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STRIKES: Soul Meets Body
STRIKES: Soul Meets Body

  The principles taught in Systema have made me a better person.
by Jason Weil, February 06, 2017
I no longer see opponents as someone to fight with, but rather as friends to help.... [read more>>>]

  An unbelievable book.
by Edsj Edsj, January 23, 2017
Would recommend to anyone. This takes your training to a whole new level with concepts that refocus your mind, body and spirit.... [read more>>>]

  This book was incredible.
by Anne Beardsley, December 02, 2016
I would recommend it to any serious martial artist, simply for the passages on combat mindset alone. I felt like this book kept my eyebrows raised the entire time I read. Sometimes my thought was, "What a brilliant way to put this complex concept... [read more>>>]

  This book is one of those rare treasures that I feel like I will never be done with.
by Timothy D. Raskon, December 02, 2016
I think that even if I only had the drills and information in this one book to practice, I could keep on practicing it for the rest of my life and not run out of deeper layers to discover. I've never actually had the privilege of learning dire... [read more>>>]

  Good book.
by Matthew Denton, September 27, 2016
Fun to read Has lots of information Adds an interesting perspective to how to have power in your strikes... [read more>>>]

  I will never forget the first "light" strike I got from Vladimir and often asked myself how it could produce such an unexpected and amazing effect inside both the body and mind.
by Pascal Verhille, August 26, 2016
Many parts in the book helped me to better understand the process, I was very happy to know more about it. There are so many other deep things to discover and learn in the book, which is perfectly structured. I was also curious to see what was b... [read more>>>]

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