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STRIKES: Soul Meets Body
STRIKES: Soul Meets Body

  This book offers extremely practical training insights to any martial artist seeking to polish his skills.
by Student of Systema Osaka, May 20, 2016
However, the most valuable thing of all is to learn about Vladimir's personal development of his powers, how he has had such deep experience and broad exposure in all aspects of martial arts. His depth as a martial artist is what makes his seminar... [read more>>>]

  I keep reading the same first few sections over and over.
by Valerie Walden, May 06, 2016
I am not making progress to the end of the book because there is so much here and yes plainly written, straight forward and compelling. I find I am digesting this on so many layers, it is truly that good. If you do Systema read this. If you are ev... [read more>>>]

  Did you ever wish you could spend hours conversing directly with Vladimir about the fundamentals of Systema, about the many aspects of giving and receiving strikes, including the psychological, spiritual, healing and confidence-building aspects?
by Andrew Cefai, April 20, 2016
Did you ever wish you had the chance to hear Vladimir talk to you about such details as how to form a fist, or hold the arms, or find fullness in your striking, where he would also back it up with clear drills to grow your ability? Thanks to ... [read more>>>]

  STRIKES: Soul Meets Body
by david yemm, March 31, 2016
A life saving book reading material of russian martial art saved my life... [read more>>>]

  Strikes is the perfect learning material to understand what Ryabko/Vasiliev Systema is all about.
by Yvan Cam, March 28, 2016
This is exactly what is so striking about this book. Yes, the subject is how to strike properly and yes, it gives lots of exercises more or less known to improve striking abilities (the one with the glove is really funny by the way) but above all; i... [read more>>>]

  I just finished reading the book.
by Norbert Tannert, Germany, 36 years active police work,, March 23, 2016
I usually don’t comment on anything, but this time, I would like to make a few points and share how I feel. I completely agree that the book isn’t only about strikes, but the topic „strikes“ is used for the description of the fundamental... [read more>>>]

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