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GOLPES: El Alma se Conecta al Cuerpo (e-book)
GOLPES: El Alma se Conecta al Cuerpo (e-book)

  No hay palabras suficientes para explicar el tremendo valor, sustancia y don que nos da Vladimir Vasiliev en su libro GOLPES el alma se conecta al cuerpo.
by Eric Torres, October 18, 2017
Este libro va más allá de lo físico y lo mental. GOLPES es un libro que nos ayuda a abrir nuestros ojos a una nueva forma de golpear y incluso nos da la habilidad de curarnos a nosotros mismos y a un asaltante. GOLPES no se trata solo de pu... [read more>>>]

  Que gran oportunidad para que la comunidad hispana tenga acceso a un libro que contiene toda una vida de conocimiento.
by Kenny Gonzalez, October 18, 2017
¡Un libro que puede transformar tu vida, escrito por un maestro humilde y amable!... [read more>>>]

Knife Master Class (DVD)
Knife Master Class (DVD)

  I have seen the disk and compliment you on this great release.
by Denis Michele, September 11, 2017
It was very nice to see (quality of production) and easy to follow (quality of instruction), plus numerous familiar voices and faces present have gifted me a beautiful evening in a nice company. Thanks a lot from all my heart!... [read more>>>]

  Dealing with a knife isn’t always as perfect as we would like it to be, there is rarely a person lunging directly or showing us their movement, and in reality it can be very difficult to predict how an attack will come.
by Yoni Olin, August 30, 2017
Sometimes attacks can come from different directions, while on the ground, and without even being able to see them. This DVD teaches how to move properly against a knife from any direction or position whether it is seen or not, all while remaining c... [read more>>>]

  I thought this DVD was excellent!
by Matt Hamilton, August 04, 2017
Not only does it have lots of great exercises to learn from, but most importantly, it shows very common mistakes people can make without even knowing. A knife is probably the most dangerous & versatile weapon one can be faced with... We all have ma... [read more>>>]

  Vladimir Vasiliev’s latest DVD, Knife Master Class, expands on the instructive and informative library of System videos with an in depth discussion of the attributes necessary for mastery of the knife in a fight, new and insightful drills and exercises and amazing demonstrations of Vladimir’s application of the work.
by Jason Priest, July 30, 2017
The instruction begins with a specialized “activation drill” to prepare the psyche for work with the knife. This drill immediately demonstrates the fear and tension that comes when faced with a knife. Vladimir then shows how to use breathing ... [read more>>>]

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