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2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Ricky Johnston, 89 words )

This was incredible training. Everything was done so incrementally that it allowed everyone that I talked to to really push their personal limits. Vladimir and Konstantin really gave a lot of their time and energy as did so many of the participants that I got to train with. I especially enjoyed the night training in the woods and the drills designed to develop "intuitive mind." I would also like to give a special thank-you to whoever carried me back to my cabin after the vodka toast on Friday night.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2008-09-03 16:05:49
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Sergey Makarenko, 524 words )

Fortunately familiarity with terrain & routine gained by two previous camps did not prevent me from being surprised. AGAIN! A LOT! First I was surprised to find myself envying first time campers. Upon buses arrival moist forest air got saturated with electrifying anticipation & mixed with gentle aromas of welcome vodka - rye bread. Incredible views of the lake front training grounds enhanced the flavor of forthcoming adventure. Second surprise - immediately after arrival crunch we were treated with three hours of solo work on breathing & all associated huffing-puffing under perfectly timed Vladimir’s directions. Somehow he never fails to intensify exhaustion, recovery & self discovery to a point of an intimate revelation. Number of struggling bodies was proven to be irrelevant – everyone receives fair share of attention & encouragement. The theme of the camp turned out to be not a shower of various topics but consistent dripping into a target area. I would rename the camp to ‘Immersion Po Precision’ - precision of force application & adequate response. Non stop rotation of tools, partners & environments emphasized universal applicability & significance of the selected subject. Precision of targeting tension Vladimir demonstrated with the stick was breathtaking. Sequence of soft, minute manipulation & Arend’s fluid mobility is wrapped around a piece of dead lumber. Surprisingly self liberating from of five feet long half a pound stick suddenly became challenging. Surgically appropriate & inspiring Konstantin’s directions where enforcing Vladimir’s drive to further exploration of what seemed to be narrow subject. Hand, fist, foot, knife, stick, shovel – irrelevancy of an applied tool was getting more obvious when intensity was progressing from touch & push to strike & random attacks. Surprises were rolling. Mark’s Taj Mahal was not the biggest one in a tent village, but unfolded package of a shade gazebo, lounge chairs, BBQ pit & personal helipad was noticeable. I doubt that rumor about plasma TV & local belly dancers delivering beverages was accurate – more likely Bill & Marc get better with exotic dances… Regretfully I’ve found myself on that fiesta island only once - after depositing fallen comrade on Friday night. Every work segment was concluded with elements of rejuvenation – energizing by hand, relaxation by shovel, ‘humilitization’ by fist, etc. Applicability of healing, psychological & sensory influences was passed like a beach ball from Vladimir’s demonstration to Konstantin’s instructions. Curiously how calmness of ‘operator’ was critical to deliver appropriate message to a ‘receiver’ & how shovel serves a shield of negative energy backflow. Needless to say a hundred bodies sharing dust, sand, dirt, sweat & marvelous water fights was unforgettable. Once again night work caused only emotional trauma to those who’ve failed to detect an ambush & final body & body parts count confirmed no losses. It was great to roll with old friends & meet new ones. Genuine thirst of self exploration once again brought together great folks who would never meet outside of Systema. It was a privilege to share that great week with my extraordinary comrades & I extend deepest gratitude to Vladimir, Valerie & Konstantin for making it all possible, enjoyable & unforgettable.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2008-09-09 15:11:08
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Cash Nickerson, 286 words )

Five days of life changing training (physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually) that I will never forget. Some highlights include: 1) increased awareness of people and environment 2) changing the habits of breathing 3) changing daily routine to ensure maximum exercise and healthy living 4) learning to move easily and fluidly 5) keeping your form while moving - on your knees on the ground 6) taking in the sounds, smells, sights, feeling and sometimes when rolling away from a stick, tasting the earth 7) doing more pushups, situps, squats and leg raises than you thought possible 8) learning that getting hit and being hit is not something to be feared but to be almost welcomed 9) learning to strike and fight in a relaxed format 9) learning to detect the intention of others 10) learning to love the dark 11) not fearing drowning 12) learning the value and role of a training partner and the trust that goes with it 13) learning you can live without diet coke 14) meeting 109 of the most fascinating and diverse people from all walks of life and all over this great planet of ours 15) listening upon your return to everyone telling you how different you look, walk, talk and act 16) knowing that each day you discover some new thing you learned that is in your subconscious and now makes itself known... And finally, Having the most unlikely conversation with Vladmir the Russian Orthodox Priest regarding the movie Deerhunter, a favorite of his and mine - he had been to the church in Cleveland where a large portion was filmed I am sure I will have more "discoveries" over the coming months Thanks Vlad, Konstantin, Valerie, Kuan, Big Sergey, Alex and all Cash

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 2008-09-06 12:24:11
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Glenn Murphy, 221 words )

Profound, life-changing, spectacular...after a few reviews, you can see the pattern forming here. Having attended Vladimir's seminars before, I expected world-class instruction and training opportunities. But I could never have expected what I got from this experience, nor can I adequately put it into words or do it justice even now. For six days straight, we weren't just trained - we were tested and forged, physically, mentally and spiritually. Water, weapons, forest, darkness, strikes, grapples, ground attacks and mass attacks - all were used to make us more aware of our own fears and limitations. And with Vlad and Konstantin's expert guidance, we continually worked through our tensions, stretched our limits, and learned more about ourselves than perhaps we ever thought possible in such a short time. And all of it in an atmosphere of pure joy and friendship, in the most beautiful of natural settings. I can honestly say I returned from the Immersion Camp humbled, but also a stronger and happier person, with a new outlook on life, health and the deep benefits of "knowing yourself". This is not a gushing overstatement. This is truth. I would like to thank Vlad, Konstantin, Valerie, everyone who made this event possible, and everyone who helped me work and learn so much during that week. (Cheers Mark, especially - I'm, breathing normally these days!) Glenn

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Date Added: 2008-09-15 11:50:49
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Guilherme Eduardo Stamato "GAFA", 93 words )

Hi! After almost a month of the seminar, i´m still trying to digest all the information, insights and exercises from that amazing week. Till now i´m still remembering and undestanding what we trainned. It´s been much easier to understand so may things that i´ve been practising for so long!!! Many thanks to everybody that was there. Special thanks to Vladimir for all the information. So many new friends from the week, that´s hard to list every one in here, but i´m very glad to be part of this new family!! Gafa -from Brazil

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Date Added: 2008-09-21 07:49:17
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Sergei Maslikhov, 546 words )

I have been practicing hand to hand combat for more than 20 years. I started out with the Judo Junior Olympic Team then trained with Russian Airborne troops, Russian and Israeli Recon groups. With this experience, I thought I had accomplished something in the hand to hand combat field, but when I met Vladimir and he introduced me to Systema, I understood I knew very little. Vladimir changed my life 180 degrees! The major elements that Vladimir has taught me is 1) being a good man, 2) the objective is not to win but survive. Since training with Vladimir, I have a deeper understanding of my mental and physical being, as well as about people and life in general. This summer 2008 I attended for the first time Vladimir's summer camp in Canada, which gave me the opportunity to spend more time with Vladimir and Konstantin Komarov. I was amazed by how much these two people, in this short period of time, were able to assist all attendees on a professional and human level. I met a lot of people from all over the world and everyone's description of these two masters was strictly positive and warm. Vladimir and Konstantin were more than just instructors, they were your friends, who were always available to give you help and advice when needed. I learned a great deal during these few days... psychological, physical, tactical, weapons and so on. Not only did they give me invaluable information about myself as a person in these five days, but I receive immeasurable information as an instructor than any other boot camps that I trained for months. I have never in my life, experienced the level of survival psychological training by Vladimir and Konstantin, both at night in the woods and in the water. Due to the realistic setting, you felt the results immediately. After this training, I felt mentally and physically prepared to survive anywhere. The level of intensity during the camp -- 3 training sessions per day -- allowed me to see the improvement in not only myself but the other attendees as well in such a short period of time. Normally you might have to spend at least 3 months to achieve such results. There was never any aggression amongst the group. The level of maturity and patience was overwhelming, which speaks to the level of professionalism of Vladimir and Konstantin. I can only image where I will be after a year of such training! Words cannot sufficiently describe the experience, on an emotional, mental and physical level. You can't get it in a video or on a cd, you truly have to be there! The only sadness I have is that five days was far too short. I wish I could have spent the whole summer! Although it has been four months since the camp, I feel that everything I learned, is still fresh as if I just learned it yesterday. I can't wait to get back soon. Big thanks to Vladimir and Konstantin for their wisdom and knowledge. Special thanks to Valerie Vasiliev and the entire group for their amazing assistance and organization throughout my five days there. I truly felt at home. With respect, Sergei Maslikhov Systema - Polygon Elite

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Date Added: 2008-12-13 14:06:56
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Alberto Nacif, 250 words )

Wow, what a week! This seminar brought together not only the three top Systema masters in the world (Mikhail Ryabko, Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Komarov), but some of the top instructors certifed by these masters. The Systema masters (as always) were surprisingly accessible and selfless in their availability to answer questions and spend time explaining and demonstrating finer points. The certified instructors were friendly and engaging, also helpful in the work of those just starting out or requiring more explanation. The facilities were picturesque with excellent staff and service, but more importantly, the grounds, forest setting and beaches just perfect for the work we did. It was interesting to note the differences in the Masters' styles of teaching: Konstantin like a college professor, with a strong psychological slant, useful in developing self and environmental awareness; Mikhail with his depth of knowledge and wisdom, incredible economy of motion and "gentle" power; Vladimir with his child-like creativity and humor, rugged work ethic and deep understanding of the concepts and application of Systema. A lot of new concepts were covered, and a deeper understanding of basics made this camp a treasured experience. I would strongly recommend return visits, or if one is starting out for the first time, just sign up and come to the camp! Only one sugestion would be to have a beginner's class on the first day. This way concepts (Breathing, Relaxation, Posture/Form, Movement) could be covered didactically, then followed by demonstrations.

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Date Added: 2010-08-22 08:47:55
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Cash Nickerson, 263 words )

I didn't think 2010 Summit of Masters could be better than 2008, but it was. I especially liked the internal focus. My top ten Summit of Masters 2010 takeaways: 1. I have gotten in touch with what Constantine describes as the "action state" or "working state" and now look for ways to get into it, 2. for as incredibly strong as Mikhail is his real focus is on precision - I found it in my notes at least 10 times a day, 3. if you are not in touch with how you feel, forget about trying to sense anyone else, 4. the ultimate relaxation and readiiness seems to come out most when it is like "play", 5. moving and breathing are inseparable twins, 6. disrupt your breathing and you disrupt your motion, 7. disrupt your motion and you disrupt your breathing, 8. disrupt either and you are going to get hurt, 9. awareness is a trainable skill and exercises need to be frequent - especially in the dark, 10. when in doubt or need of the action state or making sure your form is right or your fist is right, there is nothing better than pushups - and as Vlad says when we groan about more pushups, "Guys, we love pushups" and we do. Thank you Mikhail, Vlad, Constantin, Valerie, Kwan, big Sergey and all the other instructors that helped me have again one of the most amazing weeks in my life. Cash Nickerson, now Instructor in Training and devotee of Systema. See you in Cancun, God willing.

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Date Added: 2010-09-01 16:32:38
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Kalvin Smith, 140 words )

Well WOW what an amazing week! I'm still reeling from the insights and realizations that were invoked during the summit. Before leaving Australia I had already decided upon a number of areas in which I wanted to work, fear and self mastery were among them. I must admit to getting more then I bargained for, the summit did push me. I found the work around development of the psyche particularly interesting and will definitely pursue further training and development in this area. BREATH. Definitely an area in which I'll be doing alot of work. Huge thanks, love and respect to everyone who attended and worked to make the summit the success that it was. I have already been approached by a number of acquaintances who are keen to join me at the next summit. Peace, love and good health. Kalvin

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Date Added: 2010-08-31 20:33:43
2010 SUMMIT OF MASTERS ( by Glenn Murphy, 413 words )

After the last, superb Immersion Camp in 2008, I couldn't wait to return for more work, fun, camaraderie, and top-quality training under Vladimir and Konstantin. This year's Summit of Masters - with Mikhail Ryabko also taking the reins - did not disappoint. Rather than dabble and dip into different areas of training, this intense seminar - we were told from the beginning - was focused on one primary goal. This was understanding, feeling and achieving "the State" - the precise physiological and psychological state required for effective Systema work. Of course, far more was also offered and learned. As usual, the training was deep and affecting, and will take most of us many weeks and months to unpack. But this central goal of feeling the State (and how to snap into it in practice) was, for me, the invaluable gem to be brought home. With many newcomers in attendance, the pace started out slow - working on proper breathing and calm, relaxed movement during takedowns. But by day three, it had all shifted up a gear. Every morning, Vlad and Konstantin led breathwork with exercise, each day adding a new element. While the walking, running and exercise patterns varied, every day physically reiterated the goal of assessing your internal state before, during and after work. By day, we worked on precise and subtle movement - whether with knife, with stick, and unarmed. By night, Konstantin helped us to explore new depths of understanding, having us feel and use The State in practical application. For me, these sessions marked a breakthrough. This type of training effectively linked the internal, self-directed "sensitivity and relaxation work" (for want of a better term) of Systema with the external perception of tension and movement. It opened a door in my head, and revealed a path toward the mastery of truly subtle, efficient and appropriate movement. Although I've only just begun to explore this new world, I'm hugely grateful to have been shown the path, and I have a renewed purpose in training and teaching Systema. And that, I guess, is the mark of a 5-star seminar! Thank you to the Masters, to Valerie, to Max (for the superb weekend of pre-summit training at the RMA HQ), and to everybody else who made this Summit possible. And a special thanks to the Knights of Knightsbridge - I had enough laughs in one week to last a year. But let's hope it's not that long before we're all training (and laughing) together again.

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Date Added: 2010-09-22 18:19:08
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