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Russian Martial Art Seminar in Longmont, Colorado ( by Thongn, 167 words )

Once again, it was another amazing Vlad seminar put on by the most hospitable folks of Longmont courtesy of Brad, Karla and crew. The hotel we got was great. Food, snacks and water was plaentiful for all attendees. The focus was on sparring, striking, evasion, multiple attackers and knife work. The work was perfectly geared towards beginners and advanced alike. Vlad took unusual care to prepare the body for striking by taking an entire day on Sat showing us drills to absorb and disperse the strikes. Everyone felt so energized by it and were eagerly awaiting the folowing day when we could safely develop into deeper and faster striking. It was a pleasure to meet new folks and everyone had a marvelous time. Special thanks to Martin and Al Mcluckie for opening up Friday with some amazing knife and stick work. All together a seminar that couldn't be missed. Catch the next one in May in Toronto as Vlad will continue building on this work. Best, Thong

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Date Added: 2007-03-13 18:23:02
Russian Martial Art Seminar in Longmont, Colorado ( by joshua meyer, 76 words )

The longmont seminar was great. Vladimir's personal touch gave everyone an experience to remember. The simple approach and explination of concepts allowed individuals of all levels and backgrounds to avidly engage in live contact, rather than being separated. I greatly enjoyed this seminar and look forward to all to come. And I personaly thank Vladimir for all his hard work and dedication, allowing this to be a great seminar. ENJOY HITTING PEOPLE

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Date Added: 2007-03-16 00:10:03
Russian Martial Art Seminar in Longmont, Colorado ( by Nick Kiritz, 129 words )

I'm a newcomer to Systema (about 6 mos.) and this was my first experience of Vlad. I was blown away by his teaching and his wonderful presence as well as the helpfulness of all the attendees. I have been to seminars with both Martin and Kevin, and they were great, but Vlad is clearly a show-stopper. I found the knife defense work particularly exciting. Really, though, I spent most of the time just absorbing Vlad presence and trying to get a feel for how he moves with such relaxation, balance and power. What an experience. I will definitely be going to Toronto in May to catch him again. Thanks to Martin and Al for a great Friday night class, and Brad and the rest for being wornderful hosts! Cheers!-Nick

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Date Added: 2007-03-15 09:27:11
Russian Martial Art Seminar in Longmont, Colorado ( by Mark Jakabcsin, 559 words )

FWIW, I have to disagree with Charles on the order of teaching. I have attended seminars with the heavy striking on the first day like this one and seminars with the striking on second day. From my perspective it doesn't make a difference, learning to accept life as it comes instead of how we wish it to be is more productive. I also disagree that it would help students to learn more with the striking on the second day. If anything, it would be the reverse as a good deal of fear was worked out of our bodies the first day. This makes it easier to move the second day, even when sore. But that is just my opinion others can certainly have different views. Charles sorry to hear about your ribs. In your post is sounds like you are blaming the 'overzealuos attendee'. This is neither helpful or healthy. If you choose you can learn much from this experience; if you choose you can make this experience into a negative that will inhibit your healing and retard future learning. The choice is yours, best of luck. As for the seminar Vladimir never stops amazing me. He always has new insights and drills to share. Below are a few random memories from this weekends seminar: - Doing pushups with one hand on our partners face/throat and the other on his body. While I had done the pushups on the body I had not used the face. This drill is good on many levels. - Wrestling after strikes to cleanse the body. We have all been told to do pushups, situps and squats after working on strikes but Vladimir had us wrestle frequently instead. This really seemed to help a great deal as it used the entire body and forced heavy breathing. - Freedom of movement: For me this weekend was like seeing Vladimir again for the first time. While his movement is the same, i.e. exceptional, I felt like I finally saw the freedom part. It is hard to explain but instead of being captivated by the physical movement I finally saw the freedom created by his lack of ego and staying in the moment. It is embarrasing that I was so focused on the physical before but feel this insight will help me to move forward. Thanks. - 'Leaving something behind.' - When avoiding strikes Vladimir showed us how to leave part of us behind to give the attacker something to focus on and allow us to counter attack. - 'Focus on the second motion not the first.' - Vladimir explained that too often we focus on the first incoming strike which leaves us wide open for the second one. Move our bodies to avoid the first but use our hands/arms to work the second motion of the attacker. This is related to leaving something behind. Difficult to explain in words but both insights give me plenty to work on. Brad, Karla and the Colorado Crew did a great job hosting. Martin and Al gave us excellent training Friday night and helped us out during the seminar. Many thanks to each of you and to everyone that attended, your positive attitudes and smiles were greatly appreciated. Where else do you get to 'beat each other to a pulp' and smile and laugh about it. Take care, Mark J.

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Date Added: 2007-03-14 10:21:11
Russian Martial Art Seminar in Longmont, Colorado ( by Rick Ybarra, 81 words )

GREAT SEMINAR! Words cannot describe. Brad & company did a spectacular job in planning event, ensuring all attendees needs were taken care of. Al McLuckie (stick) & Martin Wheeler (knife) Fri evening seminar was a real treat. Vladimir was phenomenal Sat & Sun! I always seem to find measureable improvement in myself after a Vladimir my systema & in my spirit. Vladimir, thank you for sharing your tremendous gifts with us...mind, body & spirit. Rick Ybarra, Arizona

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Date Added: 2007-03-18 15:31:59
Russian Martial Art Seminar in Longmont, Colorado ( by Frank Fileti, 67 words )

What a great time as usual. Vlads teachings were amazing. One of my favorite topics were covered, SPARRING! Really answered alot of questions I had. Great energy from a great group of people. Thanks agian Vlad, and special thanks to Brad and Karla for organizing a weekend I would not trade for anything. Great to see all my friends, old and new! see ya soon. Frankie F

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Date Added: 2007-03-22 19:29:39
Russian Martial Art Seminar in Longmont, Colorado ( by Paul Meyer, 132 words )

The seminar surpassed my greatest expectation. The weather was perfect, the people were friendly, and the topic was phenominal. We started the seminar on a high note with Al and Martin who covered stick and knife work. Over the weekend that high note just kept rising with Vladimir taking us through strikes in such an easy and simple manner it felt like we were playing instead of working. Coming from 1000ft. elevation to 5000+ feet, I was worried that I wouldn't have enough energy to do everything. I simply applied systema breathing and not only did I have enough energy, I had some left over to burn. I would like to thank Brad for putting this seminar together. I would also like to thank Vladimir for a wonderful experience. Thank you both.

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Date Added: 2007-03-22 09:18:54
Russian Martial Art Seminar in Longmont, Colorado ( by David Lassiter, 92 words )

I have been training in Longmont for one year, so I still consider myself a new student to Systema. I had a blast at the seminar. I especially enjoyed working with Yuri Talalaev, Martin Wheeler, and (of course) Vladimir Vasiliev himself. All of the instructors I have met in Systema have been very helpful to me, and I appreciate all of their wonderful advice. The seminar was a perfect opportunity for me to work with new people and, as a result, learn more about Systema. Thanks to everyone who worked with me!

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Date Added: 2007-03-27 21:34:27
Russian Martial Art Seminar in Montreal, Canada ( by Milad Bozorgnia, 133 words )

Once again, Kevin Secours organized a fantastic seminar that featured two Systema greats; Vlad and Matin Wheeler. Both days were absolutely fantastic and the quality of the experience was not only in the instruction and the facilities, but especially in the participants, some of whom came from various other styles and kept a terrifically open mind and trained with great honesty and intensity.Vlad's strike work on the ground re-enforced the concept of continuity of motion and striking while transitioning to the ground. Martin's pearls of wisom were also matched by his graceful demonstrations of rolling and gun/knife disarms. The only thing lacking at this two day event was MORE TIME! My heartfelt thanks Vlad, Martin, Kevin and his awesome students for making this a most awesome and growing experience!

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Date Added: 2007-02-04 13:14:01
THE SUMMIT OF MASTERS 2006 ( by Sergey Makarenko, 459 words )

Somehow reviews of the Systema seminars & associated events may look suspiciously similar sharing expression of excitement, satisfaction & gratification. Such a unified view might strike as screened, orchestrated, self-promoting… It’s not! Second Systema summer camp in Canada was everything I’ve expected & more. The experience of carefully guided & masterfully assisted process of self-exploration that camp participants were fortunate to acquire was very personal & requires serious individual review prior to be shared. Although being back to the usual rhythm & routine I still have a hard time to detach from the passed two weeks of meeting old & making new friends; having my own & their bodies colored with knuckle/foot/knife/whip/shovel/stick/fork/etc. marks; accumulating dirt, sand, grass, wood, insects anywhere within clothing, footwear & body cavities; reverberating cabin’s plywood walls to assure roommates good sleep & their sincere appreciation; etc., etc. Once again an incredible amount of instructional, educational & sensory information was flowing into the conscience while body was fighting, falling, rolling, crawling, swimming & butt naked floating… Picture this: screaming silence of early morning, lukewarm water of the foggy forest lake with a mirror still surface, everything is left far behind ashore & pack of Canadian geese is flying by four feet above the water from & back into the fog… What would your inner voice tell ya?! Although hard to imagine, I can assume there were self-contained players who did not like something at the camp, but without a doubt among + 150 camp participants there was a soul that was not touched by what was happening there. Probably not all experiences of the training can qualify as pleasant – face punch, ribs kick, kidney stab, whip across the back – those unfamiliar with the Systema training details may jump into unnecessary conclusions. Not to worry - despite intense reality training local ambulance was not aware of our existence. Considering what was include into the camp program it is the accomplishment by itself & which must be credited to the camp instructors – Vladimir & Konstantin. Between two of them everyone had a chance to take on as much unique information as one could handle & I can assure you – we didn’t even begin scratching the surface. No expressed or implied questions were left unanswered, nothing was held back & reserved from the students. It was more challenging for the audience to formulate the question than for Vladimir & Konstantin to come up with a perfect answer. It is unfortunate that next summer camp is at least two years away, but learning from the best is still available & next summer we may have an opportunity to find three masters under one roof at the Masters Summit near Niagara Falls. Can’t wait. See you all there. Sergey Makarenko Norcal Systema

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Date Added: 2005-09-05 19:48:58
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