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Systema Manual by Major Komarov
Systema Manual by Major Komarov

  I just got the Systema Manual today.
by Robert Bezoski, August 22, 2014
What an incredible book. It is fantastic!!! I will be reading and re-reading it. It is one of the coolest and most important Martial Arts book, "Systema Manual".... [read more>>>]

  Reading this book reminds me of Konstantin giving a lecture: a thorough command of the subject matter, well organized chapters with superbly detailed lessons, plus excellent stories which support each bit of information.
by Alberto Nacif, August 19, 2014
Here you have it all: A Systema master, who also has psychology of combat degree, plus he is a master instructor--He really knows how to teach this stuff. I particularly like that he gives instructions of exercises, with some details left to indiv... [read more>>>]

  It is a great honour and privilege to get an advance peek at this monumental, definitive work.
by Scott Meredith, August 08, 2014

  Never before has a book been written that goes into such depth into this ancient martial art.
by Achille Currado, August 08, 2014
Major Komarov provides clear explanations of the concepts of Systema, breaks them down into step by step practice programs, all the while describing real life experiences.... [read more>>>]

Sleek Training Knife
Sleek Training Knife

  With approximately three inches removed from the Classic Training Knife version, the Sleek Training Knife provides opportunities for taking concealment, accessibility and close-quarter precision work to the next level of training.
by Mitchell Boudrot, August 08, 2014
Systema Vasiliev and Merrell produce quality training knives that mirror both psychological & physical realities with regard to appearance, weight, balance and functionality for training - with safety and durability in mind. Outstanding!... [read more>>>]

  I love the new knife!
by Glenn Murphy, July 06, 2014
Excellent handling and weight. It is very realistic and practical for self defence training and easier to carry around. I will definitely use it in my "NC Systema" school.... [read more>>>]

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