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Systema Manual by Major Komarov
Systema Manual by Major Komarov

  Konstantin enabled us to expand the understanding of Systema.
by Dimitri Trufanov, August 29, 2014
He covered so many aspects so clearly outlined and truly dynamic.... [read more>>>]

  Systema Manual, a fantastic book by my friend and colleague, Konstantin Komarov, is precisely what we needed to fill our arsenal of instructional materials.
by Valentin Talanov, August 29, 2014
With such an extensive video collection, numerous international seminars, schools around the world, articles and video clips, this is the first training guide in Systema practice. The missing link! I have known and worked with Konstantin for... [read more>>>]

  It's exactly what I've been looking for.
by Mark Hatfield, August 29, 2014
There is so much in Systema to learn and develop that it can be confusing on how ones time should be spend for the training on your own outside of class. He gives a clear plan for creating your own training programs, exactly what beginners should ... [read more>>>]

  I have seen many martial arts books out there, but the Systema Manual will be an instant classic!
by Robert from Cleveland, August 27, 2014
It has so much information in it, that it is one of those rare books that you read again and again. It should be a required reading for all martial artists, as it instils the human elements and truth of why we train in the martial ways. A fant... [read more>>>]

  This book is awesome, and very helpful.
by David Versaw, August 26, 2014
Major Komarov's detailed explanations and insight, along with his personal chronicles will be of great use, in my own personal training, and every day life. I will be referring back to this book many times!... [read more>>>]

  I love it and haven\'t even read the whole thing yet.
by Borngod Allah, August 24, 2014
I\'ve had it for almost a week b.u.t I keep reading the 1st chapter over and over (3x). I\'m pretty sure it gets better and better b.u.t the little I got from in so far already filled me up. Definitely worth purchasing even if you don\'t practice Sy... [read more>>>]

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