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Breathing and Fear (DVD)
Breathing and Fear (DVD)

  I have attended the last two seminars on this topic and let me tell you, Vladimir was precise on bringing out the fears both psychological and physical.
by Eric Torres, July 23, 2016
I remember one exercise where everyone was asked to find their psychological fear. The entire room felt tense and the mood was so strong you could even feel a change in the temperature of the room! Vladimir then showed us how to bring the tension ... [read more>>>]

システマを極める ストライク!
システマを極める ストライク!

  A martial arts, Systema that has been veiled in mystery is revealed by the tremendous information of this book.
by Yoshiki Kuraoka, March 21, 2016
Readers will be surprised at the depth of knowledge of the contents, which covers everything we need to know about strikes. This book is not just on the surface, but it is like a life-long textbook you want to read again and again.... [read more>>>]

Punches, Kicks, and Multiple Opponents (downloadable)
Punches, Kicks, and Multiple Opponents (downloadable)

  I've been doing martial arts for 20 years.
by Vincent Cardone, February 20, 2016
I really liked the warm-ups in this film. Vladimir always comes up with cool drills.... [read more>>>]

  I have so many downloadables by now.
by Cameron Seamon, February 17, 2016
There is something new in every film, a new angle to Systema. Well done, Vladimir.... [read more>>>]

Striker-Receiver Poster
Striker-Receiver Poster

  There are things that we intuitively understand ourselves, but are not able to express.
by Igor Ponizov, January 18, 2016
This poster lists what is almost on our mind, it gives direction. You can glance on it, pause, and get an inspiration for your training and for the day. It's a chance to start the drills right. ... [read more>>>]

Strikes T-Shirt
Strikes T-Shirt

  What can I say about the new Strikes t-shirt?
by Sacha Villenueve, February 11, 2016
Strikingly beautiful! :)... [read more>>>]

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