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The Praying Hand is Strong (downloadable)
The Praying Hand is Strong (downloadable)

  Ik heb zelf verschillende vechtsporten beoefend en met name Judo.
by Hans Wiemerink, March 26, 2017
Systema heb ik zelf niet beoefend. Maar het heeft mijn interesse gekregen via YouTube. Daar heb ik al veel filmpjes over Systema bekeken. Wat ik mooi vind aan Systema is de “relatieve”eenvoud waarmee je technieken uitvoert. Beheerst en kalmt... [read more>>>]

Polo Shirt
Polo Shirt

  This shirt looks and feels good to have on anywhere: in the office or in the field.
by Dmitry Trufanov, August 14, 2016
It is a great mix of cottons, it will not shrink or wrinkle. What a great purchase!... [read more>>>]

Breathing and Fear (downloadable)
Breathing and Fear (downloadable)

  Great dvd.
by Matthew Denton, August 21, 2016
I really enjoyed the gradient breathing section.... [read more>>>]

  This is a Masterpiece from Vladimir!
by Mike Turk, August 13, 2016
I can recommend every DVD from Vladimir but this one is absolutely amazing. If you are interested in Controlling your Psyche and your fear you need this! I'm Training Martial Arts know for over 20 years but since i started to practice Systema I sta... [read more>>>]

  Amazing dvd.
by Thomas Floyd, July 24, 2016
Vladimir gives great insight on how the human body works! ... [read more>>>]

Breathing and Fear (DVD)
Breathing and Fear (DVD)

  Vladimir is the most humble teacher I have ever seen, and after 20 years training in Shotokan Karate, American Kenpo Karate and Krav Maga, it is profoundly refreshing.
by Damian Bee, January 22, 2018
It has given me a new interest in the martial arts again.... [read more>>>]

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