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Offered for a short time only,
this package includes 3 new DVDs:

Systema offers a remarkable set of Russian Health practices of Tissue Annealing, such as Bodyweight Massage, Percussive Massage, Joint Tapping, Visceral pressures and more.
Shown to you in great detail, these methods are clear, easy-to-understand and very intuitive to learn.
Vladimir Vasiliev presents these essential practices on his new DVD - THE COMBATIVE BODY
If you do any sport or exercise, if you teach or coach, if you have any injuries to heal, if you wish to be stronger, faster, more flexible and resilient, if you wish to prevail in fights and in survival, if you would like to get rid of tension, stress and negative emotions, if you have any interest in getting more healthy, calm and powerful - you must learn from this film production.
For more details and to preview the clip click here

From Systema Classic Series, this outstanding production, filmed in 2001 used to be offered on VHS. By popular demand, it has been digitally mastered and released on DVD. The new expanded footage includes fast-pace breathwork and warm-up, grappling moves, escapes from the mount, defense against knife slashing, stabs and strikes. Quick, precise and reliable - train to win.
For more details and to preview the clip click here

To enhance Systema training and understanding, a set of fascinating lessons has been put together for you.
Mikhail Ryabko’s awesome instruction on STRIKES and Konstantin Komarov’s thought-provoking lessons on FEAR.
For more details and to preview the clip click here

FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME, these 3 new DVDs come to you as COMBATIVE 3 PACK for ONLY $49.95
This is 4 1/2 hours of outstanding instructional material for about half of the regular price!

Customer Reviews
What a treasure!
by Sergey Makarenko, June 17, 2011
!!... This is full Systema library condensed to three disks.
Practical knowledge building blocks masterfully constructed by Mikhail, Vladimir & Konstantin in subject dedicated solo sessions are invaluable for Systema practitioner of any level.

It is not easy to develop practically proficient understanding of such non technique base art as Systema. Conceptual comprehension comes relatively quickly while progression to applicable skills requires personal deep exploration & continuous verification. That is why interaction with experienced instructor or at least fellow practitioner becomes an essential provision for consistent progress.

Under circumstances of limited access to personal instructions video training materials often become the only source of credible knowledge & inspiration. Fortunately Vladimir Vasiliev video library keeps being updated with incredible work of talented fighter, generous teacher & inventive director.

New ‘Combative 3’ collection is a very intelligently configured training tool delivering various depths of fundamentals in prospective of three quite different instructors with immense knowledge & expertise.

Mikhail’s lessons on striking are unforgettable experience. Although recipient’s & spectator’s view on the subject are slightly dissimilar, it takes playing both positions to appreciate validity of his subtle teaching.

What really special is a decade separated Vladimir’s New York seminars film & newly issued Combative body. Admired worldwide astonishing demos & instructing by Vladimir in a historical progression are something not to be missed.

First ever particulars of incredibly painful but invigorating & energizing Systema body work are offered in colorful & zooming details. Say good by to stiff muscles & peaking blood pressure.

Konstantin’s knowledge of combative psychology was not validated just academically & his doctoral degree in this area only supplements his unspoken practical knowledge. His pointers on fear & behavior variances under extreme stress do not represent material easily obtainable outside of Systema community & definitely not to be left unattended.

I do not get surprised anymore when new item in Vladimir’s video collection sweeps out excitement shock resulted from his previous film. But even though I’m now used to witnessing miracle of his Teaching I’ll be always grateful for the privilege to do so.

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