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Striker-Receiver Poster
Striker-Receiver Poster

  There are things that we intuitively understand ourselves, but are not able to express.
by Igor Ponizov, January 18, 2016
This poster lists what is almost on our mind, it gives direction. You can glance on it, pause, and get an inspiration for your training and for the day. It's a chance to start the drills right. ... [read more>>>]

Strikes T-Shirt
Strikes T-Shirt

  This colour mix looks awesome.
by Zachery Adams, January 18, 2016
Great way to look stylish even when training. Thank you, Systema HQ, for stepping out of the traditional shirt design. ... [read more>>>]

STRIKES: Soul Meets Body
STRIKES: Soul Meets Body

  The book is so good, I read a page or two at a time.
by Paul R., February 06, 2016
I'm savouring it, I don't want it to end! ... [read more>>>]

  If you take your Systema training seriously, Strikes: Soul Meets body is a must have.
by Julian Trimble, January 28, 2016
The beauty of Systema is that you can always go deeper and there is such a vast amount of knowledge in this book that is made easy to comprehend because of excellent organization, writing and Vladimir's anecdotal life experience. All elements of Sys... [read more>>>]

  My thoughts on "STRIKES Soul Meets Body".
by Roy Hatcher, January 24, 2016
The book is well written and full of insightful, thought-provoking material. It is for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of self... It's surprisingly not just about striking, as most would gather from the title, that's just the angle... [read more>>>]

  I think this is a priceless text.
by Paolo Verrone, January 24, 2016
It is, to me, another great step in summarizing Systema knowledge by written words, and another way to a deeper knowledge and the "correct" attitude to learn Systema. Thank you from Italy.... [read more>>>]

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