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STRIKES: Soul Meets Body
STRIKES: Soul Meets Body

  Three chapters in.
by Borngod Allah, November 24, 2015
and I already have to recommend this book. It is definitely worth it.... [read more>>>]

  Staggeringly rich, yet humble and approachable, this book is a vast treasure-trove of martial knowledge.
by Glenn Murphy, November 18, 2015
It reaches far beyond the subject of strikes to encompass all aspects of Systema training. In time, Vladimir Vasiliev will be undoubtedly be recognized as one of the greatest teachers and practitioners in the history of the martial arts, alongs... [read more>>>]

  "The fist" If you felt/seen Mikhail or Vladimir's strikes before, you know they have this special fist which has the devastating effect.
by Ryo Onishi, November 14, 2015
Now Vladimir is revealing how to obtain "the fist" in detail for the first time! If we want to strike like Mikhail or Vladimir one day, not only we need to read this book but also we need to treat this book like the source.... [read more>>>]

  This is a book to read and reread.
by Aaron Dill, November 05, 2015
Vladimir's wisdom and expertise is shown simply and concisely. Full of instruction on preparing to receive strikes, and the particulars of delivering the devastating relaxed strike that has become a trademark of Systema, this book picks up rig... [read more>>>]

  An opportunity to meet a true master once in your lifetime is a gift, but to have the opportunity to be taught by one is a blessing from above.
by Achille Currado, November 03, 2015
Vladimir’s mastery is so profound, it would take a lifetime to unravel. “Hit Different” is a book that is a reflection of the acuity of Vladimir’s knowledge and expertise. It is a must read and a must have on your shelf. I say this becaus... [read more>>>]

Kubanka Hat
Kubanka Hat

  This is real sheep karakul and excellent quality.
by Lucas Peros, September 06, 2015
With a kubanka and a cossack whip, I actually feel like a warrior! ... [read more>>>]

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