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2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Alberto Nacif, 250 words )

Wow, what a week! This seminar brought together not only the three top Systema masters in the world (Mikhail Ryabko, Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Komarov), but some of the top instructors certifed by these masters. The Systema masters (as always) were surprisingly accessible and selfless in their availability to answer questions and spend time explaining and demonstrating finer points. The certified instructors were friendly and engaging, also helpful in the work of those just starting out or requiring more explanation. The facilities were picturesque with excellent staff and service, but more importantly, the grounds, forest setting and beaches just perfect for the work we did. It was interesting to note the differences in the Masters' styles of teaching: Konstantin like a college professor, with a strong psychological slant, useful in developing self and environmental awareness; Mikhail with his depth of knowledge and wisdom, incredible economy of motion and "gentle" power; Vladimir with his child-like creativity and humor, rugged work ethic and deep understanding of the concepts and application of Systema. A lot of new concepts were covered, and a deeper understanding of basics made this camp a treasured experience. I would strongly recommend return visits, or if one is starting out for the first time, just sign up and come to the camp! Only one sugestion would be to have a beginner's class on the first day. This way concepts (Breathing, Relaxation, Posture/Form, Movement) could be covered didactically, then followed by demonstrations.

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Date Added: 2010-08-22 08:47:55
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Cash Nickerson, 263 words )

I didn't think 2010 Summit of Masters could be better than 2008, but it was. I especially liked the internal focus. My top ten Summit of Masters 2010 takeaways: 1. I have gotten in touch with what Constantine describes as the "action state" or "working state" and now look for ways to get into it, 2. for as incredibly strong as Mikhail is his real focus is on precision - I found it in my notes at least 10 times a day, 3. if you are not in touch with how you feel, forget about trying to sense anyone else, 4. the ultimate relaxation and readiiness seems to come out most when it is like "play", 5. moving and breathing are inseparable twins, 6. disrupt your breathing and you disrupt your motion, 7. disrupt your motion and you disrupt your breathing, 8. disrupt either and you are going to get hurt, 9. awareness is a trainable skill and exercises need to be frequent - especially in the dark, 10. when in doubt or need of the action state or making sure your form is right or your fist is right, there is nothing better than pushups - and as Vlad says when we groan about more pushups, "Guys, we love pushups" and we do. Thank you Mikhail, Vlad, Constantin, Valerie, Kwan, big Sergey and all the other instructors that helped me have again one of the most amazing weeks in my life. Cash Nickerson, now Instructor in Training and devotee of Systema. See you in Cancun, God willing.

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Date Added: 2010-09-01 16:32:38
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Kalvin Smith, 140 words )

Well WOW what an amazing week! I'm still reeling from the insights and realizations that were invoked during the summit. Before leaving Australia I had already decided upon a number of areas in which I wanted to work, fear and self mastery were among them. I must admit to getting more then I bargained for, the summit did push me. I found the work around development of the psyche particularly interesting and will definitely pursue further training and development in this area. BREATH. Definitely an area in which I'll be doing alot of work. Huge thanks, love and respect to everyone who attended and worked to make the summit the success that it was. I have already been approached by a number of acquaintances who are keen to join me at the next summit. Peace, love and good health. Kalvin

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Date Added: 2010-08-31 20:33:43
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Glenn Murphy, 413 words )

After the last, superb Immersion Camp in 2008, I couldn't wait to return for more work, fun, camaraderie, and top-quality training under Vladimir and Konstantin. This year's Summit of Masters - with Mikhail Ryabko also taking the reins - did not disappoint. Rather than dabble and dip into different areas of training, this intense seminar - we were told from the beginning - was focused on one primary goal. This was understanding, feeling and achieving "the State" - the precise physiological and psychological state required for effective Systema work. Of course, far more was also offered and learned. As usual, the training was deep and affecting, and will take most of us many weeks and months to unpack. But this central goal of feeling the State (and how to snap into it in practice) was, for me, the invaluable gem to be brought home. With many newcomers in attendance, the pace started out slow - working on proper breathing and calm, relaxed movement during takedowns. But by day three, it had all shifted up a gear. Every morning, Vlad and Konstantin led breathwork with exercise, each day adding a new element. While the walking, running and exercise patterns varied, every day physically reiterated the goal of assessing your internal state before, during and after work. By day, we worked on precise and subtle movement - whether with knife, with stick, and unarmed. By night, Konstantin helped us to explore new depths of understanding, having us feel and use The State in practical application. For me, these sessions marked a breakthrough. This type of training effectively linked the internal, self-directed "sensitivity and relaxation work" (for want of a better term) of Systema with the external perception of tension and movement. It opened a door in my head, and revealed a path toward the mastery of truly subtle, efficient and appropriate movement. Although I've only just begun to explore this new world, I'm hugely grateful to have been shown the path, and I have a renewed purpose in training and teaching Systema. And that, I guess, is the mark of a 5-star seminar! Thank you to the Masters, to Valerie, to Max (for the superb weekend of pre-summit training at the RMA HQ), and to everybody else who made this Summit possible. And a special thanks to the Knights of Knightsbridge - I had enough laughs in one week to last a year. But let's hope it's not that long before we're all training (and laughing) together again.

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Date Added: 2010-09-22 18:19:08
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Sergey Makarenko, 309 words )

Google search‘2010 Summit, Huntsville, Ontario’ comes with 36th G8 Summit with no reference to Summit of Masters occurred couple months after G8 getaway just across mesmerizing Fairy Lake. G8 Summit was secured by over 30,000 well armed protectors. 140 participants of the 2010 Summit of Masters had training knives, military shovels & three men whose presence made that summer week more memorable than any globalization festivity. 2010 for me was fifth altogether & forth one in Swallowdale camp. Every single lesson & memory of each event is precious & unforgettable. After every camp an effort to summarize flow of experiences into a sharable format took couple months of processing. No longer I try to determine what really stands out – immense amount of incredible knowledge, stream of jaw dropping demonstrations, rare opportunity of round clock outdoor training, bulls eye pointers & instructions, unforgettable camaraderie, or inescapable fragrance of T-shirt nearly dried from sweat, rain, dew & lake water. All of it & more is now undividable treasury of perpetual inspiration. Saying that work & instructions delivered & demonstrated by Mikhail, Vladimir & Konstantin are truly unique & rare does not even begin to describe this event which crediting Konstantin I will remember as one devoted to the STATE – condition of minimum tension & maximum effectiveness. HUGE subject was the camp’s focal training point covered from numerous angles & with multiple illustrations so masterfully & generously offered by Masters. I can’t now imagine how flat & rudimentary my experience would be if Systema was not part of it. Not one camp, seminar or even practice did not lay another brick into what I today am, can do or share. Don’t know about G8 Summit players but my friends ended up with prosperous, powerful & unforgettable memories of this summer. Word of advise for those who missed this opportunity – DON’T DO IT AGAN!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2010-10-13 16:43:03
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Arend Dubbelboer, 83 words )

For me this summit was really one of the best summits of all I been to. Really still amazed, even now (3 months later), feeling gratitute, humility, what a learing experience. Mikhail was amazing, the demo's, exercises and .... (so much more) WOW. The work with Constantine and Vladimir, so good, the 3 masters work really good together. This summit gave so me so much on many levels, I learned so much. You had to be there it is not explained in words alone. Arend

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Date Added: 2010-11-22 03:09:14
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by S, 55 words )

I attended this event a few years ago and find that I still utilize the concepts that were presented by Mr. Vasiliev and Mr. Komarov. As a sport focused martial artist I wanted to learn more about defense against weapons. The approach that good Systema instructors present is very effective to learn valuable skills quickly.

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Date Added: 2015-02-10 09:47:17
Vladimir Vasiliev Seminar in Denmark ( by Witold Rajchert, 119 words )

I practise Systema in Poland from April 2008 and it was my first Systema seminar. It was an excelent possibility to touch the Teachers. One thing is to watch DVDs, another one is to train with Them, ask help, ask explanations. It was also possibility to meat other martial arts students (not only Systema, there were people doing karate, kung fu, tai chi chuan, capoeira, aikido, etc.), we could all exchange our thoughts. The most interesting thing is the simplicity of Systema foundations. It is wonderful to speak with someone who trains for example chinese m. arts saying: "Wow, that was a wonderful experience, I discoverd so many things...". Thank you Mikhail, thank you Valdimir and thank you Morten.

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Date Added: 2008-11-22 17:24:41
Vladimir Vasiliev Seminar in Denmark ( by Fabio Pedrazzoli, 183 words )

First I would like to really say thank you to you and Mikhail for the very good experience at Scandinavian Summit in Esbjerg, as I told you, it was the first time for me to get in contact with Systema and I really appreciated the "humble" human climate that I felt, the true spirit of research and the effectiveness of the fighting system I found there. I love martial arts and I'm practicing from more or less 10 years, in the beginning I startend with Aikido, then after 2 years, around 2001 I moved to Traditional WingChun and actually I'm still practicing it, adding Chen Shi Taijiquan and QiGong since 2004. In Esbjerg we were many people coming from many difference martial arts backgrounds and different countries but starting from the beginning "I breathed in the air" a really sense of friendness with almost all the people there. On the way back I also felt myself full of a lot of energy, that kind of "iron inside and cotton outside energy" derived from relaxation and today I'm still carrying it a lot on my body/mind :)

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Date Added: 2008-11-25 18:27:21
Vladimir Vasiliev Seminar in Denmark ( by Sam Lee, 238 words )!/profile.php?id=721368065

Just want to thank Vladimir and Morten Danielson for the recent seminar in Denmark. Morten is a great host, Esbjerg is a great place to train and stay. I stayed in the training hall without a problem and it was a very positive and friendly atmosphere. Vlad is a true martial arts master and good teacher, he is also very friendly and humble. To be honest the way I look martial arts and aspects of my training and indeed life has changed through the instruction of Vlad and indeed my instructor Mark Winkler. I have noticed how my body is affected through fear, tension and stress and through systema I have learnt to relax and be more emotionless in certain situations from getting thrown in jiu jitsu to occasional anger while driving a car. Systema has made me a better person and martial artist, I wish I could train systema every day. The great thing about systema is that students can explore themselves emotionally and phisically. With systema I can explore my own style and I'm not confined to structured techniques that must be done in a certain way. Traditional martial arts confine your spirit as you progress, but systema lets you explore and find things out for yourself and if you have a good instructor he will guide you and not dominate your technique like a traditional instructor. Thanks to Mikhail, Vlad and Mark for introducing me to the system.

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Date Added: 2010-05-16 09:10:48
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