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STRIKES: Soul Meets Body
STRIKES: Soul Meets Body

  Personally I learn more from watching and doing more than reading.
by Juan Ascencio, July 25, 2016
However as I've gotten older and wiser (I hope), I have come to value the written word and the priceless information contained in great books by great authors. With STRIKES, it felt like I had the opportunity to train with this great teacher on a... [read more>>>]

  The latest book about Systema “Strikes” is a very interesting and unusual document.
by MaxFox - Police Training Instructor, July 14, 2016
Scott Meredith gave an excellent review on specialized combat training through his documented encounters with famous combat arts specialist, Vladimir Vasiliev. The methods described in this book are very unconventional and go beyond mechanics and te... [read more>>>]

  Just amazing.
by Karl K., July 14, 2016
..and refreshingly different. Quite an amazing manual! Gives a completely different perspective on striking than any other book or video I have seen, and I've been in various martial arts for almost 30 years. There is a depth of understanding here th... [read more>>>]

  A philosophical and complete approach.
by Yoni O., July 14, 2016
The title itself is certainly an understatement, in this book Vladimir Vasiliev and Scott Meredith really shows how deep something as seemingly simple a strike can be. I greatly enjoy the philosophical approach, it really gives a deep understanding ... [read more>>>]

  A wealth of knowledge!
by Pete Rogers, July 14, 2016
Truly a soon to be classic... This book captures so much of the essence of Systema and goes much further than just strikes. It's is a great resource for current Systema students as well as a great view into the system for those new to or unfamilia... [read more>>>]

  MMA Champion Shares.
by Petros Petrakis, July 14, 2016
I really enjoyed this book! I’ve been training at Vladimir Vasiliev’s school in Toronto since 1995 and want to share what it’s like. Systema dates back over 10 centuries, yet it is still cutting edge today. It had a calling on me. I was ... [read more>>>]

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