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Breathing and Fear (DVD)
Breathing and Fear (DVD)

  This DVD is not dynamic, the work presented in this material is very deep and powerful, but quite not seen with the eye.
by Lukas Luko, March 19, 2017
It is more about internal movements - our physiology and psychology. I am very fascinated with this kind of stuff. The drills has so many applications. They provide health, relaxation, freedom of movement, emotional stability and mental focus. They ... [read more>>>]

  I highly recommend this DVD.
by Wes Manko, August 30, 2016
Every Systema student should own one. The content is also very valuable to everyone. There are too many people walking around with a lot of stress and this DVD can help them. ... [read more>>>]

  Anyone who has trained with Mikhail Ryabko or Vladimir Vasiliev knows the importance of understanding / using breathing during our work.
by Rob Poyton, July 31, 2016
In fact, the breathing methods of Systema underpin every aspect of the training - and beyond that, every aspect of our lives. There are already some great books and films out detailing breathing basics and how they are linked with exercise, massag... [read more>>>]

  Hard hits, unique movements, dazzling speed and precision are demonstrated throughout the Russian Martial Art DVD library.
by Jason Priest, July 24, 2016
In fact, 10 years ago, I was watching three of Vladimir’s DVDs that I ordered after seeing an ad in Black Belt magazine, that drew me to visit his school and begin training with him. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. The leve... [read more>>>]

  I have attended the last two seminars on this topic and let me tell you, Vladimir was precise on bringing out the fears both psychological and physical.
by Eric Torres, July 23, 2016
I remember one exercise where everyone was asked to find their psychological fear. The entire room felt tense and the mood was so strong you could even feel a change in the temperature of the room! Vladimir then showed us how to bring the tension ... [read more>>>]

システマを極める ストライク!
システマを極める ストライク!

  A martial arts, Systema that has been veiled in mystery is revealed by the tremendous information of this book.
by Yoshiki Kuraoka, March 21, 2016
Readers will be surprised at the depth of knowledge of the contents, which covers everything we need to know about strikes. This book is not just on the surface, but it is like a life-long textbook you want to read again and again.... [read more>>>]

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