down or step away without next attack. I discovered that Vladimir watched me and my arm muscles and he uses one stab into my arm or shoulder, where he sees most tension. I felt that this one stub to tension completely relaxed my body through a sharp pain and I did not have any wish to continue any confrontation. Well, I just learned the quick way out from knife fight without leaving other person dead or bleeding to death. I always keep in my mind the old Russian (SOU) saying:”Better ten wounded than one dead”. It fit this work precisely. I am still processing the second half of the seminar, but the memory of the warm ups push up on the human body, which laying down, standing or trying to stand under your body weight and the fist, are still fresh. There were excellent body preparation for the strikes and guys you should try it in your classes, you will feel great. I would recall more and put my thoughts together later as second half was rough for me as Vladimir used me for the different punches effect demonstration, where he first explained what would happen with a body when he hits it on the such way, than he strikes me and everybody was observing what happening with me, while I was trying to recover through the pain with the breathing and the pray. The more scary and more amazing for me were invisible strikes, when Vladimir were striking me on the move and ether his shoulders or hands and fists did not show any aggression or power, but the they sudden created such sharp pain and surprise as I was asking my believes: “ How this can happen?” I survived though it , using core principle of Systema-Relaxation, Breathing, keeping the Form and Moving (sometimes not really in the right direction, but still moving) and after I analyzed and understood what Vladimir opened us on Austin seminar, I am happy to share with all Systema community. Indeed, I would like to thank you Vladimir and his family and all seminar participants with whom I worked out those days. I am grateful to Vladimir for opening new treasure boxes of Systema and forcing to understand us more deep aspects behind it. Thank you very much to Gene, Jonathan Fabian and my friend Rick for organizing this event and their hospitality in Austin Texas. If anybody has any questions, do not hesitate contact me: or 480-650-5012(cell)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2009-02-27 01:55:37
Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Austin - Texas ( by Daniel, 208 words )

The Seminar changed about 90% of what I previously believed about knife fighting, in a very commonsensical manner with a deep non bias explanation of why certain Systema concepts out way the more contemporary rigid and predictable forms. Vlad's humor made it impossible not to pay attention or become distracted to the material covered. I believe he personally spoke to and coached at least half a dozen times one on one to each individual in a room that looked like it had a minimum of one hundred people. In addition to the main instruction, the seminar was dispersed with many other instructors, each with their own suggestions for personal growth. The learning environment presented made every participant one, from the most experienced Systema Practitioner, down to individuals from other styles who have previously never been exposed to any Russian Martial Arts. I heard this same comment from many people, that you really couldn't pick out who had never taken a Systema class. I believe this strongly reflects Vlad's teaching skill, that he can draw a 100% foreign concept to some and have them up to speed participating in a drill in no time. Overall this was a very positive experience, and I look forward to attending more seminars in the future.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2009-03-01 19:32:45
Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Austin - Texas ( by David Versaw, 390 words )

There is so much to say about the Austin Seminar, I don’t know how to begin, or how to keep it short. I could go on and on. First, I would like to thank Vladimir for coming to Austin and sharing so much with us. Second, I would like to thank Gene, Jonathan, and everybody I have worked with in their training group, who have been patient and welcomed me with open arms into Systema. Third, thanks to all the people I met, and worked with me that came from miles away. What a wonderful and amazing event. It is one thing to watch the training DVD’s, and quite another to actually participate, and drill with Vladimir and an amazing group of people. The things I learned and experienced, I don’t think I will ever forget. I won’t give a play by play of the experience, and what I went through personally. Mentally, physically and spiritually. I encourage everyone interested in Systema to attend a seminar and experience the event for them, for I believe it is a unique experience for each individual that will begin a change in each person who attends, and has the pleasure of getting some “hands on” from Vladimir. Speaking of “hands on”, I have trained in an Okinawa “hard style” of Karate for 13 years, and have been the Bulletman for Self Defense classes in Austin for the last 9 years. I thought I have felt it all. Broken bones, knocked out, choked out and then some. However, I have never known what it would feel like to get hit with a sledge hammer, a big one, full force, till Vladimir hit me. What I couldn’t get over, is what happened to me afterwards. I thought I would be out on the ground, either seeing stars, or unconscious. Instead, despite the tremendous force of the strikes, I found myself laughing uncontrollably, with tears in my eyes, and tremendous sensations of heat in my arms. Later, I remember thinking, the heck happened to me? There is so much more, and I learned so much. I hope Vladimir comes back to Austin. A truly wonderful and educational experience into myself and martial arts. Thank you so much. Dave (

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2009-03-03 23:39:17
Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Austin - Texas ( by Denne Reed, 44 words )

This was my first exposure to Systema and I was impressed. Vladimir is both personable, and exceptionally talented. The quality of training and the interaction with others in the seminar was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2009-03-13 16:31:25
Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Austin - Texas ( by Vioina Rindova, 169 words )

I went to the seminar having taken two systema classes and having heard a lot about it from fellow-aikidoka. What I experienced at the seminar surpassed ALL of my expectations and ALL of the descriptions I have heard. Vladimir's teaching and demonstrations were the perfect blend of serious and fun, intense and light-hearted. The atmosphere of honest, sincere and supportive training was inspiring. One of the high points of the seminar for me was a breathing drill, in which Vladimir demonstrated how the breath can make the body light. It was very simple, and awesome, to experience that the "reality" of the body is not fixed. Another one was to "throw a punch" at Vladimir and feel a sense of disappearing in a light void. After the seminar I was convinced about the vast possibilities of systema training and have since started practicing systema regularly. I can't wait for the next opportunity to make it to Vlad's seminar. I hope that the Austin seminar will become an annual event!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2009-03-15 18:20:32
Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Austin - Texas ( by Ricky Johnston, 325 words )

Systema changes you. Every seminar, every class, every moment….. it works on you like river water over a stone. It takes a while to process all that I get out of a seminar. Every time that I attend any sort of Systema training my nervous system is radically effected. These changes come out in a variety of ways. For instance, when sitting in traffic it is not truly necessary to clench your ass cheeks. Nor is it necessary to have preplanned responses to people or common situations in our lives. At this seminar I got my very first taste of a feeling that I have never experienced before….. humility. I had thought that I knew what humility was but I have had it confused with another emotion……self-hatred. Systema, for me, is about life. Don’t get me wrong, the martial part of the training was exceptional: Yuri’s warm-up class, the knife training and striking, it all enhanced my over all ability to kick some ass. But the first fight, the very first thing that anyone needs in any conflict of any sort, is to have your head in the right place. To quote Tony Robins, “If you face one opponent but doubt yourself, you are out-numbered.” There are a lot of really tough guys that train in the Russian martial art, far tougher than me. I would like to be tougher. But more than that, I would like to be kinder; I would like to be a better friend. I would like to be a butterfly to a flower and a hammer to a nail. Because no matter how tough I am, someday, someway, I am going to die: and between now and then I would just like to be a good person. Humility used to be synonymous with defeat. Now it seems like its own unique experience. Thank you Vladimir, the Austin Systema crew and everyone that attended the seminar. Y’all are some bad-ass mofos.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2009-03-08 20:00:30
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