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 Всякое Дыхание...  Всякое Дыхание... 

 Let Every Breath - in Russian Секреты русских мастеров ...  more>>> 
 $19.95  $14.95 
 システマを極める ストライク!  システマを極める ストライク! 

 ロシア武術 ─ 自他を守り、心身を開発する打撃アー& ...  more>>> 
 Systema Manual by Major Komarov  Systema Manual by Major Komarov 

 A practical and fundamental training guide Major Konstantin Komarov is a PhD in Combat Psychology, a commander and pedagogue to military professionals, an experienced bodyguard, a mentor to ...  more>>> 
 Black Belt Magazine featuring Vladimir Vasiliev on the cover  Black Belt Magazine featuring Vladimir Vasiliev on the cover 

 This August/September 2013 issue of Black Belt Magazine is no longer in stores, but is available here. Get your copy while quantities last. Article preview: "Is Systema The Fiercest Fighting Style ...  more>>> 
 Striker-Receiver Poster  Striker-Receiver Poster 

 Taken from the book STRIKES: Soul Meets Body, this poster lists the important principles of practicing the delivery and receiving of strikes. Glossy cardstock, available in two size ...  more>>> 

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