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What is Systema? View the history of this unique martial art, see clear demonstrations of training in class and at camp settings, and preview the entire instructional film collection.

Fall 2011 edition of Free Systema Preview DVD is expanded with a full hour of top quality instruction. Over 20 informative instructional segments have been added to this DVD production.

Selected from the Complete Film Collection, these short lessons help you get a better understanding of what is Systema, study its practical and solid concepts, training and instructional materials. Enjoy the explanations by Vladimir Vasiliev, Mikhail Ryabko, Konstantin Komarov, Valentin Talanov regarding hand to hand combat, breathwork, strikes, weapons, grappling, multiple opponents, fighting in a car and confined space, exercises, psychology of confrontation, internal control, enhancing strength, health, skill, and mastery.

There is no charge for Shipping in USA and Canada and reduced shipping overseas.

If you wish to study Systema and/or share it with your friends ask to have a package with the Free DVD and Catalog mailed to you. Send your request and postal mailing address to: training@russianmartialart.com

1 hour 35 minutes

Customer Reviews
Previews of the systema camp and all of the dvds sold, it helped me decide which dvds i wanted to buy.
by Martin Tonothy, August 16, 2008
.. all of them!
Sometimes when you want to explain to people what Systema is like, you wonder where to begin.
by Koen Vandersteene, April 16, 2009
Here is the solution: just give them this dvd and they will have a very good idea.
From there on you can answer the more detailed questions. :-)
by Chad Genereux, May 26, 2009
This is the martial art I have been looking for my entire life!
Never thought simple, profound, powerful can all be found in one art, so generously offered in Systema.
by Justin Graham, August 30, 2011
Thank you Vladimir and Mikhail.
A very clear, concise and valuable training message.
by Paul McCaughey, September 06, 2011
Some of the best things that I have learned through Systema were the most difficult to see. When the illusive becomes accessible then I feel that I have truly learned something. Great teachers and instruction help you to shape your vision of how to train and how to explain how Systema works and looks a certain way to the untrained eye.
Just wanted to say that I love the Videos and I have learned more from the few months that I have been observing Systema through your teaching than I have in my twenty plus years in other martial arts.
by Andrew Williams, October 02, 2011
Thanks again.
I have fun with life.
by Erik Watts, January 15, 2012
I love it all. Great instruction, it keeps me young.

More importantly these DVDs have opened my eyes and heart to the depth and soul of the Russian people and their incredible culture and history.
Truly it was Vladimir Vasiliev and his teachings that brought me into contact with Mother Russia and its people. Wow!
I highly recommend this FREE DVD.
by Col. Marko, February 09, 2013
If you really want to study a martial art that is well rounded, and beneficial to your health and life, after seeing this video you will look no further because you will SEE that Systema is the martial art you have been searching for all along.

Thank you for this DVD.... Keep up the good work......

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