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Михаил Рябко

by Mikhail Ryabko
in Russian language only

Наше дыхание... Испокон веков оно считалось ключом к психическим состояниям и физиологическим процессам человека, не контролируемым сознанием.

В новом фильме М.В. Рябко “Система дыхания“ представлена уникальная методика работы с дыханием, являющаяся основой как боевого, так и оздоровительного аспектов Системы. Ее освоение и применение оказывает глубокое воздействие на все системы организма занимающегося, укрепляет его тело и психику, оздоровляет, позволяет человеку самостоятельно готовить себя к жизни и к борьбе.

В этом фильме предлагаются основные методические упражнения и пояснения к ним, показывающие механизмы воздействия дыхания на тело и психику человека, а также материалы семинаров, наглядно демонстрирующие практическую работу с представленными упражнениями.

Фильм является простым, наглядным и доступным пособием для самостоятельного освоения всеми желающими системы дыхания, используемой М.В. Рябко в своей уникальной боевой работе и оздоровительной практике.

Продолжительность 2 часа 10 мин.

Customer Reviews
Very nice garments, have used the same brand myself in the production of club t shirts and I have always been very happy with the wear ability and longevity of them.
by Andy Seatherton, September 25, 2012
by michael murphy, January 10, 2012
Excellent introduction to what the study of Systema can enable one to achieve including its philosophy and an hour of nonstop demonstration of the value of relaxed fluid movement against simultaneous opponents
In 2006 at the Summit of the Masters I saw Mikhail Ryabko sitting behind a table with a bunch of Cossack whips on sale.
by Robert Burke, February 26, 2011
I was dumb enough to ask what the whips were for. He needed an interpreter to comprehend my question. His non-verbal answer did not! So, after being at once humbled and enlightened(funny how Systema can do that to a person!), I bought a whip. It is a great tool to learn about yourself!
I think this is an excellent DVD and I highly recommend it, we have been using the content with great enthusiasm over the last few weeks, and the content is very Far reaching and a lot of it very advanced, the best DVD Yet!
by Trevor Robinson, April 28, 2010
The demonstrations by Vladimir are truly inspirational and time and time again I had to skip back to see them again, just to see what actually happened!
Also after watching him I need to do a bit more stretching! He is more nimble than my 14 year old son! Lol!
In a word Inspirational!
great dvd to help you get the feel of systema.
by tom REIFF, September 25, 2009
when i went to my first class i was happy to find i already had a grasp of what was going on and i really think it is a great introduction for new students,as well as a reference to be watched again and again.
I would describe this as Systema 101.
by David Orman, June 13, 2009
In this DVD, Vladimir thoroughly covers the foundations of Systema - from striking to footwork to kick defense in great detail. This would be the one to purchase prior to all others. In fact, with this DVD, other "specialty" DVDs such as Stick Work or Joint Breaks makes more sense and can be understood at a deeper level. The analogy would be learning the alphabet prior to the words, words prior to sentences and so forth. Without the fundamentals, the martial art is forced to rely on technique instead of movement.

If you are looking to enter the world of Systema, start with this DVD.

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