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STRIKES: Soul Meets Body
STRIKES: Soul Meets Body

  I have been reading Vlad's new book, "Strikes - Soul Meets Body".
by Jerry C., June 02, 2016
WOW! I can't get through a page without stopping a few times, putting the book down, and allowing some time and thought in order to appreciate and consider the depth of the wisdom and the beauty of what I am reading. During 50 years of martial arts ... [read more>>>]

  I bought a copy of this excellent book from Matt Hill and find it a fantastic source of information to share with my students.
by Tony Rose-Hattrick, May 26, 2016
I have had it for several months and find it an invaluable learning tool written in a very concise way... Full of practical exercises and drills to expand both student and instructors alike. I personally am elated by the book and feel it has expa... [read more>>>]

  Your newest book "Strikes" is wonderful.
by Bill Sarpas, May 25, 2016
I cannot recommend it more highly. Deep, clear, powerful and honest.... [read more>>>]

  I received my copy and it is an EXCELLENT resource!
by Blake LeBlanc, May 22, 2016
Scott and Vladimir did a wonderful job with the text, their attention to detail and the breadth of the content really shines through! I find the writing style to be very accessible. This is an invaluable resource, offering great depth and perspec... [read more>>>]

  This book offers extremely practical training insights to any martial artist seeking to polish his skills.
by Student of Systema Osaka, May 20, 2016
However, the most valuable thing of all is to learn about Vladimir's personal development of his powers, how he has had such deep experience and broad exposure in all aspects of martial arts. His depth as a martial artist is what makes his seminar... [read more>>>]

  I keep reading the same first few sections over and over.
by Valerie Walden, May 06, 2016
I am not making progress to the end of the book because there is so much here and yes plainly written, straight forward and compelling. I find I am digesting this on so many layers, it is truly that good. If you do Systema read this. If you are ev... [read more>>>]

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