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 Lessons from Camp (DVD)  Lessons from Camp (DVD) 

 What does it take to study and excel in fighting? First, the training must be profound, challenging, diverse, and fun. Second, the instructor should possess exceptional knowledge and skill ...  more>>> 
 $39.95  $24.95 
 Fighting in the Water (DVD)  Fighting in the Water (DVD) 

 by Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Komarov of Russia's Special Operations Units Imagine being held under water while your lungs are pounded with the air-expelling strikes... Picture yourself ...  more>>> 
 $39.95  $24.95 
 Knife Master Class (DVD)  Knife Master Class (DVD) 

 Vladimir’s calm, precise, and devastating knife work is one of the reasons Systema is said to be “the fiercest fighting style on earth”. -Black Belt Magazine Faced with a blade ...  more>>> 
 $39.95  $24.95 
 Fundamentals of Knife Disarming (DVD)  Fundamentals of Knife Disarming (DVD) 

 Unarmed against the blade...be sure to prevail! Vladimir Vasiliev, a 10-year veteran of an elite Russian Special Operations Unit, reveals the ancient secrets of Systema. Benefit from the ...  more>>> 
 $39.95  $24.95 
 KNIFE Unconditional Mastery (DVD)  KNIFE Unconditional Mastery (DVD) 

 This GRAND production by Vladimir Vasiliev is your complete guide to knife training; it presents a new vision of knife work. You will get the most comprehensive lessons on choosing your blade ...  more>>> 
 $39.95  $24.95 
 Multiple Attackers & Crowd (DVD)  Multiple Attackers & Crowd (DVD) 

 MULTIPLE ATTACKERS | 44 min. by Vladimir Vasiliev Surrounded. Confronted with multiple attackers. Be prepared. Four-opponent warm up, stretch, body control and redirection Find ...  more>>> 
 $39.95  $24.95 
 Street Crime & Knife in a Fight (DVD)  Street Crime & Knife in a Fight (DVD) 

 STREET CRIME - FORESEE & PREVENT | 45 min. by Major Konstantin Komarov - Major in the Russian Special Service Police Force and Military Reconnaissance - PhD in Combat Psychology Filmed ...  more>>> 
 $39.95  $24.95 
 Systema Hand To Hand (DVD)  Systema Hand To Hand (DVD) 

 Will all your years of training save you in a real attack? Admit it. You're not sure. You can now breathe a huge sigh of relief - Systema Hand to Hand reveals the true way. Experts call it the ...  more>>> 
 Gun Disarming (DVD)  Gun Disarming (DVD) 

 Russian Special Operation Units are well known to be the unsurpassed masters of gun disarming. Vladimir Vasiliev brings you his skills and experiences. Classified for many decades, these ...  more>>> 
 Breathing and Fear (DVD)  Breathing and Fear (DVD) 

 Can fear be controlled? Yes. Through breathing and muscle tensing. Wrong breathing can escalate your fear into panic, it can cut off your awareness and paralyze your movements. Proper ...  more>>> 

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