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Russian Martial Art Systema T-shirt
8 customer reviews

Russian Martial Art Systema T-shirt

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Heavy Duty T-Shirt*, durable and comfortable, ideal for training and everyday wear.

100% cotton, preshrunk
Systema Warrior Logo Imprint (front)
СИСТЕМА Russian Martial Art Imprint (back)

Enjoy the savings when you order Russian Martial Art Systema T-shirt as part of the
Zip'n Train Package.

or receive a Systema Carryall Bag FREE when you order 2 in a Bag.

T-Shirt Dimension
measurement is taken horizontally across from seam to seam under the sleeves

Size: in inches / in centimeters
S: 18in / 46cm
M: 20in / 51cm
L: 21in / 53.5cm
XL: 23.5in / 59cm
XXL: 26in / 66cm
XXXL: 28in / 71cm (custom orders only)

*Artwork may vary

military green tan black white blue forest green

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Customer Reviews
These t-shirts are great!
by Larry Wall, May 23, 2003
Not only do they look good, they are exceptionally comfortable. They are made of 100% cotton and the cloth is quite thick and durable. This is a shirt that is going to last you a long time!

Also if you have kids, look at the kids' sizes and colors!
The Systema shirts are great while training.
by Dave Faustino, June 14, 2003
I like to wear them when I go out to promote "The System".
This is a great shirt for training or just wearing out in public.
by John Halsey, September 17, 2004
The first day I wore mine I was at college and had four people ask me about Russian Martial Arts and I was more than happy to tell them about it. The shirt itself is very comfortable, durable, and the design and style is very cool.

When I first buy a t-shirt I hand wash it in hot water to let some of the color bleed out before putting it in the washing machine, this shirt did not bleed one ounce of color. I am very happy with the product and will surely by a couple more. If you plan to buy one, I suggest buying a few because I can say without a doubt that you will want another.
There is something about these t-shirts, I think they have the positive energy of Systema in them.
by Alexander Sm, June 02, 2006
Everytime I wear one I have a good day!
Comfortable and well made.
by Doug Grier, June 03, 2007
The Gildan Ultra Cotton Tee is used for a base. These shirts wear well. I have purchased the Gildan's for myself and my paramedic unit. I've got some that are over five years old and you wouldn't know it. The Systema logo on the front and in Cyrillic on the back are cool.
These t-shirts are great, good quality material and comfortable to wear and it looks good too!
by Martin Tonothy, August 16, 2008
Super fast delivery, thankyou russianmartialart.com!
This is a well made, great looking shirt.
by Bill Cunningham, September 24, 2008
A cheap T-shirt will cost $15. Another $5 will get you this one! I wear mine with pride every chance I get.
I had been passing over different shirts for the past couple of years in favor of these because they're soft, they fit great (nice loose cut), and they are just the right length that you could wear them with shorts or long pants.
by Robert Gergi, June 28, 2011
These t-shirts are great and comfortable to change into from the formal office attire...

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