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 Path to Mastery 2 (DVD)  Path to Mastery 2 (DVD) 

 JAPAN 2011 Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema Head Instructor and Russian Special Operations Unit professional, returns to Japan with his awesome and diverse training. Based on the ancient ...  more>>> 
 New York Seminars (DVD)  New York Seminars (DVD) 

 Ground Control and Knife Defense - Systema Classic Series by Vladimir Vasiliev of Russian Special Operations Unit This dynamic instructional material includes: - Fast paced breath-work ...  more>>> 
 Systema EXCELLENCE seminar (DVD)  Systema EXCELLENCE seminar (DVD) 

 Stealth Striking by Mikhail Ryabko Internal Control by Konstantin Komarov Systema founder, Colonel Mikhail Ryabko, famous for his unsurpassed punches, reveals, demonstrates and explains Stealth ...  more>>> 
 Movement and Precision (DVD)  Movement and Precision (DVD) 

 by Sergey Ozereliev - from Moscow Spetsnaz Units such as SOBR, recipient of high government honors for counter-terrorism operations and outstanding military service, Senior Instructor at Mikhail ...  more>>> 
 Dynamic Joint Breaks (DVD)  Dynamic Joint Breaks (DVD) 

 Vladimir Vasiliev of the Russian Special Operations Unit, renowned co-founder of Systema Russian Martial Art, reveals the professional methods of Dynamic Joint and Limb Destruction. These proven ...  more>>> 
 Gun Disarming (DVD)  Gun Disarming (DVD) 

 Russian Special Operation Units are well known to be the unsurpassed masters of gun disarming. Vladimir Vasiliev brings you his skills and experiences. Classified for many decades, these ...  more>>> 
 Beat the Odds (DVD)  Beat the Odds (DVD) 

 Beat the Odds - Defense Against 2 or 3 Attackers You face an attacker... Then another appears at your side... Now you hear a noise from behind... This is the brutal reality of small group ...  more>>> 
 WRESTLING:                           Systema Fundamentals (DVD)  WRESTLING: Systema Fundamentals (DVD) 

 Highly recommended, this new production, WRESTLING: Systema Fundamentals, features the legendary Colonel Mikhail Ryabko. - Over 25 years of service with Russian Special Operations Units - ...  more>>> 
 $39.95  $24.95 
 Strength & Flexibility (DVD)  Strength & Flexibility (DVD) 

 In this volume, Kwan Lee, one of the top Systema instructors in North America, shows how you can develop functional strength and flexibility in a dynamic and sustainable manner with proper breath and ...  more>>> 
 Defense in Confined Space (DVD)  Defense in Confined Space (DVD) 

 In the world of office violence, home invasions, hijackings & back-alley muggings, you must have the tools to survive. Vladimir Vasiliev of Russia‚Äôs Special Operations Unit will amaze you with ...  more>>> 

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