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Army Shovel and Sheath
Army Shovel and Sheath

  This has become my favourite gardening tool.
by Hala P., July 30, 2018
The size does not compromise the efficiency and strength of this tool. I just love it!... [read more>>>]

Dynamics of Ground Work (downloadable)
Dynamics of Ground Work (downloadable)

  With all material, this footage succeeds.
by Baron Quan, May 05, 2018
This is great study material for working the ground. There are some things that really stand out, and among them are the ways that Hoy and Eric both share the details of driving the movement with relaxation and breathing in their profound perspectiv... [read more>>>]

Knife in a Fight with Spanish subtitles (downloadable)
Knife in a Fight with Spanish subtitles (downloadable)

  Acabo de terminar viendo el video institucional de Vladimir Vasiliev.
by Eric Torres, April 22, 2018
.. Realmente fue una experiencia totalmente nueva. Aunque entreno bajo Vladimir constantemente aún así obtener la totalidad de las enseñanzas de cada clase es deficil. Por eso agradezco mucho que existen videos como estos en el cual Vladimir dedic... [read more>>>]

Improvised 2 (downloadable)
Improvised 2 (downloadable)

  As Vladimir Vasiliev’s student for over ten years and an instructor at Systema HQ Toronto, I try to participate in all Systema seminars and camps.
by Ivan Butsan, April 17, 2018
IMPROVISED 2 (IW2) is based on one such seminar held in 2016. Back then, I took a bunch of notes and wanted to compare them with the video. My impression – it covered, in great detail, everything I had noted and some more, so watching it was an ex... [read more>>>]

  This video is brilliant!
by Steven Moore, April 13, 2018
The exercises with clothing are so useful, especially with a jacket, it is always on you and on your opponent. I actually tried many drills, very practical and completely adaptable. Well done, Vladimir!... [read more>>>]

Deje Que Cada Respiración... (e-book)
Deje Que Cada Respiración... (e-book)

  si aún no lo has leído ¡Sin duda debes!
by Eric Torres, February 26, 2018
¡Este es un libro que te hará reflexionar y recurrir a lo largo de tu vida! Todos los organismos vivos tienen un aspecto o mecanismo de respiración para ellos. El contenido de este libro te enseña a respirar y moverse libremente a lo largo de t... [read more>>>]

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