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Beyond the Physical (downloadable)
Beyond the Physical (downloadable)

  Beyond the Physical (downloadable)
by Sean Law, December 13, 2014
Beyond the Physical video is fantastically well explained and deep.... [read more>>>]

Multiple Attackers (downloadable)
Multiple Attackers (downloadable)

  I appreciate the drills and pointers in the multiple-attackers video, which gives us practical drills that we can work with.
by Sean Law, December 13, 2014
Thank you.... [read more>>>]

  The techniques from Vladimir's films are easy and very effective.
by Stefan Gorgievski , November 27, 2014
Not over complicated but direct and quick. Thank you Vladimir for producing such advanced material. It was a real eye opener. ... [read more>>>]

Systema Manual by Major Komarov
Systema Manual by Major Komarov

  Thank you for the book Systema Manual by Major Konstantin Komarov.
by Leif Wongstedt, October 15, 2014
It must be the best book in the world if you will meet a new life and improve your health. Regards from Sweden.... [read more>>>]

  Thank you Konstantin for turning the light on.
by Alexei Nicolenco, September 27, 2014
With your deep understanding of Systema methodology I am progressing with confidence and am recommending the book to all fellow Systema practitioners in Ireland. I presume the book in Russian is on its way? Thank you!... [read more>>>]

  This is a significant book for anyone studying Systema, or getting started in the process.
by Anthony Lucas, September 19, 2014
What makes this book a must have, is its profound in-depth information. The personal experiences mentioned, gives the validity of this manual its prestige. The information is comprehensible, that can be applied in your work, as well that of your stud... [read more>>>]

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