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Knife Master Class (DVD)
Knife Master Class (DVD)

  We just finished watching Vladimir's newest video, Knife Master Class; what an amazing video!
by Adam & Brendon Zettler, July 13, 2017
This is one of the most needed videos especally in today's world. Vladimir shows and explains how under stress or panic and without the proper training, we will most likely escape into tension and freeze, which can have devastating consequences! Thi... [read more>>>]

  Incredible mastery of knife work and knife defense!
by Yuri Minski, July 11, 2017
This video is not a quick 2min tutorial on "how to defend against a knife"; nor is it a compilation of various "techniques". It is rather a profound review of plethora of aspects that play into something as complicated as defense against knives.... [read more>>>]

  This is the best instructional knife DVD I've seen!
by Kenny Gonzalez, July 03, 2017
!!... [read more>>>]

  The knife is an insanely dangerous weapon.
by Scott Meredith, PhD, June 28, 2017
Facing the knife (or knives), is life and death. Vladimir Vasiliev teaches and demonstrates that when defending against a knife attack, size, strength and technical patterns count little toward your survival. What will bring you through is your ... [read more>>>]

  I really enjoyed the film, it provides a practical and natural way of moving instinctively.
by William Gordon , June 27, 2017
... [read more>>>]

FRAPPES  La rencontre de l’âme et du corps <br>(e-book)
FRAPPES La rencontre de l’âme et du corps

  Je suis très heureux que les deux livres FRAPPES et Que tout ce qui respire sont publiés en Français.
by Rob Trudel, May 23, 2017
Continuez le bon travail !... [read more>>>]

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